The AmazingTW United States, which records the light and shadow of this piece of land in a unique interval of photography.and develop the technology to complete the flowering process of flowers, so that the beauty of the world can be kept forever by nature.The two zealy boys and the Taiwan space photographers are looking at Charric, hoping that the United States and the world will see the world!, in particular with the United States team, took a long time to walk through this land and dedicatto the unique beauty to you for several years.

Formosa, Beautiful Island, for 100 years.

Formosa, the island of beauty. Has staked here fo a hundred years.

This land, in a unique way, blossoms in its own beauty.

This island bloms in its rare beauty.

On the sea,

An isolated land in the ocean.



is always the world's warmest piece of land.

Is a place of love and warth.

One hundred years,

During thunder years of time, people in this land stories stores and memories of our own.

insisting on beauty,

In to eternity,

In the case of Taiwan's own story and memory.

a persistent wonder and beauty.

Republic of China, for 100 years.

Republic of China

Let's go together in the next Taiwan century.

We will move on, hand in hand into another hundred of years.

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