Women's Film festival spokesperson He Yi Poems "The Women's Film festival is about women's power and the depth of the story, whether men or women can experience the film." . "

The annual Taiwan International Women's Film Festival is about to start, every year, are looking forward to seeing exotic female director of the wonderful works, this year many wonderful films also attracted our eyes, want to recommend to you!

"My hippie mother" deeply depicts the mother and daughter, sister difficult to solve the family, but the point of contradiction, but also full of love. "Nobody knows Visegrad" begins with a man's adventures and finds different travel surprises with exquisite femininity. "Accidentally falling in love with You" takes us to see the city love story. Woman Wall brings us to see the social bondage of women. "Virtual Beauty" explores the sad story behind the sex industry. Which one do you like? Let's look at more introductions!

My hippie mom, everyone's going to have a mother-daughter family.

Time can let a person lose everything, but affection is not to give up.

By director Anthony. Belma Antoinette Beumer, "My hippie mom Jackie," invited Oscar-winning actress Holly. Hunter and Dutch actress Carly Van Hoden starring, won the German Cologne women's film festival viewers vote.

The story revolves around a pair of twin sisters Sophie and Diane brought up by a gay father, Sophie shrewd but excessive ego, Diane graceful easy-going but timid shrink, extreme personality let each other's contradictions and heart knot gradually deepened. One day, the American hospital informed the two sisters had not met the mother of the fracture after the surgery was prepared to be sent to the rehab center, Sophie and Diane decided to embark on a journey across the Atlantic to find a mother, but did not think that their mother is a quirky personality of the hippie coffee.

The alienation of strangers plus two sisters original Heart knot, along the way three people conflict constantly, the tension in the relationship between the expansion, but in the process of forcing each other to understand each other, but also so more aware of themselves, understand each other, mother-daughter relationship also has an unexpected development. The film combines the Netherlands, the United States, in-depth discussion of the issue of kinship, double movie Queen collocation, wonderful period. (Woman fan recommended: World mummy Movie sheet )

"No one Knows Visegrad", met the surprise of the trip

People love to travel, not to reach their destination, but to enjoy the pleasures of the journey.

There was always a surprise in the journey, and the protagonist, Kim, was looking forward to a trip to the small Bosnian town of Visegrad to live in a hotel recommended by the author of the Guidebook, according to the sights and routes listed in the Guidebook. At the delight of the street entertainer and the beauty of the lake, Ah Kin enjoyed the beauty of the moment until she found that an ancient bridge had been accidentally found in the town's unknown historical scars, and the journey was different.

buried Secret, she was involved in a series of unexpected incidents. Ah Kin decided to contact the travel guide author to learn the truth. She chose to walk through the journey and into a past that people deliberately forgot. the most special part of the film is the filming in Bosnia, to add an exotic mystery to the story, what is the surprise of the trip to town? Let's look together (about travel I want to say is, how to go should not miss their own life )

"Accidentally falling in love with You", Girl and Gay Love

Everyone has the right to be loved.

A girl who has lost his dream, what kind of sparks will come out when she encounters a gay man? About sex, about love, about self-doubt, let this Philippine film give more room for imagination. by the Greek Ju. Redesma the best Film Award for the 2014 Osaka Asian Film Festival. The story describes the original dream of becoming a female singer actress, after graduation but into the Customer service center as the operator. A boyish woman, living and breathing is trapped by the boring work of day after day.

While the hero is a colleague Trev, he is openly gay, was assigned to focus on the heroine is always late, unintentional work attitude. As the two became more and more familiar with each other, this had a subtle chemical effect on men and women who were not likely to love each other. (True love is, I love you and nothing to do with you )

Woman Wall, the bondage of women is their own or society?

When a woman is happy, don't let the stereotype fetter your beauty .

A documentary, directed by Taiwanese female director Chen and Lan Wenxian, "Woman." Wall, the women of Taiwan's social pressure, women to a certain age, will begin to be concerned about when to marry, when children and so on, as if a woman was born to set up a family and exist. Marriage allows the two world to extend to two families, and fertility is another test of life, an invisible wall, blocking each woman's original plan of life, began to sacrifice, compromise and dedication. In fact, hinder their own has not been these invisible walls, but they do not want to change the heart. (You should also care, women after 25, why can not have their own dreams )

"Virtual Beauty", love is really able to sell?

Some people with the encounter is like a meteor, an instant burst out the envy of Sparks, but doomed just hurried.

The award-winning "Virtual Beauty" is the most difficult to see in Taiwan's Italian films, the film with the economic stagnation of Italian society and high unemployment as the background, through the dramatic tension of drama to explore the neo-liberal exploitation and plunder, especially the sex workers in the social situation and labor status.

Alice, the protagonist of the story, finally got the chance to get a trial at the advertising agency, but was dismissed at the same time as the project was adopted. Cornered she decided to set up a joint venture with friends to set up video-girl website. Alice wanted to create a company that did not exploit it, but at the same time managed to change her mind. Business must be cold and impersonal? Let's see if the heroine can finally keep beginner's mind out of her own day, or become the boss she once hated? (Recommended reading: Cloud lovers near future-style love )

The type and theme of the film is more and more dazzling, Hollywood movies can always make people have visual and auditory enjoyment, but in addition to the United States, there are many other countries in the world of fine films, pick an afternoon, may wish to see a different movie theater! Reading may feel a bit heavy, but this afternoon, you will find yourself more aware of this society a little bit, you will see, women director of gentle but firm strength.

Does this series of sheets not remind you of the desire to rush to the cinema in your heart? before you go, come and talk to us about the hot topic of female movies!
〉〉 have you ever seen a film designed for women?