Manhattan Love XI Song, the male and female lead walk in the street to share the same song, because music, every moment seems the most mediocre scene, are strung into a beautiful pearl.

Manhattan Love XI Song, the male and female lead walk in the street to share the same song, because music, every moment seems the most mediocre scene, are strung into a beautiful pearl. February will be close to Valentine's Day, you do not walk in New York Street, but you have headphones, watching the street unbridled love atmosphere, in the mind of someone.

That person, you are always quietly around each other, you do not necessarily love insolent, but you put each other's heart. Perhaps you are the best friends, perhaps you are the most people who know each other, perhaps you are the future can be further. (Recommended reading: Love is not accidental!) 36 psychological problems that make you fall in love with a stranger

"Hey, Valentine's Day is coming, I feel I owe you a little coincidence." You know I have always been not generous people, but like your mood, do not want to secretly put in mind. 」

If you want an unconventional confession, there is no more lovely way to share a song ! 24 confessions, five words to his lovely confession, caper, melancholy, introverted, affectionate ..., dedicated to different love patterns, may every love has an extraordinary music accompanied.

The first confession: you are the one who makes me smile

"Every time I think of you, I can't help smiling." 」

American singer Colbie Caillat's bubbly, sweet but not greasy, originally this is why I always feel that we are together every day. Because in every little detail of life, I think of you. Starting from the toes of the feeling of love, the day I met you, the heartbeat has a marked acceleration of the beat, everything is so natural. (Recommended reading: Tarot divination: How much rationality can you hold in the face of love?) )

It starts in my toes
Feel the start on tiptoe
Make me crinkle my nose
The wrinkled nose that can't help laughing
Where ever it goes I always know
This warmth feels so real
That's you make me smile
You always make me laugh
Please stay for a while now
Could you wait a minute?
Just Take your time
Please slow down your steps
Wherever go
Please take me with you.

The second confession: We Are all lost stars

"If we are all lost stars, would you like to light the night with me?" he said. 」

The Lost stars version of Lanatri, you have your life, I have my story, I remember you gently whispered in my ear: We have had some injuries, we have hurt some people, but does not mean we can not love. I think you're the one who made me want to start over. Begin again, let's take it slow. All right? (Recommended reading: Each relationship is a practice, embrace the happiness of seven Love exercises )

Take my hand and let ' s look where we wake up tomorrow take my hand and we'll find out where we'll wake up tomorrow.

The third confession: life are better with you

Not I want to cheat, but have your day is better than no AH!

American Orchestra Michael Franti & Spearhead Sings thelife is better and you, live not every day is Valentine's Day, but with you each day, is like Valentine's Day! Walk the day inside, Midway met you, Hee-ha noisy you, seemingly careless but more than who work hard you, have your day, I live better, want to continue this way.

I ' m not afraid to be alone
But being alone is better with you.
Life are better with you.

What about you? (Recommended to you: my love, make you happy?) )

It's all your fault, let me always think of you

It's all your fault, let me always think of you, unable to concentrate.

Because I miss you so much, I feel a little blue. Taiwan Orchestra hush! Singing, "It's all your fault, so miss you, the head is vulnerable, are you harm, harm me so think you, do everything possible and you continue, think you think so melancholy" think you need magic and folk remedies, but I think how powerful, no you immediately appear in front of me effective. " You know it. (Recommended reading: your hand cocoon, become I miss you when the Touch )

You are my no longer melancholy folk prescription, let me happy magic.

I am your i ' M yours

Don't need too complicated words, hey, don't you understand, I'm yours.

A bit overbearing kind of, my love does not want to share with others. With the help of Jason Mraz's guitar and voice, I want to naturally put my hand in your palm, gently say "I am yours, you are mine," and all the world from me and you become "us".

But I won ' t hesitate no more and no more
But I will not hesitate, no more hesitation
It cannot wait, I ' m sure
I can't wait, I'm sure
There ' s no need to complicate we are short
Don't make it complicated, we don't have much time.
This is our fate, I ' m yours
It's meant to be, I'm Yours

Five lines of confession, 24 confessions, dedicated to different love patterns, which one do you like best? Valentine's Day Eve, is a good time to confess, not only for a long time to like his confession, but also to the side of his confession to hold hands, to laugh together with a good sister confession, to the family confession, thank them for appearing in your days, so your days so different. (Recommended reading: love him in the right way!) The true needs of five kinds of love and being loved )

Valentine's Day is coming, let's worship the people who love in the world, and us.