We can't help thinking that when we embrace the value of multiple bodies, should we forget about skinny girls, and also a kind of multiple stature?

Whether we want to admit it or not, it seems that weight is never personal, but a matter of concern. Since 2012, the discussion of large size models has started to draw attention, how do we define the perfect size? What is the big? What is small? (Review together: real size models )

The discussion continues to 2014, Victoria's secret in November 2014 apparently did a bad demonstration, a series of "perfect stature"the Perfect body ads, provoked by all the disgust, have said that such advertisements repeatedly appear in women's life, deepen " Perfect "Two words in the female body of unnecessary constraints, narrow demarcation of the female body should look like, and may even cause women eating disorders, anorexia and other health problems.

Immediately followed by the underwear manufacturers Calvin Klein also Wade Muddy water, although try to find different body model for "perfectly fit" underwear series set the tone, but because the advertisement in the "Big size" female mold Dalbeio in the interview revealed their clothing size is number 10th, causing discontent, Questioned, in the model world 10 yards is defined as "large size", that real life, who is not "big size"?

2014 's discussion about "perfect body" and "Big size model" and Jennifer Rollens 's Fat Girl Manifesto: "In the future in public to say others fat should also be included in the illegal act, I just love their flesh and meat figure!" "All are thoughtful, and thinking about the media's restrictions and attacks on fat girls.

But at the same time, people can not stop using "weight" to attack others, solve the "fat girl" problem, we face another problem: since we admit that large size girls are beautiful, should attack skinny girls?

When people point to the skinny girl, these words you must be no stranger ...

"Those skinny models must be dieting and vomiting every day," he said. 」

"Look at them like this, must be on a daily diet, the body must be very unhealthy." 」

"It's not good to be skinny," he said. 」

Allison Williams, a marnie,26-year-old American actress in the hottest album, "Girls and I Max", said in a recent interview with Glamour magazine: "People always talk about me with their weight, which really makes me mad." Please stop focusing on skinny girls! "" Being analyzed about my weight drives me crazy. Don ' t scrutinize people for being thin. "

Image source:TIME.com

Allison Willams says her stature is inherently lanky, and she never deliberately went on a diet. "But it's easy for people to say," she must be anorexic, and starving herself. Why can't we believe that skinny is a good digestion or a fat eater? I even have to explain that I'm not starving, isn't it a strange thing? 」

So, fat girl and thin girl was put on the Libra again, cruel division of which is superior, who is healthy who poor health. (Recommended discussion: Barbie Doll's measurements )

The Fat Girl and the skinny Girl on the Libra?

When we agree that the girl meat is also very beautiful, but indiscriminate attacks on thin girls is tantamount to unhealthy or anorexia, is it really a better way? or really the direction of the effort, is to learn to not use "weight" to define others, respect and believe that the body is only their own, everyone can choose to make her comfortable body, and decide how to live with the body?

When fat girls and skinny girls are forced to put on Libra, people on both sides are actually bound by the so-called "normal" stature. However, women's body has never been more than one, tall and thin, The, each has style, there is no so-called perfect.

Just like after Victoria's Secret the Perfect body AD, a group of women spontaneously gathered, put on a black vest and underwear, photographed in their minds of the Perfect body ads, 10 women, color, race, hair color, shape different, but everyone is very satisfied with their figure.

It also reminds me of another example from last August, the lingerie ads called Dear Kate, combined with the issues of multiple stature and women in the workplace. Invite women entrepreneurs in the workplace to sit down and use the computer and take a very different picture.

Time Magazine commented: "Traditional lingerie ads, women always wear sexy stand." And this group of photos finally gave the initiative back to women. 」

I look at these ads can not help but think, when "multiple stature" to become our pursuit of the future goals, such ads should not forget the thin girl is also a part of the plural body? When we embrace the value of multiple stature, can thin girls not be excluded from the group? When we believe that the big size is very real and beautiful from the bottom of our heart, should we attack the small size and not move to the big size?

Yes, I think, only when fat and thin is no longer the opposite of the two ideal model, this annoying Libra will not be about girls and women's life, no longer interfere with our own figure to imagine.

Are you a skinny girl or a fat girl? Anyway, I hope you like the way you are now, treat your body in the manner you like, it will be your most beautiful appearance. (Recommended to you: the size of the United States is not only one )