Chen Chanfen teachers to share the leadership of the approach and the workplace must be about eight things! "Don't just want to change others, not to improve yourself."

7 ways to develop self-leadership

The accumulation of self leadership is the first to open "self-awareness". Hem also offers the following seven methods to provide our practice in daily life.

1. Farewell with "lazy"

"Do not cause others ' uneasiness because you are lazy." "The teacher to solve the word, please let us from the lazy side of the word to see back, in fact, is responsible, binding, heart, everyone has to be responsible for the restraint of their hearts, take back to the hearts of others." It's not easy to say goodbye to "lazy" because we all know how comfortable and happy "lazy" is. But such a pleasant and comfortable, long time down is also let us no longer the main cause of progress.

2. How to start: Be Alone

"A man must learn to get along with himself at a distance." "The Book of Rites," the doctrine of the mean, "Mo see the Hidden, MO show Little, so the gentleman is wary of its own." "The gentleman is careful alone, regardless in any environment all maintains the high consciousness." Everyone should exercise their ability to be alone and ask themselves, can you be alone? What are you doing when you're alone?

What to do when we are alone, but also to see what kind of people we are. (Recommended reading: Learn to live a person, the time to leave the white Aesthetics of Solitude )

3. How to start: Garbage bin theory

"Often clean up their negative emotions, to know themselves, to build real self-confidence." 」

People will have negative garbage, regular cleaning up negative emotions, to develop a more robust mood intelligence. Hem teacher suggested that we take a small box, their unhappy emotions or ideas on the note, throw out, and regularly emptied, record negative emotions and clean up, so that their hearts can always open, and more understand how to face the negative emotions next time. (same field Gayon: still can choose, not too sad: eight small books of positive psychology )

4. How to start: Do your own limelight

"Do your own limelight, guard and supervise yourself." 」

Since it is limelight, then do not listen to their own persuasion. In fact, many of the reasons we know ourselves, but occasionally choose to ignore, and even everyone should learn to comfort themselves, do not often expect others to comfort you, pat you, because it is too easy, too cheap.

5. Approach to start: "Mian" and "strong"

Reluctantly, it is also the meaning of learning in Japanese. Mian, is to encourage themselves to do everything to the greatest force, strong, with the help of external pressure to expand the ability and strength of the wide depth. Mian and strong are indispensable, if only Mian, that also only think. Remember to take the initiative to find pressure for yourself, forcing yourself more, do not be afraid to close to their limits and possibilities.

6. Approach: Learn from the paradigm

"Courage, insight, knowledge, common sense, an example, should have these qualities." 」

Take the initiative to find a life mentor, to learn from him, to build trust between the mentor relationship, to do middle school, learn to sleep.

7. Knowing the immediate

"Not to worry about the ambiguous future, but for the clear present efforts." 」

Chen Chanfen the words of Tsinghua University students to encourage us, from now on to work, action, because the Tang donation, success is to prepare for the people.

"The way of life, it's your choice." A few things in the workplace

In Hem's personal speech and the successive trio, many of the attendees raised their hands to ask questions. The presence of us, heard the times under the common confusion and confusion, with questions and answers, but also for the workplace has a further recognition and insight, sorted out as follows, about the workplace, is never trivial.

1. With regard to the responsibility

The responsibility, in fact, is the Zen said "victory", to be competent and bear. Even to retain the responsibility (accountable) mentality. When responsibility (accountable) is more than responsible (responsible) further cultivation, should you be responsible, take up, don't be afraid, also should not dodge. (same field Gayon: Choice and commitment, your life want to climb the stairs or climb the tree)

2. With regard to disappointment

When will you be disappointed in yourself? When you are in "doing" and "not doing", choose a simple solution, Bingyi. When will you be disappointed in society? It is when everyone is looking for convenience and no longer pursues a better solution at hand, the society stops progressing.

3. About making Mistakes

There are three kinds of mistakes in the world. One, is because the unknown and wrong. The conclusion seems to be wrong, not you and I can control. Second, because of ignorance and error, ignorance, because of lack of experience, such a situation, it is best to immediately admit the mistake. "In the day of forgiveness, your homework is unfinished, and all you can do is pray sincerely for forgiveness." The third is the mistake of not remembering good thoughts. Because of the mistakes made by bad, in fact, only can redeem themselves, this time, but also need to lead themselves to see blind spots.

4. With regard to the instant knowledge

One of the main points of knowing is that you have to be able to empty your hands at any time and have the power to act at any time.

5. About things that can't be done

It's your business, don't blame the boss. You are are paid to do work and you don ' t have yourself much.

6. About the Boss

A good boss, a shot will be able to point to your sore spot. Chen Chanfen teacher share, more said, "When you are young, if no one comments you to pain, then you will not have a chance to be reborn" so good boss and staff relationship should be a high degree of trust, if your boss did not hit your sore, then you are going nowhere. (Recommended reading: young people, Please choose the first boss, do not choose the first job.

7. About the opportunity

Fortune, the time is the point, meet is the person things. You are free, and everything you go through is your own choice. Chen Chanfen said, "When you are young, your intuition is very precious, don't be afraid to make a decision." 」

8. With regard to the "body-showing method"

Young frivolous when we always want to change or even save the world, more and more after the discovery of even shake themselves, so that their better are already very difficult homework. Hem-Fen teacher mian all people are more "to show the Law", your awareness and others have nothing to do, is your own, do not always think of change others, but do not review their own. Wait until you are good enough, the whole world's eyes are discerning, change nature will come. (Recommended to you:"self-awareness" empathy exercises )

Five hours of self-leadership activity down, listening very touched, there are several times almost to shed tears. Still grateful for such a time, can feel that they are so inadequate, in fact, how lucky. Because from the moment we know the shortfall, we will only be better, not worse, and we will have a clearer direction than ever before and we will be able to accumulate capacity more consciously.

More understanding to the end, no matter what kind of approach, what kind of workplace proverbs, must start from their own, is to change the most important role.

To know oneself is a lifelong lesson, from Socrates to Shakespeare, know thyself is an important subject. But although the way to know oneself is so difficult, thanks to those who are willing to mention us in life, let us this section of the road can go faster, more practical, more uphold the "self-awareness" in mind.

To all the people who are walking hard road, please believe together, all things will not be wasted, all efforts, will always return to their own body. Do not tang donate.

Commencement Chen Chanfen Teacher's workplace Literacy class "

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