Dear, when everyone tells you not to be silly, we know that you are not stupid, you just need time to loosen your fist with those little things.

Break up, why so painful, so reluctant, and let people so easy to look back?

Apart that day, his cold face, relentless refusal, empty eyes, you have not forgotten it?

As a matter of fact, you remember. But you remember everything except the day when everything was out of control. That's why when everyone says, "Don't be silly." You cried and said, "you want to continue." 」

You hold the umbrella, pick me up, already enough for me, remember all my life. I know later you, not not insist, love is, not foolproof.

I know, when friends say your heart is too soft, you understand that they are not too soft, but have been too deep to remember those small things. (recommended you see: For the rest of my life, it's a routine that's full of love )

Yes, that's the little things I'm talking about.

On the hot summer sun, in the road caught the ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend, you a phone call, he bolted, the sweat soaked white top, the pair of black sneakers, the boy sweating.

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The anniversary, the work is very late, he foolishly said to give you a surprise, took your hand ran to the fast door of the cake shop, bought a small cake less than 100 yuan, two people on the roadside lit candles, in the dark, the candle light shining. And the dark eyes of both of you were illuminated by candlelight.

Come to pick you up before work, he always in the locomotive after the mirror frantically tidy up by the helmet compressed hair, to the corner of the convenience store to buy a pack of chewing gum chewing hard, hope in front of you, he is always the most handsome one. (Recommended reading: Frankly do not love, in fact, not so hurtful )

And friends out to drink, for a while too happy, drink drink not to pay attention to their own liquor, rushed out of the bar to the ditch cover a burst of vomit. He helps you to lift long hair, to avoid you vomit all over, walk around the hangover, and then after you wake up laughing and complaining to you: "You spit in my hand last night, I am a neat freak!" 」

That night, he would like to say good-bye before the business trip, you pulled off the yellow hair circle on the ponytail, smiled and said remember "remembering". The next day he received a picture of his thick hands, his wrist wearing a very not suitable for his yellow bracelet. When you're at work, you smile when you look at your phone.

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The movies we watched, the TV shows we watched, the nights we slept together, the temperature of the back seat of the locomotive, the mouth that kissed on your face. There's more, more.

You're apart, you're together, and then you're apart.

Your exhaustion, his tears, in the memory and those small things all staggered, fused, scattered, and rearranged.

For a while you, beauty is not like reality, how happy every scene is smiling at rest. I am the happiest thing, holding your day, a love from the beginning, even though we are honest with each other.

These little things, you want to think about, how can you say forget to forget?

So you finally understand, you are not the heart is too soft, you are not stupid, you just, have been too hard to remember these small things. The degree of exertion, like an overly clenched fist, takes some time to loosen up until the palm is opened again to hold another man's hand. (We all know: Love is easy to break up difficult!) Practice facing the art of breaking up

Honey, you're crying and asking me what to do? Hey, don't worry, I'm not going to call you stupid. I know it's not that easy.

Since those little things are piled up with the time, then time, there is always a way to let you put down a piece slowly. Two people together, should be happy plus or multiply, if has become reduced or apart, you should probably try to think of a person's happiness. (same field Gayon: A person is also very good, does not mean don't want to love with people )

Then, slowly and slowly release the palm, I believe you can do it.