Wu Xiaoli, a deeply influential Asian female media person, has been selected as one of the 50 people you should know today in China.

"I am Wu Xiaoli, we will see you again" 1993, Wu Xiaoli was at that time when the red anchor, but with such a cool word, leaving the security of the Chinese anchor station to the strange Hong Kong "satellite TV."

And now she, is the Phoenix satellite TV deputy director and Chief anchor, not only presided over Phoenix TV news program "Current affairs through Train", "Liz See the World", but also to visit the four sides of the top leaders of the "question and answer Shenzhou". From the news market of 23 million to 1.3 billion people, the depth of Wu Xiaoli's coverage and professionalism, Mr Zhu Rongji, the former premier of the State Council, had made it clear that he was particularly fond of listening to her programmes.

Wu Xiaoli, one of the most influential female media in the Chinese world, has been selected by Asia Week Asian Newsweek as "The 50 you should know today" in China, after a major event such as the reunification of Hong Kong and the return of Macao. One person ", exactly what kind of charming story behind the Wu Xiaoli, let the women fans of the special reporter to expose for you, listen to her mind the world of the news, but also hope that Taiwan's news media can be like Wu Xiaoli height, breadth, depth. (Recommended reading: Everyone is the age of the media, what is your media principles?) )

Q1. Wu Xiaoli anchor has been in China as an anchor, I would like to ask you how determined to give up the achievements of the time, to go to Hong Kong development? Was there any fear or fear in mind? How do you adjust these emotions?

At that time there are a number of factors let me decide to be willing to the original results, let myself into an unknown. the first is that the opportunity comes.

Because of his adherence to the news work, the Chinese TV station in Taiwan to choose a new face when the attention of television and in the News circle of the new people good reputation. The second is because of the journalism, so in the peers, relatively fast into the middle of the society, there is the opportunity to do a lot of independent reports, and even independently to deploy all the road staff. For example, when a major traffic accident, because I am most familiar with, I will deploy colleagues to the scene to carry out the report, and they are sitting on the Seagull rescue helicopter for aerial coverage. Experience like this makes you grow very fast, and quickly feel that you can challenge some unknown things, so when you have the opportunity to fly out, I feel that should be able to accept the challenge.

May be the mother's inheritance, bolder, known as "Wu Bold", may also because of the younger age, so there is not much to worry about. Instead, my friend worried about me, said if you adapt to the bad and return to work when you do? And I was thinking, at least I ran, tried, if really adapt to bad, this is a kind of life experience, big deal to go to study! In the course of consideration, all the elders and the heads of the company are not supported except the mother, and I hope I can think twice. And while I was thinking, in front of the fountain in front of the old office in China. Just see the fountain constantly upward surging water column, colorful, very powerful impact and modelling. but on second thought, if the water source, the impetus to stop, in fact, the column will not stay in situ, but will Yixieqianli. So also realize a truth, a lot of things, not stay in situ can maintain the original, but "go backwards." (Recommended reading: The most important thing in life is our decision )

Q2. You have a smooth development in Hong Kong, even then the premier Zhu Rongji said that they like to see your news, so that you are attracted by the attention of the people, and then when the Phoenix satellite TV information platform for the deputy, I would like to ask you at that time began to receive attention when the mood, what pressure?

In fact, I have always been in a more ordinary state of mind at work, for example, after the press conference on the question, I finished the 9 o'clock "current affairs through Train", at the invitation of a friend to attend a late dinner, to the scene, everyone looked at me with gusto, Expect to see me exultant and say to them the situation at that time, it turned out that I was eating with my head down and talking to them very normally, when there was a famous Chinese writer, Zhenyun, who described the process in an article written in hindsight, saying that this chongrubujing would allow us to go further, The details of the dinner at the time were also recalled to me a year later from his article when China.

If you look at it with a normal heart, there will be no special pressure. Because as a journalist or a TV worker, in fact, for each present out of things, have already had the requirements of the ego, so also do not need external force to give pressure, it has been hoped to do the best, worthy of our audience. (same field Gayon: Once I want to enter the top 500 companies in the United States, now I want to do the best things )

Q3. You have been in journalism for so long, what does journalism mean to you? Why is there so much enthusiasm for journalism?

News for journalists The greatest pleasure is "when the big things happen I exist," when today's news becomes tomorrow's history, you look back, you have a participation, witness and observation. and the attraction of news to the audience is that it can be said to be one of the most powerful plays of the world's card division, because the view of the table on the political, economic, social, cultural, sports, all the angles in the news events occupy an important position, played an important role, so it is a forever attractive, A repertoire that will never end.

4. Not only have you developed in the anchor industry, but also as the media industry, for you, media industry or anchor is what kind of work? Which part of the work do you enjoy most?

To be a front-line journalist, moderator or anchor, she can directly feel the interview line, or news one online pulse, is a kind of run with the speed and times. And as the deputy of Phoenix satellite TV information station, can let me at a more macroscopic level to see the development of journalism, as well as satellite TV news trend, as well as the entire media market development. At the same time, organize the team, develop the team, and lead the team to have more learning opportunities, but also to better deploy resources, make better programs and channels, to share with the audience, improve understanding.

As for the part of enjoying the work, is the first to learn the fastest latest and most current information, technology, knowledge and development; The second is to be able to know the changes in the world and share these changes with my audience so that everyone can know how to respond and how to make individuals and the world move forward better. At the same time as a global media to communicate with Chinese, we can do a good job in Taiwan and even the global Chinese communication bridge, to increase understanding. (same field Gayon: Outward learning to internal improvement!) From TechCrunch disrupt SF 2014 to see Taiwan's plight and future

5. Many people aspire to be anchors, what qualities or psychological preparations may be necessary for an anchor? What advice would you give them?

When I first entered the news circle, senior Li Yanqiu once said a word to impress me, she said, a good anchor, must first a good reporter.

And in Europe and the United States and other countries, journalists can be a respected lifelong career, so I think as an anchor, may have at any time to the first line of the heart preparation, as well as the ability to train, how to go to the first line to interview, writing, editing, will help one day after sitting on the anchor station can know how to ask questions, Be able to understand what may happen in the scene, can make their news nose more and more sharp, but also can let oneself in the news road to go more yuan, longer.

6. What are the key success factors for women in the workplace, as seen in your successful career experience? What are the qualities and abilities of female workers that are more difficult for male workers to do or emulate?

Women in the workplace, the first to be their own gender assets, rather than negative assets, at the same time, and never a gender hero. Phoenix has a famous saying: "Women when men make, men when cattle use!" "But when we first started out, many women became" cattle "and made horses.

In the workplace, especially in journalism, in fact, everyone should be neutral, she is a professional person.

Women's characteristics: delicate, careful, the ability of lubricants and soft but firm charm to solve problems, resolve disputes, reconcile the atmosphere, ease conflict and thus achieve consistency. (Recommended to you:Google wants to innovate, absolutely indispensable to this woman )

7. In addition to the role played in the work, you are also a wife, a mother, in the success of the cause of the same time, how do you balance these roles?

In my choice of the other half of the time, a very important principle is in the ideological "equal". That means we can communicate with each other, understand each other, appreciate each other and support each other. When the big decision, I will discuss with him first, he will certainly listen to my opinion first.

And the other half because of the appreciation of the work of serious women of this beauty, so I also understand because of journalism, a lot of time is not in their grasp of this rush. Instead, he would use the time of weekends and the time of his daughter's vacation, to visit me when I needed to travel, and at home there was a word, "Where are three people, where is home!" "And no matter how busy I am, I will try my best to arrange for my family's food and clothing, and travel, as well as I can, to be the home of the other half and my daughter." (Recommended reading: Four happy couples to the code of Communication )

8. Have you ever been selected as one of the 50 people you should know today in China, and a very influential Asian female media person, what kind of advice do you have for a woman in life or career as a prominent woman in many people's eyes?

Modern women have the opportunity to receive the same high education as men, as well as the opportunity to contribute their abilities in this society. But because of work and family, the allocation of time, especially after the birth of children, often makes women face the need to give up their careers, the whole heart care for the family hesitation.

I think there are many kinds of choices of happiness and happiness in life, listen to your heart and make the best choice.

After making a choice, martyr to move forward, I always feel that excellent women in the completion of their early mother to take care of the child's responsibility, she still has the opportunity to return to the workplace and contribute to their own efforts. But if we choose to take care of the family in a balanced way, I think it can be done well.

One or two examples of excellent women I interviewed in Hong Kong: One was a former Hong Kong director of Health, Dr Margaret Chan, a woman who had fought the SARS epidemic in Hong Kong, who later joined the World Health Organization and now serves as the WHO director. Also in Geneva, Switzerland, recently called for attention to the grave state of the Ebola virus, and she is also the first Director-General of the World Health Organization.

I have asked her how she takes care of her family in such busy public affairs and in the course of crisis management. She said that she would be before going out, let the child know her itinerary today, where she will be, fortunately she is engaged in public service, so often will see her on TV, she felt that the child to the mother's itinerary predicable, so that children can predict, predict mother's itinerary, know when mother will return home, When you can communicate with your mother and when you can travel together, you can greatly enhance your child's autonomy and security of life and life. Now she and the other half have moved to Geneva, Switzerland, and her son is a good lawyer in Hong Kong. (Dutch report: do women have to face family and work choices?) )

The other is Chasmeren, chairman of the Hong Kong Monetary Development Council. Smillen has served as vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and is also the only vice-chairman of China's Hong Kong women's Supervision and Certification committee. The excellent woman who was interviewed by me in the near future, still doing the financial business she likes, although she is now a "righteous worker" in Hong Kong, she is still exerting great influence to contribute to the development of Hong Kong's financial career and is still in high spirits when she talks about her own advice and suggestions. I think this is the modern women's career and life the best attitude, is no matter in which position, no matter in which role are their favorite, the most willing to pay, so that she will always be cheerful.

9. What inspiration does the "chief executive", recently published in Taiwan, want to bring to Taiwanese readers? And what kind of thinking do you hope Taiwan's young generation will have after reading this book?

"chief executive" is a transcript of my dialogue after visiting six well-known entrepreneurs in mainland China. But this conversation has two special points, the first one, they are talking about the future of their industry, so it has a long, referential, and an inspiration for the future; the second is that there is basically no water in the six dialogues, because in all the processes of dialogue, the design of themes and the bursting of ideas are designed, So it is of great reference value.

Some of the media friends read it and I said, they are particularly touched, for several reasons, one is that the original economic class or the content of the interview can also be such a dialogue, questioning the way and content can be both depth, but also to allow the general reader to understand, there is interest and interests. The second is that I want to give Taiwan's young generation the ability to understand these remarkable people, and how the successful entrepreneur has come from his own footsteps.

And the reader to understand the current rapid development of China's economy and industry can be more enlightening. At the same time in the book I also did six characters observation, told everyone behind the scenes, in the current time coordinates to locate and observe the six entrepreneurs. For the young generation in Taiwan, the six entrepreneurs who are still active in the first line and their businesses and industries are valued for reference.

The entrepreneurs also talked about their employment, entrepreneurship, perceptions of the market, food safety and agriculture, and the future development of the Internet and the financial industry. These are actually not far away from us, are closely related to our life. And the wave of industrial change sweeping the mainland will also be affected by Taiwan's audiences. Just like when I was at the University of Fu Jen, we wanted the news people to mind the world, the same, now Taiwan's young generation can be in the world, put their hearts on the hill, our feet can stand on the top.

And this kind of bosom world, may as well start from the enemy.