In recent years, Taiwan's illustrator has set off a whirlwind. Works in the life of the small things in the way, remind us of the precious truth in the ordinary.

Taipei daily life, almost all can not be separated from the Taipei MRT, the daily rush to and from the MRT you, have you ever thought of what it is like to take the MRT? There is a boy, because the use of retarded mobile phones, can not play games or mobile phones, so he began to observe the MRT on everyone, this person is teacher Joe. He played his imagination, with accurate text description, plus partners: two days studio's skillful painting, the MRT girl in such a creative agitation, was born!

(Figure Source: two-day Studio fan Page )

Whether it's just off duty, a weary-looking office-girl, or a Dunhua station, a night more beautiful night girls, in the two days of the brush and teacher Joe's incisive commentary, we live in a variety of girls, women's appearance, faithfully presented in front of us, these works of the protagonist, may be a moment ago with us to wipe the girl. For more stories behind these creations, let's listen and draw a two-day studio for each MRT girl. (MRT benefits: A minute to change your life: Good ideas are overheard from the MRT compartment )

Raise your head, life is full of fun

Two days said: "In fact, all the pictures in the girl only I have seen!" 」。 Two days with Joe's creative way is very interesting, the first is two days will go to the MRT station to find inspiration, find the right object, but in the MRT so many girls, which is the best actress? Two days of the answer is: "Fate", this girl is not necessarily the appearance of beauty, also does not necessarily represent the characteristics of a station, but is definitely the present, so that two days the most interested girls, and then he began to use the brush faithfully as a recorder.

Then when teacher Joe saw two days of creation, he began to play the imagination to help the girl to add some background. This woman may be just off work, physically and mentally tired of the office workers; The girl is just dismissed, the community practice ended, carrying his high school girls, or found some boys do not understand the female fashion, such as a shoulder hollowed out blouse, or strong eye makeup. With exquisite observation and unlimited imagination, to give each MRT girl a different story! (Every woman is wonderful: woman, not only one way )

Two days said: "In fact, we are just very simple, to see the small things in life, the way to create, let everyone know, in fact, we can see the world!" 」

It is true that technology makes us more convenient, but changes fast and busy life, let us often forget to look at the world. Two days and teacher Joe Hope to tell you, in fact, as long as a change of perspective to see the world, life is not insipid, but everywhere full of surprises!

With illustrations, let people start to think

In fact, two days with Joe Teacher began operating fan group, the goal is only 5,000 people, did not think all the way, they have now been 80,000 fans love, two days secretly said: "A start to see the number of the time, of course, very happy!" But after the excitement disappears, it feels a bit more responsibility! 」。 This figure, on behalf of more people listening to their voices, has begun to have a little influence, so they want to make the most of the impact and bring about a change in society.

Two days said: "In our creations, we will not give you the final judgment or answer, because we do not want to influence people to make decisions, just want to influence people start thinking"

Although teacher Joe and two days of work is very humorous, but they think that they are not pure funny person. They are simply interacting with the public through these interesting works, replacing the intense means of communicating with people in another way. So in their creation, often just a head, let people start to care about something, and then we work together to create more powerful things, in the process, they both have achieved more sense of achievement! (Extended reading: change begins with care )

The depth of the superficial

Although has accumulated a certain popularity, but two days with teacher Joe is still focused on the creation, they think: " happiness is from the creation rather than money", through these works to communicate with more people, they are very satisfied!

Two days with teacher Joe has an artist character, for them the work must be first meaningful, will be created, so they create every theme, have a strong sense of mission, hope to convey some ideas, so Joe Teacher said their work is "deep shallow"

(Figure Source: two-day Studio fan Page )

As they are serialized in the Mandarin daily "truth and Lies", MOM will say: "Parents do not care about the results, as long as you are healthy and happy," the heart of the OS is: "But the best score to win the family of other children! "And dad will say:" We are very open-minded, make a boyfriend remember to take home to parents to see ", behind the representative:" which child dare touch our home baby daughter is finished! " 」

(Figure Source: two-day Studio fan Page )

These works let a person see a smile, but in fact, there is a lot of social subtext, hope to use graphics and text to establish a dialogue with middle school students, so that children can understand a little bit about the status of social operation, not because of all day immersed in the book, and the real world out of touch, other non-students see, You can also think about the meaning behind these phenomena. This is what they expect, hoping that they can become a "deep and superficial graphic illustrator."

Superficial is often regarded as a negative word, which represents a person who sees the superficial, but only looks at the surface, but two days with teacher Joe has reinterpreted the term. They think that superficial, but more accessible to the public, with rich content but no appreciation of the work, highbrow situation is very regrettable. So they choose to use the text and texts, aroused everyone's resonance and discussion, in the works cleverly hidden in the depth of life in the intelligence, so that everyone in the entertainment, but also can begin to learn more deeply to think, can in those we are accustomed to the small things, explore the precious life intelligence. (You'll like: Let's start learning how to think )

Two days with teacher Joe for their creations, always embrace a strong sense of mission. They talk about serious life issues in private, but try to present in a popular way, the goal is to make people more receptive, and then from their creation began to think, like Stephen Chow's film, after laughing, but also to live another layer of understanding.

Quick to ask Quick draw:

Before the woman has tried to ask quickly answer, but since this visit to the well-known graphic illustrator, of course, can not miss this great opportunity. Let us test the scene, two days of creative skills, quickly ask the Quick Draw unit, let us see how to use the brush two days to answer these interesting questions!

  1. Drawing so many girls, please draw a picture for two days with teacher Joe himself!

We are invisible observer in the crowd, will not affect people's lives, but silently with the graphic creation, with different angles of life story.

  1. If you could draw a 20. 30. 40-Year-old girl, how would you behave?

The 20-Year-old girl is a sailing sock, because she always wears canvas shoes, the 30-year-old woman has the mature beauty, can freely expose the sexy charm, therefore wears the net sock, but the 40 year-old woman, compared to the appearance, more knows to take care of oneself, therefore will wear the comfortable five fingers socks, lets oneself more comfortable. (Good fun and very pertinent observation!) )

  1. After drawing so many girls, what is the most beautiful moment for girls?

Two days feel, girl Sohe just get up, sleepy moment is most beautiful. (like an idol play plot ah ~~! )

Recently, Taiwan's graphic writers have been rising, these creators of various images, they use a different perspective, take us to look back at the small things in life , often people with the small details of people, with interesting graphics and text depicted, people exclaimed: "Really!" I have this experience too! 」。 These writers, not only bring us the small in the text, but more ambitious to use the easy way to communicate with the public rich content of the topic.

because Taiwan has a multi-cultural accumulation, and free and open speech space, these creators can use unlimited creativity, in a variety of interesting ways to let everyone brain, to re-examine our lives, and then create a better society! and two days with teacher Joe is one of the children, they not only enjoy the fun of creating graphics and text, but also hope that they can create, inspire more people on the life of Thinking , look forward to two days with the more creative teacher Joe, take us to continue to explore the taste of life, live a deep life.