For a long time did not see such a profound portrayal of female psychology, especially in love of the calculation, suspicion, fool, and the Hard-won happiness, are in the "Day Yan" in the present.

"Day Yan" in Japan's play called "Work Three o'clock in the afternoon lovers," means that the wife in the husband has not finished work, the child has not finished the afternoon, from the mother and wife into another face, to and other men in love.

Unlike other non-LUN dramas, "Day Yan" more deeply depicts the women's feelings of infidelity, not directly to the moral trial of the verdict, but carefully cut ink in Japan's family, marriage and love view, in the gradual disintegration of the multiple relations, found feelings of vulnerability and toughness, see male women in the feelings of selfishness, ignorance and fool.

Is it the selfish choice of lust or the product of marriage hegemony?

Yarn and: "Not LUN, is a kind of fornication, dirty, detached from common sense desire, betray relatives, hurt people around, lose friends, oneself also want to fall into the abyss of pain of sin, once involved in the end, even if realize that there is no exit, there is absolutely no possibility of turning back, the destruction of all the taboo love, it and I, life. 」

Heroine yarn and, in order to buy a house and the housewife, married for many years, and since the love of the United States husband only the surface of verbal communication, asexual life, but also face her mother-in-law " No child is because you are not attractive "concept of repression, even if life is no longer happy, in Japan such a family moral concept is very heavy in the country, yarn and the beginning of the monologue in the way to clarify her moral sense of thinking. (Extended reading: Why don't men and women in Japan want to get married?) )

Li Jiazi: "Only in the outside has a man, will because self-knowledge is wrong and to the husband and child better, otherwise who will be willing to wash underwear for men?" 」

Till the yarn and meet Li Jiazi, a model family, but every day in the back of the husband playing with fire cheating veteran, often language out of the astonishing, a language of the revelation of the bondage of marriage and the desire for love, yarn and thus face the darkness of the heart, step by step, let the desire to swallow the moral.

When women are not valued at home, gradually become vases, tools, want to find out in a bored life, so in an extreme way to prove their existence. It may be a awakening of feminine consciousness. I think, "Day Yan" is never to encourage cheating, but with another angle to see the cheating behind the marriage hegemony of cruelty and horror.

The superfluous of the moral trial, finally have to face the two sides of love

In "Day Yan", extramarital affairs is not a problem, love is the crux of all, and "moral" is the word "morality" is hanging on our lips, said to meet the weapon of self.

For the divorce rate as high as 70% of Japan or public figures of the continuous Taiwan, the drama is like a mirror, reflecting the real life, want to say as the last episode of that sentence generally, "not constitute a penalty of crime, can only rely on their own to repay." It is superfluous for others to hunt and crusade with words. (Recommended reading: written after nine knives split leg incident: We really did not make a mistake in the feelings? )

Li Jiazi once told the yarn and said that extramarital affairs need good self-control and absolutely cannot be completely trapped. However, in the end, they are not allowed to love crazy, make their own unbearable, many of the critics take Zhang ailing's words to describe: "Women's vagina straight to the heart." 」

Cheating women take the love seriously, the beautiful all enlarge the imagination, but neglected the destructive love, and vigorous step into the destruction of the road of life collapse.

Many viewers do not like the end of "Day", think is some kind of compromise, indeed, back to the family life of the Li Jiazi, and the object of the affair North Wild separated the yarn and, indeed less than the first 10 episodes of that kind of deviant attitude, however, this plot but again the reward me a slap, want me to see what is close to real, And this truth is just one of the many hypotheses of life.

There is no end to life, only to continue the good love

is extramarital affairs a kind of self redemption of a man's wife? I do not know, no one knows the protagonist of the future of family life will be happy, we will move to where. Turn off the TV, I can only constantly review their feelings in love, Frank face every Test of the wall or failure, and then hope that they can be in each relationship can be clear insights, reduce too much blind and fierce yearning, but, who can say?

The only certainty is that I will try my best to love a person well.

Finally, I would like to give the last episode of Kitano teacher a passage to every one who has the ability to love and deserve to be loved. (Recommended reading: you only want to be loved, but forget to Love)

"As a life, since you were born in this world, in the future, please be good to love a person."

Once you fall in love with a person, the scenery will be very different, you will want other people also become happy, will understand that great joy. Love also exists in human mammals or birds, except for humans, love is a special existence, I also because and a person meet, love and then separate, and thus realize that joy. meet, hug, only these are not enough to call love, I think so, that is apart, will always be willing to each other to obtain happiness, that is, truly have the heart of mankind.

This is the love of a human being, this creature. So I hope that one day, you will be able to really and truly fall in love with a person. 」