Whether a venture capitalist has the vision, whether can let the risk no longer is the risk, is evaluates the VC success or not the best pointer.

What kind of place is Silicon Valley, it can make countless entrepreneurs fascinated by it. So beauty the Jiangshan, let countless heroes bow. Silicon Valley is where entrepreneurs are now, and there is no better way for entrepreneurs to build their land than to use money and relationships to help their young team grow fast, venture capital.

Venture capital, as the name suggests, is a bit risky investment, so a VC has the vision, whether the risk is no longer a risk, is to assess the success of the VC or not the best pointers.

The most popular venture capital company in Silicon Valley is the Andreessen Horowitz created by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. Within just five years, Andreessen Horowitz quickly emerged as an object of lobbying and following Wu by all teams and investors, including Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Airbnb Are the projects they are investing in. Andreessen Horowitz can even say come to Andreessen Horowitz, we can help the entrepreneurial team to achieve the dream boasted!

Together with women, and their female investment partner Connie Chan Chat, understand them to become the top three key VC.

Key one: Absolute attention! Put the entrepreneurial team in the first place

Entrepreneurial teams and investors have always been in an interesting balance. Once someone joked that VC will be in sunny days to help you umbrella, a rainy day to take away the role of umbrellas, many people see investors as snow cream, will only icing on the cake of the object.

But in Andreessen Horowitz, it's not like that. They think that as long as they can help the entrepreneurial team, they should try to do it. About meet, absolutely not late, if late five minutes to penalty 50 dollars, to action to prove the respect of the entrepreneurial team. If there is no investment interest, Andreessen Horowitz's responsible staff will be asked to write a lengthy email explaining why they are not investing within a week.

Andreessen Horowitz that in the entrepreneurial ecology the most important is the entrepreneurial team, so will not take the status of VC raised high above, but will be highly respected and understand the face of each team. (Recommended reading: The eight difficulties that must be encountered in starting a business )

Key two: Valuing the qualities of a founding CEO

What is the key to being asked about investment? Connie simply said: The most important thing is to see the characteristics of the CEO.

Andreessen Horowitz has always emphasized the importance of founding CEOs who believe that the founding CEO will be more passionate and dedicated to products and services than the CEO. Asked how to evaluate the CEO is not good enough, Connie shallow smile said "in fact, I would secretly imagine, if today I want to join this company, I will not want to take him/her, as my boss." If I am willing to let him become my boss, then I can believe he can find a very good team! "It can be seen from here that Andreessen Horowitz is very good at using empathy, thinking from a variety of perspectives, the various aspects of the founders." (Must see: compassion and Empathy differences )

The key three: full of courage and good heart

Perhaps a lot of people will have a misunderstanding of venture capital companies, recently on the network also rumors of Ma said: "Yesterday you indifferent to me, today I let you cannot afford." "is interpreted as a point of order for many of the past to look down on this venture project VC pendulum dot spectrum.

But in Andreessen Horowitz will find that they actually really care about the "quality" of the entrepreneurial team. In addition to the investment sector, there is also a business development department, Human Resources department, Public Relations Media Department and marketing department, together with hundreds of teams, are for their investment team to maximize the development possibilities. Connie said: "In fact, do venture capital, cast 10 can one is very good!" If you cast five to one, you are very lucky. So do venture capital must be very courageous. And the team as long as necessary, as far as possible to help. Good VC can not give the highest valuation, but can give the entrepreneurial team at that time the most needed help. 』

Although Taiwan's venture capital culture still needs to be cultivated, we may as well start with the three points of Andreessen Horowitz, to expect to become a VC can not say no company!

Finally, let the woman get you straight into Andreessen Horowitz's office!