Think of astrology as a delicate knowledge of life. I believe that there are some things that are doomed, with Susan column to understand this mysterious science.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, these three stable and steadfast Earth signs, what about the March horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (same field Gayon:"Susan Constellation" Aries, Lion, Shooter: March Horoscope for the Fire constellation )

Capricorn (December 22 ~ month 19th)

March capricorn Keywords:
Always move, keep an eye on the family, focus on what's going on, don't set new goals, enjoy social life and feelings.

At the start of March, you're probably already packing your bags for a trip, before the full moon on March 5. You will enjoy the time of the escape and will be home around the weekend on March 7 and 8th.

You look like you have a goal that you want to achieve, so the purpose of your trip may be related to work, such as signing a contract with a client or meeting someone else's referral partner. Even if you have legal documents, you won't be able to talk about the case until the day of the New Moon and the Eclipse, March 20. This eclipse will be very friendly to you and make your life more stable and secure.

When it comes to security, as a Capricorn, since 2011, Uranus, the planet of surprise, has been in your house for a long time, and it's not easy to receive this lively planet. Some Capricorn have to move several times in a year, perhaps because of job opportunities in other cities or countries, or perhaps because of lifestyle changes, like entering a marriage or having a child, and you will undoubtedly need greater space. There are also some situations where Capricorn is worse, you are forced to move, perhaps the landlord has sold you the place you live, or natural disasters and so on.

However, you will be lucky enough to face family problems this month. You will be on the March 3 and future days, if you need a mortgage or a home improvement loan, from this month until August, you will find your communication with the bank is a good thing. (same field Gayon: give Professional women a love of encouragement!) Family and career approach )

But on the March 11, you have to pay special attention to things at home. Mars will be associated with Uranus, so anything can happen that day, and it could be a good thing or a bad thing. But because you don't have to be particularly prepared for the good news (who needs to be prepared, come on!) You have to prepare for the occurrence of bad things, clean up the porch and floor, and make sure there are no toys on the stairs. Leave your parents too far away to avoid them needing your help but be embarrassed to ask.

Your Guardian star, Saturn, will be retrograde from March 14 until August 2. Every time a constellation's Guardian star starts out of the rules, it means that the person in the constellation must be more focused on the goal he has set. Never start a new goal or plan, you can wait until August to innovate! Get the nutrients from what you've been doing and make the best of the details.

If you're not interested in a goal, think about losing it! If you are doing business, remember to focus on your existing customers, temporarily stop the opening of the Territory, in the always give you support of the old customers to show your ability, when the planet retrograde, looking back will be better than the forward.

About Love, Venus will be in March 17 o'clock, walking to your Earth star constellation Friend-Taurus, and then Mars will follow its footsteps on March 30. That's good news, because both planets can be a great help to your social life. Venus will stay there until April 11, while Mars is May 11. Remember to take these weeks to find new objects, or enjoy the time you spend with your partner!

Taurus (April 20 ~5 month 20th)

March Taurus Keywords:
Find new objects (but remember to stop and listen), make more breakthroughs in family-related wealth, build a rich social life, meet older adults

Thanks to Saturn's light, the gentle full moon of March 5 will bring you a sense of stability and comfort. If you are alone, you will not be lonely, because this Full moon will bring you the fate of the encounter. Thanks to the perfect point of view of Mercury and Uranus, you will meet the full moon with objects of considerable interest, and you will have the guts to "be him!" "The Feeling.

But before entering any relationship, remember to slow down, because your patron Saint Venus, Mars, and the amazing Uranus are converging, and you are likely to fall in love with the wrong people. Before you are blinded by love, it is best to find out if the other person is single!

At the beginning of 2015, your family and property-related luck will always be blessed by Jupiter's good luck, and soon, on March 3, when Jupiter receives the light of Uranus, you will obviously feel the good fortune. When you find the perfect place to dream, the furniture you want will be on sale, and the real estate you want to sell will be immediately available to the buyer and ready to accept your offer. All good things will happen and your good luck will not stop. March 10 is another key day, and you can be bold enough to make more family-related breakthroughs.

The March 20 eclipse will illuminate your social life, you will have a lot of activities to attend to and meet many new friends. The eclipse, which has three satellites in one power, often brings significant events to your life. At this point, there may be friends out of your life, but at the same time there will be new people and you build friendships. Eclipses will bring the end, but also bring a new beginning. (Share with you: 15 restaurants that must be known for social etiquette )

Saturn is friendly to you this month, so you are likely to meet older people and bring a lot of intelligent advice to your life, which is definitely good news!

Virgo (August 23 ~9 month 22nd)

March Virgin Keywords:
Pay attention to money problems, focus on yourself, move, and develop new relationships

At the beginning of the month, you are ready to make decisions about your family or family. You will need some money to complete your plan, with the help of Jupiter (Lucky), Uranus (surprise), you will find that your home loan, mortgage, or financing plan is approved, and you are likely to get a cash loan from home.

March 10, when Mars meets Jupiter, you will receive good news about money. It's also a good day to look at your tax books, and you may owe the government less money than you think. March 11, there will be unexpected news coming, about money and looks very positive.

Uranus and Pluto will clash with each other on March 15, so this day you may quarrel with someone who is bossy because of money problems. You feel exploited and depressed, but your finances are protected elsewhere in the chart, and that doesn't seem to affect much.

March 5, the full moon will be in Virgo, focusing on your dreams and desires! Although you have always been very helpful, it is better to focus your attention on yourself and whether your needs are being met. Saturn will be the most dominant planet in the company of the moon and inject a steady force into the decisions you make.

March 20, your partner is the product of a positive, friendly eclipse, whether it's a family, a marriage or a business partner. As the new Moon and Eclipse appear on the same day, the effect of the new moon will be significantly enhanced, which may bring significant events to your life. You may be engaged, or you will find a partner who is willing to work with you in creative ventures. Whatever you decide to do, you will find that your promises and agreements will last for a long time, as Saturn is quietly stabilizing everything. And the support of your family will be very strong.

You seem to be thinking about a nice new home where you can restructure, upgrade, or even buy a house when the eclipse happens. This is a great time to find new space, if you have found a favorite house, sign up quickly! (however, the first week of April is not a good time.) )

On the March 17, Venus will meet Taurus (like you are an earth sign), and from that point on, Venus will work hard for your romance until April 11. Get out of the office at the right time and find some reason to socialize and meet new people. Virgo is enjoying a productive feeling, but sometimes you have to let go of the work at hand, and when the twilight comes, try to build your own emotional life.

March 31, Mars will also meet Taurus, and stay until May 11. So you have a couple of weeks to enjoy romance. Start arranging your trip now! Because Venus is leading your migration palace, traveling is definitely your choice if you want to spark love with people around you. (Extended reading: Why do newlyweds have to go on a honeymoon trip?) )

Consider a small cabin or hotel on the hill, with the beautiful scenery and fresh air, to enjoy this time of your own. Brave to weave love story! Dear Virgin, This creation of memories will never forget you.

Susan (Susan Miller), America's most famous astrologers, is a mother. She founded the site in 1995 "astrology Zone", the monthly pro-write horoscope, set an average of 6 million visitors per month browsing records, but also for the "New York Times" write the Daily constellation column, by netizens nickname as "Psychic."