A first look at the fashion designers who make Taiwanese proud, the latest works "the falling beauty".

Johan Ku , in 2009, won the New York Gen art"avantgarde Fashion Century award," he said loudly in the winning platform: "I come from Taiwan. "Relive that moment, and still cheer all the hearts of Taiwanese people." The ancient and the old, the ambition, he grew up in Taiwan, from higher vocational to university to study clothing design, and many international Taiwanese designers, his talent absorbs the growth of Taiwan's talents, but also bring this spirit into the international, our hearts of "Taiwan's light."

yesterday, 2015 Tokyo Fashion Week official exhibitors list announced , the ancient and the text to "the Falling beauty" Six degrees on the list. "the Falling beauty" 's inspiration comes from the movie "The Love garden" (The Hanging Garden), the protagonist in the flowers and plants around the garden hanged, the vegetation instantaneous the same withered sad magic fragment became the concept of the ancient design of the spring and summer fashions of this year. Listen, listen, is it a heartbeat? Now, let the woman take you straight to the Tokyo fashion show scene! (You will also like Paris 2014 autumn and winter Fashion Week, the whole city is my runway )

To the concept of the exotic flowers in the forest, the use of floral patterns with dark color shows a mature demeanor, the overall work presents a romantic sadness feelings.

This season's colors and patterns are interwoven with the mysterious mood of spring and summer gardens, handmade embroidery, and also inherited from the ancient style of fabric design. Johan (Ku) invited London Harrods and Harvey this season Andrew Penketh, Nichols's queen photographer, works together to create the movie "The Love Garden" as the Spirit sense of the printing pattern, combined with handmade three-dimensional flower sculpture and brand hand cloth surface treatment, continuous Johan Ku brand sculpture-like clothing appearance as well as unique fabric development brand spirit. (Recommended reading: fashionable brand in the atmosphere!) Fine designer Wind Blows )

Is it also caught in the strange world of flowers and plants fragrance? In addition to attracting international media including WWD US, Gap Express, NHK, Fashion News and other show, Japanese fashion media, godfather-level reporter, the current international media "quotation" magazine editor, Mr. Medan was invited to attend, And after the show in particular to the background to the designer of ancient and text salute, he this season of sculpture-like handmade three-dimensional flower clothing is particularly interested in, two people talk about very huan, in the aesthetic design has a further exchange.

"The dream that hangs on the tip of the tongue is fast and simple, so I don't take the time to talk about it, just focus on practicing it," said the old man. 」

So, again and again, in the course of his practice, we see the shape of his dream. Many people know that the ancient and the text does not come from the rich family, but now he, than more people are living a spiritual rich life, because he insists on the character of the idea, let him in each creation challenge himself. He once wrote in the " do not let cruel god dominate: the creation and life of ancient and literary " :" life is bitter, But life if not insist, will only be more bitter. "( The shocking education of a transnational speech in the same field Gayon: No dream with action, no Dream " )

The ancient concept of design teaches us: "The harder the road is, the more it is worth exploring." 」

Finally, let us recall this September 19, the ancient "the Hole series" was invited to participate in the London Clothing and Fabric Museum "knitwear:Chanel to westwood"(Centennial Knitting: from Chanel to Westwood) exhibition of costume design works, Next, let us enjoy.

"the hole" for a series of open a lot of holes in the gray-tone clothing, so that people can freely choose from which piercing into out, creating 100 people have 100 kinds of unique clothing philosophy.

After appreciating the design works of the ancient and the text, is it accidental that the original dress can be so romantic? It is like the design concept of "the hole": "Everyone can find their own unique way to wear," more like the ancient and actually "insist", we do not have to pursue the popular, but can not have their own attitude of dressing! Find the most suitable for your body type of clothing lines, believe your taste, all year round, you are your own best designer!