Eye-eyed eye line has been swept through several fashion seasons, and now there is a new way of interpreting the eyeline drawing that extends the eyelid lines behind the eye!

In contrast to normal eye-eye make-up, this year-winter's popular Eye-line focuses on extending in a more streamlined way, but not at the end of the lower eye line, instead of using the same black eye line with the same black eye line. Instead, the front end of the lower eye line extends forward with the front end of the upper eye line.

In addition to the length of the tail end of the eye, it can visually reduce the distance between two eyes!The styrologist also stressed that such an eye line would be best used to prevent the eye line from being fainted. Otherwise, you would have a black eye for a special movie in the world.Next let's see the three types of special Eye-line drawing by the stylist:


Eye lines can be portrayed more than a single color, interleaved with black eyelds and silver white eyelds, increasing eye points, and a little black box with a black box of black eye.


This kind of person who wants to emphasize the color of the eyes, doesn't want to be too strong, wants to preserve the softer feeling, and uses the black eyelid to depict the eye line instead of the eyelid in the eye, and don't forget to make the eye drop, and then finish the eye make-up!

Dark Eye

This eye line uses all black eye lines to depict the whole eye socket, and in order to achieve the best effect, it is recommended that the line has an adequate flow line radian!

Take out your make-up bag and try your special eye line together!