"I'm gay, and I'm proud of who I am," said Apple CEO Cook. "Look forward to the future where we can be in a more inclusive society."

After jobs 's death, Tim Cook took over the long task of Apple, and we looked at Tim cook with extra rigour, looking forward to another wave of "new Apple Times" that he led. Today, Tim Cook did not publish any new Apple products, but it also brought profound and profound effects to the world.

In his 10/30-day submission to Bloomberg Businessweek, Tim Cook was the first to be frank and gay! He wrote such a moving gay manifesto: " I am proud of being gay, this is the best gift of my life." "I ' m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has me."

Tim Cook is a man who attaches great importance to privacy, the only reason he came out of the closet was because he wanted to share his power with more people, and if anyone could be more sure of himself because of his declaration, it would be worth it if he sacrificed his long-standing privacy interests. Let's listen to the declaration of his submission:

In my career, I have always regarded privacy as a fundamental human right. I come from an ordinary family, I do not want to deliberately eye-catching. And Apple, the world's most popular company, I hope you can focus on our products.

At the same time, I deeply believe Dr. Martin Luther said: "The longer-term and urgent question of life is," What have you done for others? "Life ' s most persistent and urgent question are what are you doing for others." "I often ask myself this question, and then I find that my desire to keep my privacy ignores the more important things. That's why I want to share with you today.

Over the years, I've never deliberately concealed my sexuality, and many Apple employees know I'm gay and they treat me like a. Of course, I feel very fortunate to be in a company that embraces creativity and innovation. And I also know that only when we truly accept each other's differences, creativity and innovation can really sprout, but, in this world, not everyone is so fortunate.

Although I have never denied my sexual direction, I have never publicly acknowledged it until now. Let me tell you: "I am proud of being a comrade and I feel that being a comrade is the best gift that God has given me." 」

As a comrade, let me have a more profound understanding of the feelings of minority groups, let me have the opportunity to understand the social vulnerable people, in life, all the challenges that may encounter. This makes me more empathetic and makes my life more generous. (same field Gayon: empathy and compassion are not the same )

This road is not comfortable and easy, but also let me accumulate enough self-confidence to become myself, to go only belong to my own way, and from a lot of difficulties to stand out again, without fear of social vision. As a comrade, I have a skin that is as indestructible as a rhino, and I have to say that it is practical to sit on the Apple CEO position.

Compared to my childhood, the world now has a great change. The state of the United States is moving towards marriage equality (marriage equality), as more and more public figures come out to change the negative perceptions of society towards comrades and to make our society more inclusive. However, most of the laws in the continent still allow enterprises to have the right to expel employees on the basis of sexual orientation. In the United States, being gay may be swept out of the door by landlords or barred from visiting ailing partners and inheriting inheritance. People who are not counted, especially children, are afraid of their sexuality every day and even suffer bullying.

I do not think I am a radical, but I am deeply aware that because of the sacrifices of the predecessors, so that I am not too hard. Therefore, if someone hears the Apple CEO openly admits that he is also a comrade, and can more squarely face their true appearance, can bring more to the lonely people around the support and warmth, can insist on fighting for gay rights and interests, that, the sacrifice of my guardian for a long time of privacy is also worthwhile. (same field Gayon: the victory of gay rights! France behind the same-sex marriage and Adoption Act

This is not an easy thing for me. For me, privacy is still important, and I still want to retain my privacy. I think of Apple as my lifelong ambition, and I will still use all my waking hours to make myself the best CEO. This is my staff, our customers, developers, shareholders, supply partners due to the commitment.

The progress of society has made us realize that we should not define a person only because of his sexuality, race or sex. I am an engineer, an uncle, a hobby of nature, a weirdo, a child from the south, a sports fanatic, I have many different identities in addition to the above. I hope that you will respect my wishes and focus on the work that suits me best and brings me happiness.

Apple, the company I am so fortunate to lead, has always been quite concerned about human rights and equality equality for all. Before Congress, we strongly supported the Workplace Equality Act (Workplace Equality bill), as well as supporting marital parity in our company's California. We are not afraid to express our dissatisfaction loudly when we pass a state law that discriminates against gays in Ariaona, Arizona. We will continue to fight for the value we believe in, and I believe that all the people who are the Apple executive, regardless of race, sex, sex, will do the same thing with me. And before I sleep, I will never spare no effort to fight for the equality of all. (Recommended reading: a gay story that moves tens of thousands of people: when marriage shuts them out ... )

This June, Tim Cook was wearing the Pride apple lettering T Shirt
Join with Apple employees in the gay parade in San Francisco!

When I arrive at the office every morning, I would look up at the framed Martin Luther King of the office walls and the little Kennedy Robert F. JFK, and whenever I looked at them, I knew I was doing what I had to do, and no matter how trivial it was, I could help someone who needed help.

We are a long way from a fairer and just world. We must slowly brick on the floor to build up this road together. This piece, is my brick. (Recommended to you: the birth of a new choice, everyone has the right to start a family )

Data source:Bloomberg Businessweek