"What's wrong with unmarried women?" "Do we have a better way to improve the so-called" national crisis "? Please do not give up any possibility to solve the misunderstanding.

A few days ago, Taipei mayor Kovinge mentioned that "30% unmarried women over 30 years of age are a national crisis", a word that sparked outrage. Netizens lambasting the sexism in his speech, and many unmarried women retort that too much.

The next morning, Colin came forward to clarify and respond to the response, this statement is worried about the future of the signing of surgery consent to find the family: "This is not a gender issue, but social welfare issues." When I was a director in Taiwan, I often encountered an operation but could not find a relative. Is our social welfare system ready for unmarried women in old age? "We think that his response has not solved the problem of gaffes, but more directly reveal the social bias against women and the functional expectations of marriage."

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We infer that what Cole wants to talk about is the phenomenon of less-than-child and the social welfare system for the elderly, but we still cannot agree with him to speak for unmarried women over the age of 30, as if they were pushing single women into the "dog rut".

Ke P also published: "Every woman who does not marry, there is a corresponding to unmarried men, not marriage is both men and women have problems." According to the data provided by the Social Council, there are 34% unmarried males in the 35-39 years of age in Taipei, 32% for females, 30-34 for men 59% and 50% for females, and the overall appearance of late marriages. (Extended reading: half of the world's people are single or late marriage!) Marriage is no longer a lifetime event.

Further to the question of national security, is it possible for men and women to marry? Late marriage is Gaosheng, many people prefer to single, and the "Operation can't find relatives", we have more to think about?

here, I would like to quote Kovinge's first televised debate on the mayor of Taipei in 2014 : "If I am so caught up in gender issues, I am sure I will be the most gender-focused person." I think the campus gender equality education should start from the primary school, the child education is good, in the future will not have sex discrimination problem. On the institutional level, such as the design and change of any public space in the hospital, there are three committees: women, infection and safety. So the future Taipei city government can also learn. "(Extended reading:" Women obsessed with politics, "2014 Taipei mayor's first televised debate will be on-site full record )

And, with three different suggestions, we invite Mayor Ko to discuss with us how to focus not only on gender issues, but also on gender mobility. How to not only talk about the equality between men and women, not only to seek welfare and policy as a disadvantage, but to face the right of being a woman, a man, a third sex, should be entitled to "person".

One, the state of security can not force me to marry and have children

Ke P published a discussion on the 30-year-old single women, but also we generally think of marriageable age, we have talked on the site, marriage, not a woman's life will be selected , Jennifer Aniston: "As a woman's value is not only the birth of children!" ". That is because we believe that we have the freedom not to marry, not to have children, like a man, this is not willful stubborn, not "because the boys can, so I can." "But some people are ready for his life to meet the arrival of new life, some people did not imagine his life will appear, some people yearn for family, some people yearning to stray, and no one option is the absolute correct answer."

Moreover, even if the 30-year-old, we must hurry to find an object, in not ready to bear everything, Hu tu on the bed, Hu tu of the baby? give birth to the next child, women October, labor pains countless, bear this life for at least 18 years of time, not everyone has enough ability to give a child a complete living environment. (Same field Gayon : We don't get married until we're not sure of happiness, okay?) )

The so-called crisis of State security, Ke P want to say may be "because of the little child after the old no care", "because there is no partner to lose the signing of surgery consent to the rescue opportunity", but these if all and "women should have children" and the relationship, that is not a disguised threat to have children? "You're not having children, so our country is in turmoil. "Besides having children, do we have any other solutions?" If today is not entirely willing to give birth to children, the child who came to the world, perhaps to experience more poverty, may not be able to experience the love of parents, may not see any of the beauty he came to the world, such a society, relatively stable?

Second, I'm single, not a crime.

Ke P not only classifies unmarried women over the age of 30 as a national security issue, but later clarifies the negative labels for single persons more indirectly. once again, we must carefully reject the stigma of society for being single. I never thought being single was a weakness, an option. The word "single" should not be a kind of forced, single man can be a gold bachelor, we are also active in their own efforts to operate life, we are also dedicated to the cause, there is a small asset, but at this time, why not call such a woman as a gold single woman, but the leftover? (Hey Dear : Don't be a leftover girl!) Your mind makes you a goddess of the extraordinary.

can you imagine ? In 2010, the director of health, Mr Yang Zhillan, even said that single people were susceptible to mental illness. How absurd is this argument? Perhaps we can go further, why do more women choose to be single than to enter marriage? Perhaps because, there is not enough to perfect the enterprise system, to provide a working mother equal promotion environment, there is no sound family concept, to support a woman after marriage can still be loyal to their own life.

To rip off all stigma, whether it is a woman, a man, or a third sex, you have to believe that you deserve more options, marriage, study abroad, work vacation, entrepreneurship, love, options are not good or bad, only one of the life you aspire to. I also support all of you, regardless of gender, to be able to reconnect with yourself and rethink your current situation as to whether you are comfortable, waking up to the ideology of the marriage system until you have the power to hold your own life. being single is not necessarily the state of waiting for intercourse, single, not anyone's fault, you are happy, comfortable, and active choice of single environment, only because you enjoy the status of this now. (Recommended reading :"single is not necessarily a person" back to single ten Proverbs )

I want to fall in love with others, but before meeting enthusiasts, more want to quiet wait, I am willing to life perfect, to oneself go all out, 30-year-old single, is not civilized society's lesion, is not whose fault, just I have not met that he.

three . The narrow imagination of "marriage is equal to happiness"

He said his remarks were " worried about the prospect of not finding a family member when signing the surgery agreement." This can not help but remind us of the former son of Jolin Tsai "not the same and how" MV, deduce a gay couple no relatives, affinity relationship cannot sign surgery agreement, and thus lost the love of real story. care about heterosexual marriage, also please miss marriage equality, please give them the right to leave their lives, please do not let them hate themselves as a woman so unable to sign the consent of the book, please do not use the law to break up a pair of living together for 20几 years of partner. In love, what qualifications do we have to do this ? The right to equal marriage for same-sex couples, and the narrow imagination of Taiwan's existing "marriage equivalent to marital bliss, marriage equals happiness" will change because you really think about the meaning of happiness, is marriage really happy? Do you want a marriage for "ideal life" or a home? "Home" is not just a house, but a spirit. Look forward to seeing that love is not sacrificed for prejudice. (same field Gayon: true picture of gay love: love, Blood and Sweat )

Three points of doubt, does not mean that the total total of negative p positive administration, but I believe we and Ke P have seen, you and I not only in social policy has more room for improvement, gender sensitivity and awareness can affect how we treat the world, and the way we are treated by the world. There are all kinds of people in this world, and we all have a lot of places to learn in humility. Three questions, not only ask Ke P, but also ask ourselves, the ideal of happiness should be what kind of appearance? Is it happiness to sacrifice the rights of a few? The happiness that walks on the social expectation but has not worked for oneself diligently is happy? Is it happy to marry and marry at the age of 30?

It boils down to the above, I want to say is why we strive for marriage equality at the same time advocate single right? That's because, marry, it's an option, and we want to make sure that anyone can have the right to happiness through this path, no longer placing the issue in the two-dollar confrontation between men and women. This society, has never belonged to his, yours, but ours, of course, your happiness may not be only this possibility.