The life story of everyone, like the lines on the armor, has no choice but to make gestures.

At ARC, a cafe in the alley room is not just a coffee shop, but also a place to exchange stories and space for cultural exchanges.

In the store, you see the boss Guo Jingwen (Kevin) sitting in a corner, concentrating on the computer, arranging the size, and planning to work on the full project on hand.In the middle of the conversation, he felt his passion, and his heart was hard to live on every day.

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24 hours a day is not enough for many people, but Kevin sees it as a 48-hour experience, a huge amount of work, not only a project, but also a coffee shop. How did he do it, and how did he do it?Kevin told us that this was all cumulative.

After graduation, Kevin Kein, who worked in the culture and education industry (Ho Chia-jen), was a long and long-term project, and he had a lot of activities to perform, and he was able to perform his project.After he left Ho Chia-jen, he also went to work in Singapore, where the projects were different. Most of the projects were international projects of large technology companies. They covered a wide range of projects, and even went abroad to organize an entire hotel to hold an event.

A bit of a steady, a bit of a cumulative experience that turns into the power, efficiency, and execution that we see on him, and also makes him more aware of his direction and objectives, and sees the blueprints for the future.

So Kevin and his friends opened the design company.In the past, he has accumulated a lot of people in the cultural and artistic fields, so he usually works with these designers and projects in a project way.But the hard work of domestic designers, Kevin looked at it, and he felt that there was no platform in the country, and that there was no place where designers could make use of their own space, so he established the ARC Arts Space last year.

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Armourring Public House (ARC) is a very special name, and it has a special meaning."Armourring is the grain of armor."The story of everyone is like the grain on the armor.When everyone was born, it was like being covered with a armor, and with different kinds of friction and thought, the shape of the armor would always change."Some people are hurt," he says. "Some people can't make up for the wounds. Some people can't help. But they all leave traces. It's like memories. Everyone's memories are different, and each individual's lines are different. Every grain represents every story.""

The ARC can be a small crowd, or an audience, and I want this place to be a place to share stories." This is Kevin's dream of ARC.Here, we see stories of different ways, and some people use a painting to tell stories about him, and some people talk to him about his stories, and people talk about his stories with concerts." The lines of the armor stretch to a different story, together with the story of everyone." This is the reason for public house.

the public good, unlimited

In addition to being a storytelling café, Kevin hoped that ARC would also be an artistic space for cultural and art workers to communicate.As a result, a monthly exhibition of art shows and art shows a platform for the artists to play their role in the art.

But what he wants to do is not just that.In addition to building their own dreams, Kevin also wanted to help build other people's dreams.In ARC, we found that many designers were creative and creative. Although they provided a platform for them to sell or display their own creative abilities, the Association of Public Creative Services was set up to enhance the image of the public by helping them."

Last month's association went to Cambodia and local agency Buddhism for Social Development Action (BSDA) and was in talks with the United States and the United Kingdom, hoping to collaborate with different organizations to design different design elements and cultivate new design volunteers.

"Graduates are not necessarily looking for design work, and foreign countries need such resources. If our volunteer works are beautiful, we can get more feedback, and become a virtuous circle."When Kevin told us about this idea, what we saw was the way he was shining."Through the design, we can communicate with people of different ethnic groups, and designers are not necessarily able to express their abilities, but the works will talk, so the association acts as a bridge."Also, because of the association with the association, the work can be spread out.In international projects, the visibility will be very high, and it will help the country, and it will also help the individual."

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Maybe Kevin is a highly idealistic person who describes himself as "a little bit unsure of the sky", but at the same time we see an endless stream of enthusiasm, always hoping to come in contact with different people to help different people accomplish different ideas and goals.Not to be too much too far, but a practitioner of what he believes to be an opportunity to complete impossible tasks if he says, "If you want to do it well and try to do it, it's a chance to complete impossible tasks."

"Support the public good, unlimited creativity."If you have reason to want to practice, you have a dream to chase." It's a line Kevin would like to share with you.Next, they're promoting "Smiles and hands projects." to encourage people to use smiley and hands to service.

See Kevin's design for the public good, the persistence of time and effort, and the energy and energy that we are infected with.Together with a smile, give your own strength!