Today to share 20 songs, is the hope to accompany the lost self each of you, you can get back to the original in the song, the full force to continue to go forward!

Xu Zhimo: "We are too used to wearing masks in front of others, and finally let us in front of ourselves, but also began to disguise themselves."

In life, we often wear exquisite masks, do not let others see their own dark and fragile, in the face of work, we are independent and strong, in the face of the lover, we intimate gentleness, in the face of others, we flawless, but to later ... We can't even recognize ourselves.

Today we want to share with you 20, when you in other people's eyes, forget your true appearance, when you are at work, forget how good you are, when you in love, forget that you deserve to be loved, can from these songs, find the True self, regain the courage to face the world, full of strength to help themselves, but also to help others And love ourselves more.

Coach Bill Kei Rachel Colbie Caillat "Try": When you are alone, do you like yourself?

Put the your makeup on your makeup
Get your nails do your nails
Curl your hair to get your hair rolled.
Run the extra mile a mile more
Keep it slim so they likes you keep slim so that they love you
Do they like you? But do they like you?

Wait a second, why should you care what they do you? Wait, why should you care what they think of you?
When you ' re all alone by yourself When you alone from a person , do you like yourself?

Dressed up bright, after the lively dinner, back home ... Are you happy when you are alone? We often unconsciously live in the eyes of others, or the rules of the public, exquisite makeup, slim stature, and the attitude of the proper, these acquired decoration, gradually cover up our original face "Do you still recognize the mirror in the You?" 」

There are some small flaws on your face, always shouting to lose weight, but always to the temptation of food you, and occasionally will be small temper of you, these are not perfect you, is so unique, little Jennifer said: "You are you, let yourself have a comfortable point!" Starving every day just to make people happy? That's stupid! "Let's close the magazine, turn off the social media, throw away those standard sizes, get back to what we were, and when we started to like ourselves, we could have fun more easily!" (Extended reading: praise Sohe!) It's better to flatter others than to like yourself .

Jessie J "Bang Bang": Don't Be a good girl in the eyes of others, become a bad girl

See, anybody could is good to you look, all of you are obedient.
Need a bad girl to blow your mind and you need a wicked girl to make you a good man.

In love, sometimes need to adjust with each other, but does not mean that they have to completely become the other side like the appearance of girls have thousands of gestures, gentle and lovely girl, people favor, mysterious sexy woman, can also stir hearts.

"Be what you are!" "Become a unique self, with a confident attitude to live, because" you Are you ", do not ignore their inner desire, to do other people's eyes of the good girl, follow their heart, do a full attitude of the bad girl, live enough to be enjoyable! (Do yourself the most enjoyable: do like your own non-standard beauty )

Sia "Chandelier": we do not need to be strong, to embrace the dark and fragile ourselves

I ' m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier in this crystal chandelier
But i ' m holding on for the dear life, won ' t looks down, won ' t open my eyes but I'm still holding on even my eyes can't open and see it all
Keep my glass full until morning light, ' cause I ' m just in for holding just use alcohol to numb it until tomorrow.

In life, we must bear some painful pressure, wandering the choice of the moment, whether can let oneself toward a better future? Hesitate the next step, do not know where to go? Doubt whether you can really, live a different life, instead of the camp for life, and give up the dream. Occasionally, we will continue to struggle in the inner world, looking at the end of the night, stop in situ can not forward ... (Extended reading: You do not need to always be strong, face the fragile 5 methods )

It's a process that everyone goes through, so baby you can choose to indulge, let yourself dizzy not need to think about these things, you can let the tears soak your cheeks, let the dark and fragile in your body, as the earthquake, the timely release of negative energy, can not be heavy baggage drag us into the future , and after the storm, we will see the most beautiful rainbow.

Taylor Swift Teles "Blank space" I will try my best to suffocate with love, dare you come with me?

Cause we ' re young and we ' re reckless because of our youthful desperation
We'll take this way too far and leave for you breathless we'll try our best to suffocate
Or with a nasty scar or leave ugly scars

Got a long list of ex-lovers ex-boyfriends on my list
They ' ll tell you I ' m insane they'll talk to you about me being crazy.
But I got a blank space baby and I'll be on the list baby
and I ' ll write your name list your names

"The man who loves bravely is a madman!" "Young us, the love has unlimited imagination, Santhio defying the tiger to love, but in a few times after the breakup of the Heart, the heart of the old and new intertwined scars, light to see all the pain." So we will own shameless in their own world, repeatedly convinced himself: "Do not give heart, will not be hurt!" 」

But dear, in love, we experience the crazy sadness, because we have enjoyed ecstasy, this is love fascinating and painful place, if a child because of the fall, no longer climb up to walk, then how can we use our feet to travel around the world, see more beautiful scenery? Let us take out the injured heart, take care of it, let the old people become memories, vacated a new position, left to the next worthy person, because can be crazy for love, will be the most memorable life. (Same field Gayon: the bravest decision!) 隋棠 after 30 years of age: "For Love Crazy Once")

Ariana Grande "Break Free": Goodbye! Little girl, I will greet a freer world

Tried to hide it, fake it tries to hide its disguise
I can ' t pretend anymore but I can't pretend anymore
This is the moment I say I don ' t want ya it's time I chose to leave you

I ' m stronger than I ' ve been before I'm not the only girl I ever dared to flinch
This is the moment I break free It's time for me to get out of your chain
' Cause I can ' t resist it no more I can't ignore the freedom to wait outside

Entrance examination, do not dare to fill in the direction of their real expectations, graduation work, worry about their home too far away, and let a rare opportunity to rub his body, watching a dream, from your fingertips slipped, but never the courage to hold hands, will they achieve.

"The girl who is cowering in my heart, I should leave you!" "Dear ~ you have always been free, the person who binds you, will only be yourself, we must have the courage to open the door to seal their own, the key to freedom, in your hands!" (Read on: Why are you so smart that you can't admit it)

Dear ~ No matter what reason, let oneself trapped in a dead end of the move, we all hope that through this 20 full of energy songs, bring you to meet the challenges of full strength, in the new year, can continue to progress, day by day to become a better self!