Do you know breast cancer? Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women around the world. Shared with the founder of the Association of Breast cancer patients, Lin, secretary general of cancer after the story of Rebirth.

this afternoon, we and the Breast cancer Patients Association of the Secretary-General Lin met, elegant temperament of her, can not see a little " Patient's appearance "but in fact one until now, Lin has struggled with breast cancer, because breast cancer does not leave, during dances with cancer, she summoned a group of sisters to create a breast cancer association, with the patient's strength to help patients. in Taiwan, the Association for Breast Cancer will actively take care of the women who have cancer, especially if they are not professional doctors, but a group of women with immediate pain, each of whom has had cancer , who are volunteers, Hope to use their experience and strength to give patients the best support.

A group of patients, creating organizations that care for patients

The Association of Breast cancer patients has a special membership, all members of the association have had breast cancer, from the hospital's volunteer organizations, under the invitation of doctors, to take care of other patients volunteer. Volunteers in the care of each other during the period also cultivate a friendship, because everyone is a roommate, so very worried about "no tomorrow", we began to meet once a year, this process we cry and laugh, like Cowherd and Weaver. "Later, Lin came forward to organize 26 groups to set up the association of Breast cancer patients, this is Taiwan's pioneering work, the first time someone to integrate the whole Taiwan Hospital Breast Cancer Volunteers group, is the first time to hear the voice and strength of the patient." (Female fan recommended: breast cancer, our closest and most feared enemy )

In fact, the patients are very afraid to face the word "cancer", so the organization in various hospitals will be called warm lilies and so the name of care, and we bravely put the breast cancer into the name. 」

The Association of Breast cancer patients is the first in Taiwan to take care of patients as a starting point. "We are holding your hand and going our way" (Taiwanese pronunciation) Lin said that apart from promoting screening and prevention, also pay attention to the patient's care and companionship, they offer a variety of courses, from the individual to the family have, in order to let patients in life in addition to the disease can have other colors.

"Do not let this disease go white, let him have strength." Let everyone use the way of happiness, feel the process of life. Lin firmly said that the disease will not disappear, so more should be assembled different forces to change the environment, so that more patients are cared for. "So we often say that each other is a sister, the imprint of the body, is let us come to Joseph." "Everyone accompanies each other and makes life more complete together."

Women in Taiwan are indifferent to their health

Do we ask the Secretary-General that Taiwanese women have enough ideas about health? She said: "Health is not for God!" Women's attitude towards "health" is mostly "what happened!" "But in fact, health needs a lot of nurturance, and our culture and education tend to ignore this piece." We all assume that we are healthy, so the teacher will not teach us what "menstruation" is? Will not tell us, in fact, many women's hormones changes will directly affect health. 」

Health is actually the body and mind of the three influences, not just physical, stress can also cause health effects, and even many women do not know that after the abortion hormones changes in fact directly affect the likelihood of cancer. "Women are not aware of how to take care of themselves, after the disease will begin to study, but in foreign education is different, children in school before they must do a thorough physical examination, I found that health is actually to take root from the environment and education." 」

So the Breast Cancer Association will start touring campuses to teach girls how to take care of themselves, start from eating to living habits, even talk about the defense of sexual life, and tell you the mechanism of hormones changes in the body. (the woman said loudly, the screening breast cancer can not just touch itself )

"The cause of breast cancer has not been fully summed up, so we started with college girls and taught people how to prevent it." The curriculum of the Association of Breast cancer patients complements the gaps in school education and evokes the awareness and care of girls and women about their bodies.

Breast cancer, in fact, life is not so dim

Lin at the age of 39, was accidentally touched, at first because the family and friends have no relevant experience, so it is not clear that the medical condition, to the hospital registration also hung wrong branch, from obstetrics and gynecology to rectal surgery, Monday to see the operation of the clinic, not like the current health system and procedures are relatively perfect, in addition to palpation no other instrument detection, So after the surgery to remove the hard block, the doctor gave 10 days pain medication to go home! After 10 days to return to the hospital, the doctor said good recovery, but Lin or cross-examine the test report, the doctor picked up the phone to ask pathology after the discovery, this is cancer.

"At that time is really a blank, tears directly fell down, the mind is, my child how to do?" 」

After reading the report, the emergency hospitalization, the whole breast removed, Lin said his scars are not good-looking, listen to her natural, but we know how hard it is to walk through the years just to get this kind of cloud light wind "in fact, I grew up too shun, where to go to home will be with a woman to do housework, and then to Japan to study, When I went back to Taiwan to get married, I didn't go to class and I was always a housewife. "We often say that the mother is the strongest, in the Lin see very clearly, her survival will depend on the child, so pray to God, hope to accompany the child a little longer, and she is willing to pay their own strength to help more people." (Tears recommended: A letter to the mother of the farewell letter )

"From that time onwards, my life has changed!" Although the plan can not keep pace with the change, but planning. So I began to look at many foreign data, but also to foreign treatment, only to see the unequal treatment of patients. "From the patient, to the volunteers, to the final establishment of the association, Lin Laugh said is and a group of silly women to create, they may be silly, but the enthusiasm to help others is very real."

Finally, the Secretary-General said that she had decided to set up a "coalition of cancer patients in Taiwan" to bring more people to the experience of the Breast Cancer Association, "I hope a group of people can help another group of people," Lin said. Perhaps no one would have thought that the strength of the support for cancer patients had not come from other groups, but from patients who had been sick, and the association for Breast Cancer would have done it! With the strength of the company, lead a woman forward, let them know, in fact, the most terrible cancer is not the body's injury, but the soul of torture, women fans sincerely admire this group of women, this group with the wound or crying laugh all the way through the brave woman. can you see Lin Chest is the symbol of breast cancer prevention and control of the pink ribbon, like a silent description of their own all the time and cancer coexistence, but also a kind of firm strength, told her in fact she is not alone.

One hours of visits, heard Lin secretary of the life story, for breast cancer and his body, also better understand! In fact, there are many kinds of gynecopathy, and women will get more or less one or two, because of this, health is important to us, the October is the Breast cancer prevention Month, in addition to donations or the pink ribbon, women fans believe we can do more, actually to the scene to care about this for you and I are extremely important issues! Let us care about breast cancer, in addition to donations, more important is participation.