Most of the discussions on Chinese Internet culture are focused on the rise of online human rights activities.In recent years, however, an online erotic culture that reveals the personal erotic behavior of the individual in the Internet has become another trend in the Chinese Internet world.

Katrien Jacobs an associate professor at University of Hong Kong, examines the culture of the "Do It Yourself" erotic work in China's Internet world, as well as the interactions between the author and the consumer under the national review mechanism.

Below is the interview with Ronald Yick and Oiwan Lam for the upcoming publication of Professor Jacob " People's Pornography: Sex and Surveillance on the Chinese Internet :

New Book of Professor Jacob: People's Pornography: Sex and Surveillance on the Chinese Internet

Global Voices (GV): Can you explain what the People ’ s Pornography described in the book mean?

Katrien Jacobs (KJ): First of all, the term "people porn" has the meaning of making pornography, that is, the pornographic work that was made by amateur amateers.However, it can also be used to refer to all pornographic works produced in China.It sounds a bit ironic because in fact, in China, pornographic works are prohibited by law, so there is no such thing as the existence of Chinese pornographic works.Even if everyone knows that China still has many pornographic websites, including the color works produced by amateur amateers.

GV: We all know that you are an expert in the study of Western pornography. Can you compare the differences between China and the West in the cultural diversity of the Western world?

KJ: In a well-developed Western society, the power of alternative cultures is quite strong.You can see members of artists or non-mainstream groups, by erecting websites to publicize their own pornography in a variety of ways.For example, the website of Beautiful Agony , for example, only orgasms from the human face.This is its criticism of commercial sex work, which focuses excessively on genitalia.I was born from this background.I have experienced some people who are interested in erecting such websites or who have actually owned such websites.Of course, this kind of culture is commercialized very quickly.So at the same time, you can see another kind of self-made pornography that doesn't really work for the people, it's not made of people, it's just to promote the image of a family girl, a kind of image that looks like amateems.So in the West, there are two forces of mutual push, such as the real amateur and the commercial power.

And in China and Hong Kong, you can see people uploading their own pornographic videos or photos.Sometimes it is on specific websites, such as Pornotube, that is, the Youtube that specifically places the erotic content.These websites are open and visible to everyone in the world.Of course, people in mainland China have no way to directly connect to these websites, and there is no more universal participation in the activities of the people from making pornography.However, we found that young people have begun to make their own pornographic films in hidden and private places, such as in classrooms, wards, elevators, or corridors.Such pornography is in China's production and uploading, because I have found many of the compressed files on different websites.It can be ascertained that such activities are still very fragmented and are considered to be immature.But I think this is a sign of change.

GV: What do you mean by the word "erotic liberation" in your book?

KJ: First of all, I think that direct access to pornography is a kind of liberation, and that the people can express their culture and sexual identity through pornographic works, and it is also a kind of liberation.This kind of film gives young people some kind of power to make love somewhere and then shoot, upload, and share with others.Even in China, this kind of behavior is completely prohibited and can be banned in accordance with the law. In any case, this is precisely what is happening.We don't need to think about liberation as serious as political liberation. Because after all, these young people are just having fun.But their skins have already been made in two places, one is the way they practice erotic, and the second is spread over the Internet.But their excitatory sense is coming from such a double violation.

GV: Do they know that spreading pornographic films is a traitor?

KJ: The interview I did in mainland China was mainly for netizens, but not just those who uploaded the film.I have also visited some university netizens.Interestingly, they are fully aware of China's struggle for pornography.They knew that the Chinese government banned, represented pornography, and used it to control the use of the Internet.However, they can still find what they need by turning over the Internet, and they can share those secret websites.

The weak gender group is relatively weak because it is generally not recognized in China.If they want to develop their own porn movement themselves, I am afraid it is not possible now.

GV: More and more amateur porn has appeared on the Internet in recent years, and Chinese netizens love to search for the characters in the film, especially when they are involved in corrupt government officials. What do you think of this phenomenon?Do you think this is related to the gender and power relations in China?

KJ: Yes, of course.If they can arrest corrupt government officials, it is indeed a challenge to the existing power relations and to show their power.But there are also some questions about this, because, in terms of sex, ordinary people are going to try to find a sex life under other people's surface.I really don't think we have the right to do this, because even if this person is a powerful party and party official, I still don't think we have the right to comment on his/her sex life.I prefer people to complain about scarcity.

I think Han Han is very interesting to promote insexual arguments.The idea that mainstream society is promoting is that we should not have a culture of color. We may be able to have sex, but we should not have a culture of color.We should not record our pleasures and orgasms.His point of view challenges China's unsexual history.The sex scandal that attacks government officials alone is not a way to change the existing system of corruption.

GV: What is the relationship between anti-surveillance culture and erotic activity in China?

KJ: Chinese netizens seem to be very clear about the local pornography dispute, which is about the controversy over pornography and the struggle against software.In fact, the term grass mush in 2009 was used to combat the spiritual symbolization of software, meaning that the meaning of the word itself is the expression of the nature of the character.The rapid and widespread circulation of the grass on the Internet is a strong movement for Chinese netizens to fight for civil liberties, or to say that they are free speech.Compared to other countries, Chinese netizens have been fighting for the content of the media, which is the core of the struggle of netizens.

Of course, for those who invest in political dialogue, they are not willing to deal with pornography, or even sex-related issues.So to a certain extent, I think the dialogue is rather marginally marginalized.But if you look at it carefully, it's actually going to be in the course of debate, and the female tribal visitors are located in the middle of the center.For example, two excellent examples of how women and feminist tribesmen look at sexual issues, such as Mims and gangsters (gender activists), will not attempt to separate political activity from the sexual activity zones. I think that the distinction between sexual and political issues is based on a male tradition, and these female tribal visitors represent a more naked, closer, fact-based faction, so I think they are two different kinds of thinking.When I wrote the book about the tribal people, I was just proposing a gap between the traditional male tradition and the female tradition, and it would not be possible to deny that such a gap does exist.

GV: In your other interviews, you mentioned that you were surprised by the sexual fantasy of a Chinese male who was a minor woman.Where does this fantasy phenomenon come from?

KJ: I think it came from Japan.Pornography in China has a leading role in China, and they are always trafficking in young, innocent and compliant female images, and are usually minors.Many of the men I interviewed admitted: ' Yes, this is my main fantasy theme. 'I'd like to see this cis-girl girl.What does this mean?I think this means empowering men, because they can harness this obeying girl.So in this fantasy world, they can easily cope with this girl, but it doesn't mean that there are girls like this in real life, but that they usually have to face a woman who's probably all around them.In Japan, where research shows that this fantasy is contrary to reality, Japanese men generally show vulnerability and lack of capacity, just like those who were spoiled by their mother.The situation in China is similar.

GV: Is there a relationship in your book that discusses race and behavior in the Chinese network?

KJ: In fact, there is a chapter in this book, which is about the sex fantasy of users of porn websites.And I'm going to visit these users and find out what kind of people they want to know about their sex fantasy objects.As a result, there is a widespread sexual attraction between white men and Chinese women, although more and more Chinese men are interested in foreign women.I visited some Chinese men who were interested in me, and they did tell me many of the frustrations of real life, such as their inability to successfully invitee or simply attract Chinese women in general.According to my research on dating mechanisms in Hong Kong, I found that there was a practical break between men and women in the heterosexual world.I found that many of the Chinese men and women yearn for a different kind of relationship. … This is a good idea for men and women who want to control it easily. Is it a matter of obediance?Perhaps it is.This is the opposite, in the imagination of girls who dream of being obediable in the world, but in the real world, the Chinese men are always rejected by Chinese women, such as on dating sites.Chinese women generally have a high demand and are open to their conditions.In some ways, Chinese men are not feeling very comfortable.So I now know how Hong Kong and China's paternalism are all about, and I know that in real life, men have great powers in the workplace or at home.But this is only one way to detect the truth, and there are other things that women have in power.

Chinese Artist Ai Not Not

GV: Last question, when the Chinese government arrested a famous artist, Ain't No , the nude photographs he had taken were one of the reasons. Why did you believe Ai's naked pictures posed a threat to the Chinese government?

KJ: I know that when the Chinese government arrested him, one of the charges was to spread pornography.I think he has made the Chinese authorities feel influential and threatening because he has a high sense of humor, and he has created a picture of his own humorous hump next to the thatched horse.He is such an iconic character in the process of fighting for freedom of speech, and the content of the desire is part of it.If you are free, and you have artistic talent and strange personal qualities, then you can do these things, such as taking off your clothes and jumping.The sense of humor and freedom that Ai has not represented is very dangerous for the Chinese authorities.

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