Cotton strips are not as scary as you think, as long as the correct use, can even let your physiological period of liberation, reduce the unpleasant feeling Oh!

Have you tried the tampon? Most of the girls in Taiwan are accustomed to using tampons during their physiology, but the climate in Taiwan is heavier, and in that week, the fart is always wet and stuffy, sometimes it's really uncomfortable! Especially in the evening when the use of the extra large cotton cotton, always like a baby's diapers wrapped around us, a long time to use down, often with the private department and the soft skin of the fart rub, serious when it will red, a rash! Have you ever had a similar experience?

In fact, not only in Taiwan, many foreign girls at the beginning of menstruation, are recommended to use tampons, because of the non-invasive nature of health cotton, easier to break through the first user's heart, but with several menstrual cramps experience, many foreign women will choose "halfway decent", instead of the more burden of cotton, and the outcome is usually " Try to become a customer ", in the use of cotton strips, can only speak with a sorry to say with the health of cotton:"sorry, I can't go back! 」

And what is the magic of cotton strips, so many girls can not be separated from it? Let's explore the secret attraction of cotton strips.

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1. First of all, cotton strips are actually easier to place than you think.

Inexperienced users may need to try a few more times, but once you have successfully found the vaginal entrance and correct placement angle, the cotton strips can be easily slipped into, and do not imagine the pain oh, in addition, each brand of cotton strips are accompanied by instructions (some even have drawings or teaching models!) To teach you how to find the right angle and placement depth. If you are using it for the first time, suggest you try it in front of the mirror to help reduce your nervousness. (Recommended reading: the cops are here!) 20 pictures for you to understand the Cotton bar )

2. Get rid of damp-heat and rash, smell out!

Because menstrual blood in the discharge of body, causing unpleasant smell before, it has been absorbed by cotton, so the use of cotton strips can not only keep the private part of the dry and comfortable, but also to avoid menstrual blood contact with the air after the smell Oh! If you want to get a sense of freshness, there are also a lot of foreign manufacturers to introduce scented cotton strips, so that you can also distribute a charming aroma during the physiology. Note that it is necessary to replace the new cotton strips within 4-8 hours (due to the amount of traffic to do the replacement, in schools, companies, or in the seaside splashing all day is about eight hours!) Do not exceed), is clean and healthy use of the right way Oh!

3. Lie down to play, sit and play, lying on the play, the action is no big worry!

Have you ever planned a trip with a friend, but you're not able to do water sports when you have a physical period? Have you ever had a bad thing with blood on your clothes because you had too much action? Or are you afraid to wear light-colored trousers because of your physiology? My dear, the cotton stripe is definitely the best companion to help you avoid the above dilemma. No matter how exaggerated you are, it will obediently stay in your body will not move, so that you confidently through the physiological period, no longer because of the fear of leakage and dare not lie down! (Extended reading: What is love to do?) Seven questions about menstruation and intercourse

Take a look, do not get the cotton strip out, also can go to the toilet?

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4. Cotton strips in the body, bathing, the toilet is OK

Many girls wonder: can you use a tampon to go to the bathroom? The answer is, of course you can! Due to the different flow, cotton strips in the use of about 4-8 hours after the need for replacement (be sure to remember to replace!) If you want to go to the toilet during this time, just be careful not to dirty the rope on the cotton strips, do not need to take the cotton strip out Oh! Therefore, do not need to bathe every time, the toilet is specially changed cotton bar, is not very convenient?

5. No amount of traffic is not afraid, a night to the dawn

You used to go to bed at night and use a lot of tampons (40cm is already wrapping your whole butt!). Is it still the experience of getting the sheets dirty when you roll over? Although the sanitary cotton has the butterfly wing to be able to help to fix, but may also move to move in the sleep to cause the displacement, the external leakage. In fact, cotton strips and tampons, have to distinguish the size, all kinds of cards have out of the night with cotton strips to choose from, once the use of cotton, you can significantly reduce the probability of dirty sheets (basically correctly used is not dirty at all), sleep at night dry and secure, a sleep to the dawn! (The same field Gayon: misunderstanding big!) Cracked 10 physiological period myths )

6. Have a better understanding of your body

Many girls have only seen vaginal appearance in middle school health textbooks, and they don't seem to have a very good body structure. solution, as if the private part of their own is a "mysterious forbidden area." The use of cotton strips can make girls more aware of themselves, and then learn to cherish, more love themselves!

7. Lightweight and convenient, no burden on the bag

menstrual cramps, if you want to go out, you have to carry several pieces of sanitary cotton On the body, you often to put cotton cotton more than a small bag bag? Or go to the toilet to the whole bag to take to avoid the cotton cotton brought out by the small embarrassment? Even, have you ever had the experience of forgetting a small bag of cotton wool in the bathroom? Cotton can solve your troubles, because the size of the cotton strip is very small also very light, not only can reduce the burden of bags, to go to the bathroom as long as one put in a pocket or hold in the hands of good, do not have to worry about being seen by others Oh!

8. The cotton strip actually does not have you to think so expensive!

Do you want to try the cotton bar, but afraid of increasing the cost? In fact, the use of cotton strips or tampons, in a physiological cycle of the cost is similar to determine how much money you spend the factor, in fact, is the brand! Generally speaking, the replacement frequency of tampons is higher than that of cotton, which may be the cause of the high cost of health cotton users. In addition, the cotton strip in the flow of less when the vagina is not wet enough to place into a difficult, therefore, at the end of the menstrual period is best to buy small flow of sanitary cotton to use, in addition, health cotton and cotton as the same need to buy different sizes of products, in the long run, the use of cotton strips will not specifically increase your spending Oh! (Recommended reading: irritability, self-pity, do not enter the stranger!) Why menstruation comes mood is unstable? )

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9. Forget the physiological period, to find a cheerful smile as a woman!

Dear, when there is no longer a thing between your legs reminding you of the existence of "physiological period", when the discomfort of feeling relieved, dirty clothes and the accidental reduction of the sheets, the physiological period of emotional fluctuations will also be reduced. In particular, the physiological period is easy to emotional depression, irritability you, try the Cotton bar bar! You will find that your smile is more dazzling, moving, and even forget that you are experiencing a physiological period.

The above is the use of cotton Bar 9 of the big benefits, you echocardiography it? As long as the correct use, cotton bar is to let you regain self-confidence in the physiological period of the best friend, give yourself a chance to experience freedom, in the next physiological period to liberate themselves, more love yourself! Perhaps, from then on you will also want to say with tampons: "Sorry, I can't go back!" 」