Women fans of the November Talk Talk Day Special please to Xu Zhengxian Big Guest, share his dream to go on the entrepreneurial story.

2011, the world's tennis king Agassi played and the Russian football legend Dextromethorphan first to Taiwan, in Taipei and Kaohsiung two performances in Taiwan set off an unprecedented tennis fever, in 2012, Agassi played with the ball after his wife Graff, and Singis, Ivan Savitch, the combination of Fantasy 4 Star Invitational Tournament, is Asia's first.

Why does Taiwan have these? Behind the scenes, is the founder of the vigorous sports Xu Zhengxian. To give up the Silicon Valley million annual salary back to Taiwan, 33-year-old entrepreneurial, only to reverse the sports ecology of Taiwan, in order to host the exhibition, Xu Zhengxian back 70 million debt, no regrets only for the achievement of Taiwan's "Sports Hope Project." (Recommended reading: change the Big World from a small place!) Three women entrepreneurs on the list of the rich world

Agassi played once said: "If you do not exercise, you do not deserve to win" "If you don't practice you don ' t deserve to win."

And from the Xu Zhengxian story, we have seen the spirit of "if you dare not gamble, you do not deserve to change the world." Not only Dream big, Xu Zhengxian entrepreneurship for seven years, but also do great, constantly subvert Taiwan for the sports industry's established imagination, to do a large, let us start with his story.

A subversive revolution: breaking the sports ecology of Taiwan

Xu Zhengxian's father is a soft net handicraft, naturally, Xu Zhengxian Childhood in the mind also have wanted to be "sports home" idea, and has twice won the National youth 14 years old doubles runner-up, the results of the teacher and father told Xu Zhengxian: "Silly child, Taiwan no sports home." "Dad used his football experience to persuade Xu Zhengxian, the tone seriously told him:" Taiwan, not this environment. 」

All Taiwan people have a feeling that Taiwan is not a place that attaches importance to sports. In the school period, the PE class is often borrowed to Chinese English mathematics physics and chemistry, the person who loves the sports sometimes may even be pasted by the teacher "bad good study may become bad" the label. So, our society gradually only a value, a voice, a belief, called "admitted to a good school is the whole life." And sports, never in such a value choice, but also far away. (Recommended reading: Taiwan, where everything must be learned, Sweden )

The boy who wanted to be a tennis handicraft when he was young grew up. After graduating from the Xu Zhengxian first Zuko upstart, and then sent to many people dream of Silicon Valley, the annual salary of nearly 2 million, others feel his life is comfortable, smooth sailing, he felt that life is less.

"The story of a Maoist suicide and unpaid internship in the Red Sox changed me." "At that time was 2006, Xu Zhengxian In-service Education, selected YEF International Youth Entrepreneurship Leader Program, to the United States Boston Red Sox team to visit, impressively found the Red Sox marketing vice-president, incredibly is MIT graduate!" After graduating from the elite, volunteered, to the Red Sox unpaid internship, just to enter the Red Sox, just to play their own part in the campaign. "After listening to that story, I decided to go back to Taiwan to start a business now!" I want Taiwanese to be able to do the same and have no worries about sports. 」

Abandoning the 2 million annual salary and the Silicon Valley title, Xu Zhengxian back to Taiwan, embarked on the Taiwan Movement's Hope Project, Vigorous sports , in June 2007 was formally founded! From that year onwards, Taiwan's sports ecology is brewing an unprecedented strength.

The Legendary Invitational tournament is Xu Zhengxian's first step to breaking Taiwan's vision of sports, and in 2011, he invited former world King Agassi played (Andre Agassi), Dextromethorphan (Marat Safin), the world's top 10 players Yozni (Mikhail Youzhny) and the Taiwanese star Lu Yanxun, Wang Yuzho, in Taipei , Kaohsiung held an invitational tournament, to bring world-class competitions and players to Taiwan, a total loss of 38 million; in 2012, Xu Zhengxian Agassi played, Graff, Singis, Ivan Savitch, the Dream 4 Star Invitational Tournament, two down a total loss of more than 70 million.

Many people say Xu Zhengxian silly, run two games, the first year of loss of money more than 30 million, the second year also continue to do. Two years in a row, more than more than 70 million of the debt. Lost so much, reporters have to ask "will not bitter?" Do you want to do it again? "The first year Xu Zhengxian will also be hard to prepare the financial explanation, the next year Xu Zhengxian Gas, said:" How people do not understand, the value of many things is not money can be measured. "(Recommended reading: winners are not good luck )

The dream is big, can the real big thing

"I still remember the night when the exhibition was over and I received hundreds of letters in the mail that said thank you for bringing the stars to Taiwan," he said. One of them said his father was more than 70 years old, and saw the tennis star incredibly excited to go to find their signature, sign up, like a little child crying ...

"At that moment I am more certain that this matter, must be done." For me, it was a loss to hold such a tournament, but Taiwan's international marketing is not a measure of money. Xu Zhengxian firmly said that the words can not hear the hesitation and fear, only full of expectations of the future of Taiwan. (same field Gayon:"documentary" See Taiwan: Not Ghost is worth guarding Treasure Island )

Xu warn Yin not silly, he clearly know what kind of road he walked, he wants to bring to Taiwan what kind of future, so he more than anyone to fight, than anyone dare to gamble, a brain stupidity peculiar and momentum from the heart of a big dream. When he was afraid to go to the sports home Road, but in the future, Taiwanese children should have such a choice, so that they are not afraid?

"The first day I wrote the Mission on the company website Mission statement, I haven't changed yet." What I'm going to do, one-woman, is to make tennis and sports flourish in Taiwan, and I think it's more important than making money. 」

As a result, July 1, 2012, still owed more than 70 million of the debt, Xu Zhengxian to the original shareholders borrowed 1 million, flew to the United States Olympic Center to learn from the hope of establishing a professional sports training team in Taiwan. The next days, not because of the huge debt and fear to stop, but the more walk faster and more stable.

2013, the vigorous establishment of the vigorous Tennis Academy, invited from France and South Korea, tennis coaches to Taiwan to teach, determined to play Taiwan as Asia's leading tennis academy.

"Taiwan can be a top sports training center, the weather is good for training, and cheap." But no one thinks Taiwan can do it. We despise Taiwan by ourselves. "Xu Zhengxian said.

In addition to Taiwanese players, there are also tennis players from Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and South Korea in the vigorous tennis academy. 2014, the vigorous acceleration of the march, the establishment of the vigorous Sports academy, the United States Olympic Training Center to develop a coach to Taiwan, to assist the tennis/baseball/basketball/track/body three players such as training, to help athletes improve performance.

While the movement has long been seen as a "second-class discipline" in Taiwan, Xu warn is unwilling to reverse the long-term disadvantage of sports in Taiwan, which is never easy. With a passion for sports, coupled with the experience of foreign acquisition, Xu Zhengxian led vigorously from steady to fast running, is now on the way to take off.

"You have to set your dreams very high, and push yourself to achieve, even if not, you have a clear conscience." "Xu Zhengxian share, and we in him, also saw the dream big, can do great things of the courage." (same field Gayon: no dream with action, not called Dream )

Life is no accident, all the things are connecting dots

This year's 41-Year-old Xu Zhengxian, with only a few seven years of entrepreneurial time, a vigorous two-game Super tournament has been held in Taiwan, with coaches from home and abroad, international sports training centres established to foster Taiwanese athletes, and a sports academy from tennis to basketball golf; But in Taiwan planted a solid seed of sports.

We wonder how Xu Zhengxian can improve Taiwan's sports ecology in such a short period of time, from the cultivation of excellent athletes, the multiplication of amateur population and the organization of international competitions. Xu Zhengxian smiled, said that he felt very incredible, but all of them are connecting Dots, the past experience every paragraph is equally important, every moment, every now and then, try to do the best.

When Xu Zhengxian was a tech man in Silicon Valley, he Lu Yanxun 1.9 million NT dollars for Taiwanese tennis players, and supported him on the way to tennis, when Lu Yanxun was only 19 years old, Xu Zhengxian told people around him: "This child is different and he will become a famous tennis player in Taiwan in the future." "15 months later, Lu Yanxun to the world's 85-ranked results, back to Silicon Valley to participate in his first life in the ATP tournament, now Lu Yanxun is no one knows the world tennis players!"

Xu Zhengxian, who received the highest specifications from the United States Olympic Training Center to Taiwan's coach, now Xu Zhengxian embarked on the Academy of Sciences, they strongly support, but also in the domestic mouth Taiwan has such a great college support movement.

The thing of life, missing one is broken, so every now must be very hard.

Try not to enjoy it, I always enjoy what I do. You can feel bitter, but you go to see if others eat bitter is not really less than you? Finally, you will find that it is easy to find people who are more bitter than you, and they are very successful on the table. (Recommended reading: Enjoy adversity, better taste success )

Xu Zhengxian, the first person to be called the Taiwanese sports marketing, said vigorous "athletes who use linear sporting goods income to raise the index are the future, not the benefits of the present." I don't think my Business Model is great, but nobody does it. The things I do are hard to replicate, I'm not throwing money at a bunch of quality coaches, I let them know I fancy this thing. Do sports marketing, there are a lot of soft things inside, other people do not come, because most people do not personally experience the pain of giving up exercise, they underestimate the movement. 」

Xu Zhengxian Sigh, Taiwan has a share of "money is all, see flat professional" atmosphere, but the world is not rich can copy all. You put your heart into every effort and efforts, is money no longer take away the things.

Patience, etc, Bold bet: The ultimate spirit of sportsmanship

"I am a naïve person, I think the more you can use value to describe things, one day will return to you." If you are anxious to gain immediate benefits, you will lose value in the long run. 」

Creativity is being willing to wait. To endure, in fact, you have to endure to others think you are crazy, why not do something that can make money immediately. You still believe in the longer-term value of what you do. To I just want to bet this thing is worth it! "Xu Zhengxian said.

Examining the sports ecology of Taiwan, Xu Zhengxian that many enterprises short-sighted near-profits do not want to invest long-term value, not enough to understand the sports industry and want to get a piece, it is difficult to develop Taiwan's sports ecological circle ecosystem. Xu Zhengxian Change the angle, do it yourself, from the "education" face steadily, in the cultivation of players, set up a college; with a coach with four players in the way to reduce the cost of the game; sign a number of sports players, baseball's Gaozhi and Lin Kunsheng are their broker players. From the education side to do, the benefits are all brought to cultivate the players, far-reaching impact.

Xu Zhengxian says he owes a debt, but the bank is willing to borrow money, presumably saying "What I'm doing now has some meaning." 」

Xu Zhengxian said Taiwan should respect the sports family and the spirit of sportsmanship, "How many times have you made decisions for yourself in your life?" But the athlete almost every second, must make a difficult decision, only very little analysis time can be counted in the mind. The tennis player plays high and low, the baseball wants to change the ball or the straight ball, and every game makes hundreds of decisions. So the athlete cannot be stupid, all is very clever. 」

"Sports is very realistic, you are not a champion or a loser, so you have to continue to bear the loss of the ball, lose, and lose the ball, how can it be difficult to withstand the setback?" 」

Xu Zhengxian believes that sports will make the country more powerful, so that each movement's people are more resistant to frustration, but also to develop the accuracy of judgment. In the Xu Zhengxian body, we also see the athletes boldly gamble Wolf, but also see not afraid of setbacks, waiting for the arrival of patience. Xu Zhengxian did not become a tennis handicraft, but used another way to practice sportsmanship.

To young people: don't let others define your value, you define it yourself

Once Xu Zhengxian walk in the eyes of others the road of success, from Zuko to Silicon Valley, the annual salary of more than 2 million, feel that they will be such a lifetime, now Xu Zhengxian dream no longer only their own, but also Taiwan, he decided to take the definition of value back to their own hands. When he gave up his dream of tennis, now he wants to help more children in Taiwan to dream big.

"Never let others define your value, you define your own value." 」

When everyone tells you, "This is impossible!" , you should remember that everything starts with "impossible". It is impossible to create the "from zero to one" pattern according to the "Possible imagination".

Xu Zhengxian encourages young people to be bolder and to gamble on a future they want. And in the process of gambling, the mind must be strong enough to do great things. Do not be afraid of tired, do not be afraid of difficult, many try, but also to cultivate their own "problem solving" ability. "It's better to do a big job than to live a small life." Xu Zhengxian finally smiled and said: "According to the latest international standards, 60 years old only middle-aged." So I am also young, young people, let us use new methods, new as, to go, do not limit themselves. "(Recommended reading: young people, setbacks will be early)

Xu Zhengxian, suit and starched also can not conceal the spirit of the movement, for their own and Taiwan is full of crazy imagination, the use of their professional cross-border integration, from scratch to build Taiwan's sports ecological circle. More with the patience of the exercise family and the wolf sex, boldly to gamble the future, Xu Zhengxian proved: "Money is not the most important, The long-term value will bring about the fundamental change to the society "own country saves, Xu Zhengxian subversive change of Taiwan's sports ecology, we look forward to the next step, can see more and more Taiwanese athletes aboard the international arena, more people can embrace the spirit of sports."

Woman fan Talk Talk Day and Xu Zhengxian's conversation scene!

Two hours of talk time, we realized he had felt the setbacks, touched by his view of the Taiwan sports incomparable gentleness, we have a bit of firm, yes, but also carrying more than 70 million of the debt of the Xu Zhengxian can be fearless and solid walk in pursuit of the dream of the road, we are afraid of what? I also want to share this two-hour concentration with you in front of the screen.

Dare to dream big, do great things in earnest.