This period of 20-30 years old, is no one experienced ten years, will be confused, is very normal. Learning and lost together, can let us keep moving forward.

Your 20-year-old, confused? Clinical psychologist Meg Jay uses "time to stop" to describe the current 20 generations. And I think there is a real truth to this statement.

But for a generation, the whole culture was in upheaval. Easy birth control programs are readily available, so women are pouring into the workplace. By the new millennium, only about half of those who had married before the age of 30 had a relatively low proportion of children, and the more than 20-year-old had suddenly become a new generation of freedom.

We began to hear two voices: Some people think that college is too expensive, not necessary, and some people think that the institute become more important, both the former and the latter represent a period of "time to stop" generation. For the past hundreds of years, the more than 20-year-old has always been a direct husband and wife from the role of a son and daughter. However, in a short span of several decades, a new stage of development has been derived. Now the more than 20-year-old young man wakes up every day and finds himself stuck at a certain point in time.

Blink of an eye, pinch point, our parents at this age has already entered the auditorium, or, even have been born us. So our 20 generations are definitely new and no one has experienced. In the period of 20 to Eve, it is time to stop. (Extended reading: write to 30 years old: Complete life should not be just a marriage certificate )

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My 20-Year-old is lost, like many of my 20-somethings around me. And such confusion is obvious, from the book I choose to see. "Be hated courage", "Accept imperfect courage", "20 generations, your life is not stuck", just look at the title on the bottom of my heart whisper to steal a smile, who would buy such a book? I'm confused enough.

This generation of young people, more in the ego and society and the world in such a triangular struggle to roll over.

We are anxious to find who we are, and see the unprecedented after no one, look at this generation has been too new, nobody's road to success can easily let us copy affixed. We see that the society is very little unfair, since there is memory, Taiwan is not blue or green, and the emerging trade, factory workers, National highway toll, and other social issues, let us find something wrong, we want to change.

The progress of the network let us easily and the world link, although we can not see the future of the prospect of marriage, but also live without risk, we are eager to run away, eager to use double foot all over the world, the precise calculation of the departure and left the opportunity cost. (Share with you: Taiwanese students in London: 30,000 NT dollars and 30,000 pounds struggle )

So we lost. Swinging between the ego and the others, swinging between the left and the right, swinging between the roots and the world.

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We also accept the previous generation's definition of success. We have an Apple phone, in the age of Mom and dad, an apple but to get sick when the fever to eat; we have a pair of shoes brand shoes, in the age of Mom and dad, cloth shoes is the elder brother and sister to wear after wearing, the new shoes reluctant to fall to the ground, two shoe laces a tie hanging neck, Just walk barefoot to school.

Holding such memories in their hands, they always can't help asking: What do you want to eat, what to buy, what to buy, life is so good, in the end is confused what?

Hey, you don't have to be afraid to hear this kind of questioning. When the success of this matter is no longer a physician teacher lawyer, as to become no standard answer, when life from the choice of questions into a proposition, when we walk in a no one walked on the road, a little confused, really just good.

My 20-year-old no great, just as confused, like hitting the wall, but I was a little back bone, something nothing like to ask why, like to think of the West, like the problem of living trouble themselves, but also eager to answer. I spent a lot of time in understanding the loss of this matter, until later I found that we do not need to eliminate confusion, on the one hand because of confusion can not be eliminated, another aspect and because of confusion is not terrible, terrible is that we do not go to practice and get along with it.

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think of Jobs once said: "Every morning to ask yourself:" If today is the last day of your life, what you do now, but also you want to do? "More than 20 years old, we actually have a lot of choices, so we don't have to live as if we have no choice." If you are also experiencing the time to stop the stage, think about doing their own things, think clearly, and brave upstream. (same field Gayon:"This time, the answer in the young person" interview creative worker Liu Xuan )

confusion will always exist, there will be no disappearance of the day. What we can do is to learn to coexist with confusion and not give up the answer for any confusion.

enjoy the process of confusion, and let "find answers for confusion," the matter, as we continue to drive forward. It is not necessary to be jump because it is not understood, and when we abandon the need to be identified, things tend to become simple and clear , firm Minds, ready to sail in time, and put the future back on their hands. Dear 20 generations, let this cannot eliminate the confusion, becomes our body brand, then carries on with it courageously. Toast to the 20-year-old confusion.

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