It's almost the Gulf, London, and the London Design Week 2011, 2011, was launched on 17 August 2011, extended from 9/17 to 9/25, and perhaps you couldn't go to London to participate in this year's design event, but you can see the relevant exhibition at Womany!

This is a picture of the Noma Bar in which you have seen more than one image. You've seen it. But the work of the Noma Bar is a different picture than a single one.

The left eye is a good-looking dog, and what do you see, the head or the tail?I don't know if it's an angel or a devil

These three pictures that are related to the human face, do you find the stories of each of these works that echo them?

Left image is an interactive art authoring machine that is actually displayed at the meeting venue, a rare opportunity to experience such artistic creation at the

Left chart can be a pen or a siren;

The left map has a causal relationship for both images; and the right hand is a screen that occurs when two people take the cup

LEFT" Let us take a long time to look at the discovery that this might be a warning to fly birds with caution when driving, and whether you find the right picture a fairy tale?

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