SPCA (Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Annals Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is the oldest non-profit animal protection organization in the world.It was founded in 1824 in the United Kingdom, and has established chapters in various parts of the world to promote love and concern for animals.Hong Kong's SPCA has a history of more than 90 years and is the most trusted and closely cooperative government in the region, but the island's SPCA has a history of only two years, and its key role in 2009 is a twin sister-Connie and Annie.

Before they even knew them before, before they visited them, the only way to look at their appearance would be to think that their sisters should only be right at all the big fashion parties.Taiwan was born and raised in Canada, and was widely spread by the public. The appearance also allowed them to get tickets to show business, and once served as host to the MTV.Beautiful women, it's easy to ask questions, " Why do you want to be involved in the insurance?"The motive of this is that the SPCA is only a gimmick for them to decorate themselves."

However, they are not.
The real people who know them will be truly shaken by their love and respect for the world, for all of the world's creatures."

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Ask them how they can suddenly commit themselves to the activities of animal protection, and set up a foundation themselves?They laughed and said, " Because we found it, it seems impossible to do this.Even though they loved animals, they actually didn't think they could do so quickly. But in the entertainment circles, it accelerated them to find that the environment was not their heart, and they wanted to do something that would make themselves happy.

This is all because of the small white, one that no one has seen, and no one has helped.
that time they had just returned to Taiwan, and they found a white dog tied to the roadside. It looked like a white dog was strapped to the side of the road. The food wasn't moving. They asked about the neighbors. They asked about the neighbors. They were a little detached. They couldn't help but leave a note saying, "Please don't treat dogs like this."As a result, they began their first rescue operation.They are not afraid of the dirt, they are not afraid that dogs may be sick, and they can directly take care of them.

Small White

However, when this story was told, Connie suddenly fell into tears.Because the small white was already sick, they took to the doctor to see the doctor, found that the small white was already seriously affected by the heart, and that it was not able to act in a very painful way.After more than a month of support, they had to be euthanized by veterinarians' advice.'I'm sad every time I think about it,' Connie Red eyesight said.If we find it earlier, perhaps the situation will be different.And why is it that so many people clearly see this, but they don't do anything?At that time we thought, the little white was just the case that we saw, how many other dogs and other animals were not seen in that bay.What do you do?Annie then said, " So we found that we really had no way of not doing this."

n't worry about challenges, just fear no one

Animal Protection is a basic understanding and concept in developed countries.But development in Asia has been relatively slow.So when they engaged in the SPCA, they really faced a lot of challenges.The first challenge: How do you do it differently?Many people have traditional impressions of the insurance group, which is to ask for money, but it cannot solve the problem at all.So they don't have a special tradition of spending money, but actually investing in education, workshops, investigation of animal abuse cases, and large-scale events."We want to be able to protect the animal into a mainstream," Connie said."They want more people to know how to treasure the lives of every different animal on the planet," he said.Animals are not only animals, but they also understand that they have the same feeling.As a result, in the past, they have to challenge the practice of traditional conservation groups. They also have to stage large-scale concerts this year, inviting celebrities to sing their love of life together, so that more people can discover the importance of animal protection through music.

Annie's participation in an animal parade organized by the Taipei Municipal Government, and the intimacy of "intimacy" by "dogs"

has always led to discussion and questioning.And there are people who say, " Two young, beautiful girls, what do you know?There are also people who organize large-scale activities for them, and they don't often use fundraising for fundraising. They must be very hard and very rich in the background behind the background.But in fact, Connie and Annie have often worked in the middle of the night to read news stories about animals from around the world and to investigate cases of animal abuse in depth.At present, there are four SPCA workers, and one of their colleagues part-time teach English to earn income, and Annie even has a part-time translation of the screenplay before she can pay the rent.Connie said, "In fact, we don't have money, but we won't let the money don't do these things."We do animal protection, we don't want to hype up those sad stories, we hope that we can bring more hope, and more positive forces that can really change.Annie also said, "We know that the problem is very high and it may be difficult to solve, so most people may choose not to ask."But we think that if we don't do it, then it is really impossible to change."They believe that they can bring about some changes, so they are not afraid to challenge the challenge and do their best."

Connie, to practice everything, believes: it is possible to change

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animal protection, not empathy, but a basic lifestyle, and a cultural change.

For Connie and Annie, animal protection is an even more important thing to do.More than just relief, education, and large-scale activities, they are also choosing vegetarian because they know the process of slaughtering many animals.Once, the elders of the family asked, " Why don't you do something normal?"Once, a friend told them," Don't tell me those things, I don't want to know."" But they never thought of giving up.Connie said, " When everyone has a little bit of power, the strength of solidarity is even greater.We hope that more people will be able to see the truth, and that as long as they are not afraid of trouble, there will be no solution to the problem.

As long as you do it, it is possible to bring about a change.
More than just a rescue SPCA, you find the most fundamental problem.The problem is a bit serious
The problem is a bit serious, but as long as they believe it, it is possible to do it.