What is the taste of youth? Some people say sour sweet, some say bitter, dear, perhaps our youth never dies, only treats you, looks back to look again.

20 years old, what a beautiful and young figure, your 20 years old, what is the condition? Some people's 20-year-old is very wong Kar-wai, lovelorn pineapple canned, damp memories, tempting of the mood, the most beautiful personnel, are left in the 2046 and the tree hole. Some people's 20-year-old is very hou Hsiao-hsien, is indifferent long shot, is not turbulent but lingering in the endless dust, is a lot of gazing and waiting, in the best of time leave a hearty summer laughter.

The 20-Year-old is like the West Lake's shimmering 灔 yan, the make-up is always affordable. The pain of youth or the Taste of love at first, when the sadness of the nameless, now seem to be lovely and pity. Years can not keep people, but there are always some movies, leaving the most moving attitude of youth, youth, that is, every second of the 24 lattice have exhausted the force to the world, noisy, to the people who love shouting. 5 movies, and you laugh at the youth of the silly and restless soul, if you can, please allow us, and then silly once again. (Extended reading: Those years, we spend the youth together )

Youth, we should have two unforgettable lover "girlfriend." Boyfriend "(GF*BF)

"I'm not the main song, but I'm the first on the B side."

It is our youth reactionary, in the social transport street shouting democracy, in the sun in the afternoon of the classroom pass the note. In the movie Luo "Love Song 1980" Hum "This thing I understand, but always is what", it seems to portray the Lim Mi-bao, Chen Zhongliang and Wang Cen the qualitative change of benevolence. At that time thought that with the first love of the sister's Kiss, the initiative to embrace you forcibly hug that person, seems to be forever, God knows what Love is? Two lovers of youth, one cannot love, one loves you deeply. Love that person, you take a few back circle, and then separated in the crowd, do not know that the heart of the initial trembling will never appear. Another he , may not be a lifelong love, but especially unforgettable. It was the first person to stay up late making a handmade card for you, the first one to listen to the duck with your CD player, and the first person to walk a long way to send you home. (same field Gayon:after 30 years old, you need an old-fashioned date )

Youth is like an old story forever unforgettable, clearly but 10 years, no one to accompany you to walk the long way home, but the car to the House to transfer; no one strokes a stroke to write an ugly confession, with a map can love, no one and you from a face to hear B, repeatedly humming that not greasy old love song.

But Ah, we have been a wave of the youth of the castle illusion, then always so wanton love, also indifferent to hurt, follow the path of pain, in wounding and injured relationship between the verification of love has been so hard to breathe a spit of the existence. "Love is a reverse illustration that must be disproved by pain." "The 20-year-old and love of the first face, that's what it is."

I love you just the way I want to be "wall Flower Boy" (theperks of being a wallflowe)

Sam:why do I and everyone I love pick people who treat us like we? Why do I and the people I love choose those who don't love us?
Charlie:we Accept the love we do we have deserve. Because we only accept the love we think is worth it.

You love his superior temperament, love his eyes do not care, love his spirit of the huge shadow appears to you small, those moments, we love the template, are we want to become ourselves. Always eager to get what can not be obtained, so the strength to strive for identity and be seen, be remembered, as if that person to me the more indifferent, I have to work hard zhengchong. The word "wallflower" in English is an introverted shy person who is always on the edge of the crowd, watching and seeing everything. Have you ever been that wall flower? Looking for the unique smell of shred, the last lonely you in the accidental encounter, you met, together, you have shared a not to mainstream culture of the days of compromise, preferably in the rock bar hangover to dawn, not you are abandoned by the world but you rejected the world's pride.

Ten years later, you are no longer a wallflower, but that kind of bone becomes gentle, you no longer only love the template, because you have become yourself, and from the growth of youth pain learned, you have to do is not to abandon the world, but accept the world's departure. (same field Gayon: Love yourself: I love you, but I love myself more )

At the bottom of the movie, Sam, with Daiweibao Iraq's "heros", stood behind the car, waiting for the pickup truck to open the bridge, opening his arms in the wind. At that moment, time seemed static, said Charlie: "but right now, those moments, are not stories. This is happening."youth is over, but everything is just about to begin.

In the vast sea of time flow, you still in "True Love Circle" (Love,rosie)

No matter where you are and who you are with, I will always, truly, completely, love you.
No matter where you are are, and who you ' re with, I'll always, truly, completely, love you.

This person, you are always in love deliberately miss. You know what the message is in his smiling eyes, and he knows what secrets are revealed in your little mouth. You play pranks together, celebrate the birth, together truancy, each talked about a few paragraphs of love, in each other lovelorn when you are in, always better than. No matter how to cross the "friend line", even if you can love once, but you do not lose the courage of this dear friend in life. You are familiar with each other's appearance. However, you from him or a missing tooth of a small fart child to see him grow up as a chest thick man, you from the green together to swim across the hormones full of the rising youth of the sea, came here. (The same field Gayon: really understand you, is to love you )

"If there is an ability that we all need to have, it is to tell him what you really feel." "But, how old when kissing a lover, think of his excessively good-looking pear vortex; In a lovelorn, you just want him to laugh at you silly, after reunion, you can also freely talk about youth, as if that a large part of missing each other's life gap has not existed.

They passed the accidental pregnancy, tragic love, marriage, extramarital affairs, divorce, the fate of the two people still seem to be closely linked, real life, we will say it is too late, we will be afraid of this section of Li Daren to the distance between the green, we just want to stay in the last moment of youth, But can love really muddle along? If so, it is a pity that there are not so many second chances in life. "True Love Circle" is written in the "P.s, I Love You", written in the "Real Love Pick Day" After the honest song, love, we should be honest to sing.

your sadness and your tenderness are mine "Blue Is the Warmest Color" (the Life of Adele)

"Your infinite gentleness, will accompany me for a lifetime." 」

When we were young, we could read ourselves in one eye. "That's what Love Is." Adel, who has always suspected a self-sexual direction, knew the love that had been bothering her around the clock when she first met her. They like Saudi Arabia, they flirt in the high bar, they don't count on hugs. Time and time again to be passionate and climax of love, that is the most beautiful youth stimulation, but this climax, can not accompany them to walk through the ideal of life, Emma to Adel is a same bath in the art circle of Adel, but Adel want is the love of fanatical lust, he wants is the youth the most threatening appearance. (same field Gayon: Final Push after breakup: Our feelings are still good after parting )

So we go back to the love of the Lost, because the loneliness to seek the temperature of the body, because the days together long thirst for fresh stimulation, a long time before you understand that loneliness is the normal life. Adel's confusion is what we used to look like, then we learn how to face the love of bigotry and metamorphism, we learn to love a person is not to do their best to squeeze dry love of sweet juice, love is not only infatuation and passion, more is accompanied by the growth. We finally learn how to love, but he has been in your life. What can be seen as a good relationship? I thought, no, only the audience and the audience Emma understand, understand their relationship, that layer of light like mist of memory, with the sofa music slow plate kiss, and the complete embedded with their body hug. (You will like:"Blue Is the Warmest Color" taught me seven things )

At the end of the Adel is young, even if the soul has slowly aging, but 20 years old, love a person is such a long life ah, he may no longer have the pure breath, will not have with Emma's love so hot frenzy no reality can follow, perhaps the youth to stay can not trace the regret, that is alive.

The last touch of Youth the Summer Palace (Summer Palace)

There is a thing, it will be in a summer night like the wind suddenly hit, so that you do not prevent, can not be quiet, with you, lingering, I do not know what that is, can only call it love.

Film Heroine Yu Hong Love is selfless, in the 64 Tiananmen Square event of the great era, they are the 80 's idealism and romantic spirit of the sum, the life, Love is a college students all. We are all the epitome of love, seeking him warm under the shadow of Love. We are anxious to be naked in front of a lover and confess all love like the weight of negative emotions. "I want to live more strongly," Yu Hong said. " She is sensitive, paranoid, rampant, there is a suicidal kind of dangerous temperament , the freedom of youth also from the appearance of drowning." Yu Hong called his lover "the soul of the most elegant friend", after a one-time love, she said to Zhouwei, Zhouwei asked why, she replied: "Because I can not live without you." "What a sad word, we used to love a person, love to fear to destroy themselves, fear of the demise of Love." (Recommended reading: write to the life partner at this moment: you don't need to be "not to abandon my Lover")

Once you also want to "end early" youth love, because you do not know how to love him in addition to sex, you do not think of the future days, love for You is now everything, so real-time but unknown. You are a deep chisel every time tears, every pain, so youth has that obscure blurred appearance.

We all have a feeling in our hearts, you want to put his best image sealed, before the injury comes to a curtain call, you want to let the youth of the love of stagnation, only to be thanked and memory, it is leaning on if in your heart of a certain corner without publicity, such as Zhang ailing said: "Recall this thing if there is smell, that is camphor incense, sweet and safe, Like to remember the clear happiness, sweet and melancholy, like the forgotten sadness. 」

When I remember you, it's like remembering the most magnificent and intangible pleasures in history.

Five films depict more than two words of youth, each scene is we have been deep-rooted, every line, are we have spent a lot of strength to remember the truth. 20-Year-old Youth, I am always not ready to say goodbye to you, only to leave a large section of love to reflect their appearance of the time. I remember that year we lost together in the city, infatuated with the orchestra, looking up at the stars, I remember the first hug warm, the first breakup of Tears. My youth, how are you, when you think of me, I will be what kind of appearance? (Hey Dear: the youth that can't turn back, belong to me and your old Love song )

(see April Theme , looking back on the path that 20,30,40 had traveled