"16 Summers", bring us beyond the past idol drama, from the play to taste a more real life, and we all have "regret and miss."

Time, like an invisible eraser, a touch of young frivolous, about youth, you have anything to forget, thin souvenir in the heart of the people things?

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If you still have a little regret, a little anticipation, this summer, let a lot of people think of love sour and sweet and pain of the "16 summers", so that we remember the enthusiasm and courage of love. Many people say that this is a description of "constantly miss" the story, but we feel that this is a loss, find love and courage of the story. Today, women fans want to and everyone together from the "16 summers", aftertaste we have had the innocence and perseverance, listening to people talk about their hearts "miss and regret", Tao said: " Miss does not represent a pity, goodbye does not represent the margin." "Cecilia Cheung said:" Goodbye is another spring. "Say goodbye to the past and seal the sweetest memories." (Extended reading: How many times do you owe your life to say good-bye? ) )

"16 Summers" coming to an end, are we ready to say goodbye to our memories? Next, let us listen to the star's "Farewell Manifesto", also together aftertaste thick alcohol deep-rooted, floating with youthful fragrance of the "16 Summers"!

To be in love is to get and learn

He rundong: Everyone wants to be a winner, even a feeling, so choose to "forget". But maybe, the real "remember" bittersweet, is the winner. 」

"16 Summers" extended 16 years of love and friendship, from friends to lovers, from lovers to passers-by, those parting and loss of bitterness, let us rather not have. But if you don't have it, how can you have it? It is not how we want to win, but no longer be remembered slavery, accept the wound, accept the heart broken, accept that person once let me a heavy fall, but also let me understand, again pain, also want to climb up themselves. As he Rundong said: "remember" the ups and downs, is the winner. "The more serious you operate, the more profound happiness you feel!" (Recommended reading: pay is not an equivalent exchange, but love does not ask for return )

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Shu Qi: "Goodbye is to forget, when not careful meet, rub shoulders, look back, I laugh, turn around, memory of once, then no longer miss." "

The most special place, only for you

Patty: "See yourself, see sadness, see moved." Goodbye, let the lost become gain. 」

Vivian Hsu: "Love is planted yesterday, not afraid of distance far." The heart does not see again, if meet again. 」

Is it possible to be together after ten years or 20 years? We thought about it a lot when we were lovelorn. "16 Summers," the deduction of the bitter together, and not together, 16 years later, the two of their own marriage can still be happy? Again meet but still as the enthusiasts and Echocardiography told them: "Around a big circle, I still Only love you." (The same field Gayon: all the encounters are reunion!) Let us fall apart and love Again )

Once we are like Shu Qi said "Smile turned, no longer miss", is clearly such a simple few words, how to spend years to say export? There is a person in your heart has not left, so "in the heart did not say good-bye person, again meet or as before." 」

Everyone's heart, always have a position, only to the most special life. Him, "We want to say is, brave, is not a step can be everything satisfactory, Wade and Home Ni, in the family and marriage of their respective struggles, because to love also gave each other to pain, if the injury can love a more complete, you can not give up? (Hey dear: Love, there is courage to hurt )

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Love is the companionship and the stopping of time and space

Tao: "Miss does not represent a pity, goodbye does not mean the edge." 」

Huang Bo: No one can catch up with the time, summer flowers, end up faster than time. 」

Huangxiaoming: "A lot of people think goodbye is sad, tears, and even the parting." I think, goodbye is plain life in the wake, it allows you to cherish the life of dribs and drabs, so that you are grateful, and content. 」

"Because of the loss, we know how to cherish." "This is how the eternal truth ah, but it always cost you and me several wet pillow, to understand." Some farewell, is to wait for the foreseeable days, and then meet you, some good-bye, is forever and ever farewell. Perhaps, when two people stand at separate crossroads, the end of the form is not important, but once the sweet and beautiful, pushing us to grow up to date, also hidden in every breath of life, continue to live alone journey. (same field Gayon: With the old Love Zhengchong, accompany the lover to appreciate the past scenery )

As Tao said "Goodbye does not mean to do", the Earth is round, ten years later, two people meet again, if still can smile talk about the past, it is not a kind of happiness?

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Learn to see and willing, is to spare themselves

Yang Youning: "Because of regret, I cherish and grasp every opportunity in the present." 」

Cecilia Cheung: "Not when you are not happy, lost when not streak." Leave some space for yourself, turn calm, and calmly, goodbye is another spring. 」

Ten years later Sara Home NI's confession: "People all over the world love you, why only I have to pretend to be your good friend, only I can not love you." "Sara in the way she wanted to end the friendship with Home Ni, this" lost ", but she is brave to love the last blow, is her choice and home ni say good-bye way. Sometimes say good-bye, is to forgive themselves, forgive "Do not Love", we may not love to want to love people, but do not fall into bottomless bottomless pit, love too hard, hurt each other, leaving now, is a step closer to the people. (Recommended reading: You say this is love: Stop investigating the cause of love )

those memories, we have in love how ugly and real appearance, hoarse cry, but all in the open hand, an elegant turn, no longer exist, like Cecilia Cheung said "to leave some space for themselves, Goodbye is another spring." " give yourself a room to turn around and be spared yourself."

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Kangyong: "The love that has been talked about, does not like cut hair, the wind blows, floats away;" The love that has been talked about, will become the veins on the blade, the microvascular on the ankle, store memory, maintain life, imperceptible, but always exist. 」

How many time do we have to miss to meet him for the rest of my life? All love and relationship have the reason for existence, we go to come to each other's life, in each other's body, this relationship learned something, also give each other's life a little different. Every "passer-by" is the benefactor who nourishes our growth. Because of love, we rejoice, we are sad, we feel incomparable happiness, unprecedented pain, life has a temperature and taste, look back, but also taste. (Extended reading: Every relationship is an exercise!) Seven love exercises to embrace happiness )

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If you have a little empathy and affection for their story, try to think of the "16 summers" you once had. Thanks for the Sara of sadness and happiness that accompany us through life. Thank you in life there has been an unconditional love, everyone because there is a friend like Hank to remember the beautiful moment of youth, thank you, our hearts unique Tang Jiani and Fangweide, "there is a position, is in love in the reincarnation of thousands of years, No one can take the place of it-it's a corner of our memory. 」

What is your favorite word of celebrity's regret confession? Or also try to write down their own regret confession it! goodbye, belong to us, eternal "16 summers".