Go to the g0v to attend the annual meeting of the Government! What kind of organization is the Government, together to see the female fans of the direct hit report.

G0V Summit Annual Meeting in 11/8,11/9 two days in the Institute grand held! Since the g0v of government projects have benefited many people and cherished the idea of openness and sharing, women fans have heard that g0v will hold an unprecedented annual meeting to say what they are going to do for a pilgrimage! Now follow the female fan, a piece to see this zero government annual meeting, in the end are doing some rice!

Why does Rice have to have this g0v Summit?

The G0V Annual Meeting agenda is divided into two days, respectively, 11/8 Day Conference International Symposium and 11/9 UnConference all-day workshop, women fans are involved in the first day!

In the opening of this g0v Summit, the moderator and Preparatory Committee Gao Galliang (Clkao) mentioned that, since the establishment of the g0v two years ago, although many good projects have been developed or are sprouting, but we really do want to change it? In fact, the change is very small in earnest. So today we have g0v Summit This annual event, hope to have more enthusiastic people can come together to discuss, have more exchanges and study.

"Did We make no change?"

But see this side, perhaps you still a little wonder, "g0v the government in the end is what kind of organization? "The student movement when heard also ran into the Legislative Yuan, by the news tornado program mistakenly planted as" pro "when the government, at that time caused no small storm. What is the difference between the word "0"?

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What the hell is g0v?

This "0" word, is g0v the government government (gov) replaced by zero, hoping to start from 0 to examine the government's acts, but also through the number 0 and 1 of the world's influence, everyone for the world to make a good change. By the spirit of open source, the hope can promote freedom of speech and transparency of government information, making it easier for people to use.

What is the promotion of freedom of speech?

How can people who write programs and designs assemble together to help free speech? To recap briefly, in the April OSDC speech, Tangfeng A brief exposition of the 318 student movement, g0v in the Legislative Yuan.

At the time of the student movement, because of the large number of people inside and outside the Legislative Yuan, there was no way to exchange the information smoothly through the network, if there was no live broadcast at that time, the result would be even more disastrous. At that time g0v was active to the scene, emergency pull the fiber-optic line, the ministry built a good site network environment, both inside and outside the situation can be broadcast, so that each other can communicate smoothly.

In particular, she stressed that g0v was politically neutral and did not favour any political party or organization.

Tangfeng: "g0v want to do is to connect the Legislative yuan inside and outside the network, hope that communication can convey internal and external speech, and thus reduce conflict and misunderstanding, nothing more. 」

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This passage also shows that the government has been the original intention of the g0v, hope that through the process of technology and art design, the original rigid and complex government data integration, into a simple and understandable chart, talking data, to help the public more quickly access to useful information. But g0v's excellent works are too many, small series selected out of four of them, lead everyone to these projects have a preliminary understanding!  

Select one. Central government total budget visualization

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This is the g0v community's first debut masterpiece, the original will be difficult to understand the government budget, through interactive change map, bird's eye view, the national debt clock (can see the national debt of its time like the flow of the land ...) and so on, very clear, easy to understand. This is not enough, and we can also comment on whether the budget needs to be added or cut down by selecting each visual data to provide a reference for the governance team.

Project Web site:http://budget.g0v.tw/

Select the other. Meng Code

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In the past, many people used the website of the Ministry of Education's Mandarin dictionary to inquire but in addition to the operation is not easy, different language families are not easy to query, G0v Meng (Meng has the people, germination, lovely meaning) brings together the Ministry of Education Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka dictionary folk version of the data, in addition to the simple and clear interface, but also provide strokes animation, live pronunciation ..... etc. function. For students and writing workers, Meng code of Ease of operation and advanced query function, more can arouse the interest of learning.

Project Web site:https://www.moedict.tw/

Android Download Link: http://goo.gl/hPVfL

IOS Download Link:http://goo.gl/rvK7D

Selected ginseng. Environmental Dashboard (air pollution/rainfall)

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Environment Dashboard is also information visualization, very intuitive works, the site's data will be updated in real time, to color and line chart to indicate the status of the air pollution. Small knitting in the test when impressively found that there is a big black hole in the picture (Yunlin's friends carefully!) , but in fact, at other points of view, the whole picture will also have different color distribution, hoping to provide the government reference, to catch the culprits of air pollution!

Project Web site:http://env.g0v.tw/air/

Selected establishments. Guide to vote of speakers

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If you look at the first two items and feel no immediate connection with yourself, this item can be looked at carefully, especially when you are still worrying about the 11/29-ninth election, "which member are you going to vote for?" 』。 A member's voting guide does not directly recommend which political party or candidate, but by the public information of members and the Government, the voting records of members, the status of political contributions, the record of proposals ... And so on, by charting clearly and giving impartial data to help voters.

Project Web site:http://vote.ly.g0v.tw/legislator/district/

(also want to be concerned about political public issues together?) Welcome to come and see the women who are obsessed with politics )

What's so interesting about g0v Summit Annual meeting?

Although the program code and design Professional sounds a little abstruse difficult to understand, but this annual meeting is not rigid, serious yo! Women fans early to the scene, the scene of the staff are busy in the venue layout, when women fans are also "pro" when a foot, when the "pro" staff.

Our lovely engineer, little crab!

The annual meeting has eight themes, in addition to g0v experience sharing, there are industry, media professionals and academia Institute of social scholars to share, each agenda almost full of field!

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Another highlight of the annual meeting is that some people wearing strange cardboard boxes haunt, carefully looking only to find that they are supporting the g0v Summit Annual meeting of the staff, is from the "camera" this fairly stem of the social transport group (full name is " Civic Photography Guardian Democratic Front ", it has the annual meeting creative and full of laugh point characteristics." (Too late to participate okay, you can see the conference Live channel )

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And the end of the agenda is the climax of each seminar ─"Lightning show Lightning talk", provide a heart enough, full of blood of the participants also have the opportunity to share, everyone has only a short five minutes to be able to share (time will be the alarm!)! , how to explain their ideas in a short period of time, in the test of everyone's adaptability. This kind of high-pressure speech, let the stage rush, the joke is full of, the people under the stage also attentively, but can leave a deep impression in the hearts of everyone!

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Take part in public affairs, without men or women, you are "no one"

G0V often meet some people, will ask them some questions: "Why do you have no one to do the topic of XXX?" "But these public affairs participation actually does not divide between you and me, if has the good idea, only needs Dengau, oneself first becomes that" no person ", naturally will have many nobody to take the initiative to participate.       

Such participation, no age, men and women, ethnic groups and so on, in the g0v Summit also published in advance the Code of conduct statement, I hope that each participant can respect each other.

The Conference is committed to providing an environment free of harassment for every participant, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, race or creed. We must not tolerate any kind of harassment of participants in the Conference. The use of sexual language and imagery in any conference venue is inappropriate in this conference, including lectures, workshops, parties, Twitter or any online media. If the participants violate the rules, they will be sanctioned or expelled from the meeting without a refund, and the disposition shall be determined by the general call for action.

After the meeting secretly interviewed the preparatory Committee IPA

At the end of the brilliant lightning show, women fans still want to have a lot of ideas, so secretly visited Gui (IPA), she is a video writing workers, in addition to this G0V Summit Preparatory Committee, but also g0v community and large-scale hacker pine co-sponsored.

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W: What is the degree of participation and activity of women in g0v?

The Ipa:summit staff is about 30% female. Congregation female 32%, male 68%. (Good exact numbers!) In fact, a lot of girls! )

W: What do you want to say to a girl who is interested in writing a program or design?

Come and contribute (contribute)! : )

In my own experience, it will be divided into two parts, the first one is: can bring their own concerns or hope to solve problems come in, with the new organizational style, a new perspective to see the original problem, there may be new help and solution. (For example, I care about the members of the project, I will help find data to write some instructions, so that engineers and users are more clearly understand the ins and outs, make some simple editing, so that the concept of a clear site. )

The second part is because this is a relatively large group of information background participants can also take the opportunity to learn some simple program concepts, or directly learn to write programs. Several female participants have thus upgraded their skills and even had a new career plan. Community friends are very nice, g0v community sharing atmosphere is very prosperous, in addition to online chat room, FB community interaction, entity activities are more and more intensive, also do not regularly held courses (with teaching assistants one-on-one), can grasp the opportunity to share the actual situation.

W: Will g0v want to do a topic on gender equality, such as gay and workplace gender parity?

IPA: There have been related to gender equality, is the use of the function of the Congress of the great, to present the civil law amendments to marriage equality (plural family draft) of the existing provisions vs. Amendment provisions.

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Many projects are infrastructure for open data and do not necessarily have gender-specific projects, but they can be used to voice gender equality.

Other people to help add: Meng code image and 972 special keyword function to the congress of the big generation Zhi yo!

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"When the meeting was over, no one was moving."

11/8 the end of the international seminar is not really the end, but the bud of many innovative services, the next day 11/9 g0v and unconference Open the workshop, these ideas of "no one", through various forms of brainstorming, assemble all parties planning, procedures, art talent, together to create new services, New imagination.

If you have some ideas and new imaginations about society;

If you always wonder, "Why isn't anyone willing to do this service?" 」

may wish to also together a lot of attention g0v Zero Government news, find the opportunity to transform our society together!

Reference data:g0v official website, g0v Summit 2014 site

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