The group that combines classical music with modern pop music, they use music to interpret the 50, across three generations of Batman, is really an ultimate enjoyment!

Does anyone like me expect the piano guys to be the future news of Taiwan? Classical music cross-border modern pop music, seemingly a simple piano with a cello, playing a mix of music far more than our empty imagination of music.

Once boldly put "let It go" with Vivaldi "Four Seasons" of the "winter", once five people 10 hand playing a piano interpretation "What makes You Beautiful"; the perfect fusion of Beethoven "Symphony fourth" and One Republic "Secrets" , once let the Classics card farmer turn, become rock and roll playful.

A lot of a lot of the past, there is a now, this year 04/23 the piano Guys will be on Youtube or Vimeo to feel the impact of the music, moved to Taiwan Stadium! Before you get ready to scream, look at the Piano guys story!

It's not fun. Music Adventures starting from the musical instrument line

Photo Source: The piano Guys

The Piano guys on the official website has this description:

"We believe that good music is the source of happiness, inspiration, and achievement." "we believe that good music can be a source of joy, inspiration, and fulfillment.

As Bobby McFerrin said, a life that listens to only one kind of music is like living in a world of Enoch, but insists on living only in a house or room. And we believe in life, we should have as much laughter as possible. 」

In fact, the piano Guys is an adventure full of laughter: Everything starts with an instrument line in Utah State, USA.

The owner of the musical instrument, Paul Anderson, ran into Jon Schmidt one day, and Jon suggested he wanted to use a piano to practice the upcoming concert. Later, Paul was quite appreciative of Jon Schmidt's musical talents, who collaborated with the MV, more invited cello partner Steven Sharp Nelson, composer Al van der Beek, and four music wizards together, stirring up the more interesting aspects of classic music. , the name of the regiment, to take the name of the shop to do musical instruments The piano guys.

"Another day in the studio," "the piano Guys wrote," This kind of work may be very enviable. "

words may be too difficult to describe the piano guys to the ears of the shock, then let us listen to the bar. No Fuss, select the Piano guys has been a wonderful six performances, from the ice and snow and Vivaldi wonderful mix, and then to the recent sensational "Batman Evolution", the ears open, feel the unprecedented music feast. (same field Gayon: Japanese music godfather Hankyu Ryuichi One: music, let the World Better Power )

To summon Vivaldi for snow and ice.

As a child playing the piano people are ripe Vivaldi, and every child will sing let it go, then try two sound cold music together ...

Do you know? Actually, there's a secret to Beethoven.

Beethoven and one republic in private? Listen to the piano Guys "Beethoven's Five Secrets" to know.

The Alternative Star Wars

First wait, put away the lightsaber, switch to the cello a showdown. This film, probably all of the Star Wars fans will be a smile!

The world Canon can also be very rock

If the canon had danced, it would have been worthy of the song.

Anatomy of the Piano "What Makes You Beautiful"

A piano, five people, if not the piano guys, who would believe that the piano can still play like this? As beautiful as the name of the song, it is definitely the group of people who laugh and play music.

Latest! Three generations of Batman with music

Batman of the first generation of the 1966, Batman of the Second generation of 1989, Batman of the third generation of the 2005, the Piano guys three different generations with music, we follow the piano and cello in time and space transfer, feel the continuation of the classic 50 years. (Ah, the original Batman is so old!) )

Batman Evolution from Thepianoguys on Vimeo .

Which of the above works do you love most?

Many people say the piano guys is a cross-border group, which is well-deserved, but I think perhaps the most suitable title, will be a group of life to light the heat of music, to bring more happiness to the world's imagination musicians. (Recommended reading: Year-End review!) 10 First 2014 good songs not to be missed