Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in 2006 .Since then, other African women have also decided to run for president, such as recently in Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Guinea, Democratic United Nations, and Niger. At present, these women have achieved varying degrees of success, but many do not expect them to keep up with Johnson-Sirleaf.However, many African countries are in the process of preparing for the 2011 and 2012 elections, and the increase in the number of women candidates in a political environment where such a weak community is still fighting for equal voices is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

Clarisse Juompan-Yakam wrote one in-depth report on this issue.She mentioned in the article that these candidates have similar characteristics: they usually have a high level of education, and are a strong political man from the civil rights.

Juompan-Yakam writes to Mariama Bayard Gamati é, who has just lost in the presidential election:

reason why the candidate of the United Nations has been the first presidential candidate to run for president, the reason for the low rate of support (0.38 % for all candidates) in January, is the lack of media coverage.

Gamati é considers her candidacy to inspire other women in the region.

Bennan presidential candidate Marie-elise Gbedo

One of her influences is Marie - É lise Akouavi Gb è do, which was also supported by Gamati é campaign earlier this year.Although Akouavi Gb è d did not win the election campaign, she was the current Minister of Justice and helped to make the polygamy of Benin illegal.

The presidential election date is not yet fixed, but Saraha Georget Rabeherisoa is one of the first candidates to submit information.RaRaharisoa is the party chairman of the Malagasy Green Party. the following view:

The current government is spending a lot of money on voter registration. … If we decide not to run the election and let the people express their own chances, then the money will be wasted.

Saraha Georget Rabeharisoa Chairman of the Malagasy Greens Party

The environment is one of the main issues of concern to the party to which Rabeharisoa is a party.Because of the illegal and illegal logging of black sandalwood in the rainforest, environmental issues have jumped to the top of Madagascar's headlines. RaRaharisoa published her view on the scandal:

All non-issue transactions in Madagascar are not allowed. The deforestation of black sandalwood has been started since 2001.Immediate measures should be taken to address the matter.

Republic of Congo

Ang è le Makombo-Eboum is the candidate for the November 2011 presidential election in the Republic of the Congo.She believes that, if a woman's ability is strong enough, her ability is enough to govern . Makombo-Eboum is proud to have his master's degree in law at the University of Sorbonne in Paris.

The heads of state of Liberia, Thailand, Brazil, Germany, and so on are all women, why not Congo?Women can bring about change.The lifestyle of Kinshasa (Kinshasa) is one of the best examples.There, it was raised by a woman and ensured that the child was educated.


Cameroon's É dith Kah Walla believes that women have to overcome more difficulties to prove to our countrymen that they are up to this job.Owona Nguini also agrees that is a woman:

Kah Walla is a woman who can be the first woman to take part in and to complete the campaign, … it is a certain disadvantage because the political world still has a certain degree of influence on society.

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