The Sun Flower Queen incident, from the media war to see a lot of witch hunting trap, which is what the problem, together with women fans to think!

Liu Jiaoan, who was sealed as "the Queen of the Sun" during the anti-trade campaign, recently was one weekly to Hong Kong men videotaping video directly is the senior aid sister, in addition to the report, a weekly also published Liu Jiaoan suspected aid to the film, the film picture of the two sides suspected of discussing the price of the payment, after the prices of Joe did not pick up. Liu Jiaoan also explained to this, oneself is because through friends, in order to negotiate business, only with men meet in the hotel, know that after the scene found the man wants to have sex with her, in order to be able to escape, now only follow the man's words to answer. After the outbreak, the bloodthirsty media began to report the Liu Jiaoan of the past, Liu Jiaoan molded into a bad woman, the public also began to Liu Jiaoan behavior sharp criticism, that she corrupted social atmosphere, are all self-inflicted.

Liu Jiaoan yesterday published a an open letter of 17,000 words to the public to explain the incident, the sound of both sides began to combat, support Liu Jiaoan think single mother subsistence is not easy, should give her privacy, and the opposition to the Liu Jiaoan is that she did not pay attention to the behavior is appropriate, there is misconduct do not fear the public criticism.

In the face of this constantly in the witch hunting Society, the heart has a lot of questions, is not a trial of the witch, we do not know how to love this society? In such a distorted media environment, we have been a few witch hunt trap? (You will also like: The Sun Flower Queen and the Crape Woman: the patriarchal society accomplice structure and the mainstream feminine doctrine limitation )

1. Trap One: The Sun Flower Queen wants red to pay the price, oneself are not tried!

Liu Jiaoan in the Face book Po wen self-qing

From Jasmine's "I want to rape you incident" to Liu Jiaoan said oneself "pretty tight.", one weekly ignores the news ethics, all in the party does not agree with the situation, spread the sexual privacy question to consume the female body. In the media fanned wind ignition, the community began a public trial Liu Jiaoan, the public dance with the media, not only do not condemn one weekly repeated use of candid film, but also smile originally good English, the Queen of the Sun Flower is good, and patriotic price 70 percent, dry prophet, the public constantly with the dirty sun Flower Queen cut, think her self materialization, The purity of the female object yellow, this is her famous after the price of tried.

But Liu Jiaoan never voluntarily boarded the media during the student movement, all the reason is that Peng Huaqan in the news tornado to her inappropriate comments, so that she in the media coverage of the chase into public figures, all this is not her own choice, but the media for their own interests and forcibly given to the Liu Jiaoan body! The name of the Sun Flower Queen has always been the media's own crown, Liu Jiaoan after the accidental explosion did not use this identity to carry out public activities.

The media with the "student movement" image of the purity of the goddess, now in order to click and provocative content to destroy God. The Sun Flower Queen has a bad relationship with her family, plastic surgery, when the big one, the package and so many without the party's confirmation of the news repeatedly consumption of this ordinary people, but we do not ask the media's legitimate sources of coverage, and do not ask why the media can from women's sex, access to huge commercial news interests, Instead, a magnifying glass examines Liu Jiaoan, the involuntary public figure.

Today, regardless of whether or not the Sun Queen's current behavior or thoughts are appropriate, we cannot hold high the banner of morality, and ask her to bear the obligation of tried to openly explain to the public, regardless of her lust, she has the right to her own body and responsibility, not to the public.

Liu Jiaoan in the open letter, said: "I have never been a virgin, I am not a fairy who does not eat human fireworks." I will run the night shop, drunk will be violent walk will hit, see Handsome Boy I will like, and sometimes will be active accosted. That's me! An ordinary woman with faults. 」

Why do they have to endure the moral high standards of the public when they become public figures involuntarily? In front of the public to maintain the image of a perfect morality? We watched the news, together with the fallen goddess threw stones, but we have forgotten to turn off the news, we actually do not have a more noble, the same will lie, in the emotional flaws, delusional extremely easy wealth. Perhaps her values are not shared by everyone, but respect for individual choice, the condemnation, the boycott is even the most basic journalistic ethics disregard of the media, rather than a person like you and I, the personality may be flawed ordinary people. (Recommended reading: Taiwan media Listen!) Please let go of the involuntary public figures .

2. Trap two: Only good women worth protecting? A bad woman deserves to be thrown a rock?

Liu Jiaoan's confession letter was published on the web, start someone jump out of the material inside write is a lie, trying to tell the public Liu Jiaoan is a lie all the bad woman, not the confession book presents a single parents good image, the network also some people support the material, think such a bad woman is not worth protecting. But one thing, regardless of the real Liu Jiaoan of life, this incident is really terrible is the media design techniques and attitude of fearless.

Liu Jiaoan for "one weekly" improper interview techniques threatened to the end, "one weekly" response to Jolicho Anti, may be counterproductive to her. From the response of "one weekly", we can see that it is well aware that if Liu Jiaoan insist on the report, for her personal reputation will only be harmful, because a variety of negative material will not let go Liu Jiaoan, will be the moral pressure back to Liu Jiaoan, also make "one weekly" for their disregard of the ethics of journalism more fearless.

In our constant obsession with moral correctness, and in the process of shaping the Liu Jiaoan into a hard, motherly love of a good woman to pull, we will forget to condemn such an incorrect media mentality. Is it Liu Jiaoan to be with anything by the media when negative materials begin to reconstruct a woman who breaks the virtuous myth and moral framework, "bad" and "bad"?

"One weekly" is to see compared to the mainstream social support of the "Saint" Liu Jiaoan, because of the negative material has been released and the image of the "evil female" Liu Jiaoan in this media war, the available resources will be poor. The "Evil female" Liu Jiaoan that challenge the patriarchy will always bear the second stigma in the patriarchal society, the same one media group "one weekly" and "Apple Daily" can also use the saint and the evil woman Liu Jiaoan different images of alternating reports to earn click-through, and will not really reflect on their own mistakes, to the injured parties to apologize. (Look together: the Sun Flower Queen's Media witch hunt Apocalypse: Refusing to take candid photos to defend sexual rights )

3. Trap three: Let's not talk about these low news! Give the public a clean environment!

There are still many important issues that need our attention, and on the opposite side of the smile there is another faction of the public who is appealing for attention to other levels of news. Yes! We must give up the public discussion of Liu Jiaoan's private life, respect her physical autonomy, sexual autonomy, and no longer target "specific" characters, expecting her to maintain a chaste image of the female body.

But it does not mean that we should give up the "gender incident" itself, to do personalized "sex" and "sex" discussion. If we do not openly discuss gender and sex issues, so that the public have a consensus on the bottom line, the same women are consumed by the events will only occur repeatedly.

Our society is sensitive and vulnerable to sexual issues. Touch sex, Shing is considered dirty, unclean, but if we keep the sex in the dark corner, sex will only be more distorted. The Taiwanese have a very weak sense of sexual health, often think that a film show is everything, but the mainstream a film content usually emphasizes the conquest of men, so we saw men in the sex among the main pursuit of dominated women, like to let women suffer humiliation or possession of women, rather than in the same way to treat each other's reciprocal relationship.

The display of a good sexual desire needs a woman in love, tenderness, sensual sensual all overcome their own passivity exist, if between men and women still have an unequal pecking position in sex, women can never be free in sex, which requires women to take the initiative to meet the desire of men, but also the respect of men, Each other to experience the joy of their own.

when we never openly discuss the relationship between sex and sex, only to emphasize a clean environment to sex, the female body will always be rigid in the pure body frame, once crossed the line will immediately be regarded as the next immoral witch, the witch hunt will never stop. (same field Gayon: queen of the sun Flower, like to have sex what not?) )

4. Trap four: Sex trade is a feminine self materialization! Teach Bad kids!

Today, many people will say that we do not object to girls talking about sex, but the opposition has a relationship of money and price. Sex trade is a woman's self materialization behavior, will teach bad children.

first of all, to talk about the problem of materialization, "materialization" now often become the mainstream of the anti-trade attack, that the women themselves do not respect their bodies, but also to others to respect her? This is the logical fallacy of reversing that sex is a personal choice, and that a sexual relationship between a prostitute and a guest does not mean that you can think of her as dirty and that anyone can despise ridicule without respecting her personal privacy and sexual autonomy. (Recommended reading: A more important thing than a sex deal: respect for the glory of a prostitute whore ' s Glory)

Just to materialization as the reason for the space pan, materialized there are many levels: the Counter lady needs a sweet smile to serve the guests, calculate their emotions as a commodity? Should the stewardess have a fine selection of beautiful, not as a product of appearance? There are many tasks that require body aesthetic labor and emotional labor, and sex work is just one of them. In our society, the line between the holy woman and the prostitutes is still, sex workers should not be classified as inferior class because of their occupation, Liu Jiaoan face book posted a suicide note, said that live well tired, all reflect that this line is still tied with women.

Liu Jiaoan said: "Today I am a woman, people pay 100,000 yuan to sleep with me, I am the scum of the moral decay." Today, I am a man, people pay 100,000 bucks to sleep with me, society will thumbs up on me! 」

From the Liu Jiaoan response we can see that the physical boundaries between men and women are very different, when we condemn the Liu Jiaoan not self-respect, such a critical strength is really appropriate? Some feminists believe that sex work itself is the social product of oppression of women under the patriarchal structure, but if we only talk about "body autonomy" and "sexual autonomy" and avoid talking about "sex trade", we will ignore the dilemma of sex workers after the stigma of "sexual labor Right".

We should look directly at the stigma attached to sex work and let sex work be vindicated and liberated. When we do not consciously copy the class of occupation, the sex workers who cry, laugh, and hurt like you and I will always live in a dark corner. Since the sex industry cannot be wiped out, why don't we put aside our tinted glasses and look at those who have long been stigmatized as "vain, The sex workers who are easy to lay down to make money "are really difficult?

Don't say Liu Jiaoan will teach bad kids! We avoid, cut, laugh, is the real teaching of bad children, we do not even the basic respect for a person can not do, so that the stigma and fear of sex accompanied by the shadow, will only promote the possibility of media operations. What we must teach our children is to face and analyze the stigma, otherwise the effect will be that all kinds of "sexual" appearance will continue to be severely suppressed in daily life, leaving only the distorted "sex education" under the media's bloodthirsty reports.