Listen to the sharp host John Oliver commented on the "unequal pay" status, give others less money, but ask him to do the same job, no matter how it is unreasonable.

Do you think it is a serious problem for men and women to be paid differently?

U.S. President Barack Obama has made public that the average wage for full-time women in the United States is only 77% of that of men, and vowed to eliminate the huge gap between men's and women's wages in 2014. But with less than three months left in 2014, the issue of pay for men and women does not seem so easy to solve. The Equal pay bill in Congress has been blocked, and even the White House's female employees have only 88% of their male employees, giving Obama a resounding slap in the face.

In Taiwan, according to the 102-year survey by the Executive Yuan, the average female salary is 40,903 yuan a year, the average male salary is 50,269 yuan, and the female salary is only 81.37% of the male salary.

, Last Week tonight's mouth host, John Oliver, decided to explore the serious issue of "pay gap between men and women" in an interesting way! When all the newspaper media began to calculate whether the wage gap between men and women was 77%, 83% or just 1, 2%, John Oliver pointed out: "The size of the pay gap is not the focus, the focus is the gap exists" This is a problem ah! "(Recommended reading:Google wants to innovate, absolutely indispensable to this woman )

Let's listen to his sharp and funny comments! With no data to convince you, John Oliver's life style will give you a much more different understanding of equal pay for the same salary!

John Oliver's comments also point to absurd remarks about "unequal pay", such as blaming the wage gap on women, and saying that "women have to choose jobs with lower pay", which also allows us to think more about the social situation. (same field Gayon: Why are you so smart that you can't admit it?) )

Finally, we have to agree with John Oliver's brilliant conclusion: "It is obviously wrong to give someone less money and ask him to do the same job." 」

What do you think?