Hugo once said: "Books are the tools that make the soul." "Recommend to you 20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old each life stage of the book list, accompany you bravely forward."

you are a kind of person, you will hear what kind of song, see what kind of text, write what kind of word, meet what kind of person. You can hear the healing song, see the warm text, write stubborn text, meet the right person, you will believe those warm, faith, dream, adhere to such a look old words, because you are such a person. --Lu Siho I always believe in the meaning of hard work, because that is the essence of the problem

Woman fan April theme "20, 30, 40" come! For us,20 years old is "sowing time",30 a few years old is "nurturance period",40 a few years old is "harvest period". at different stages, will take different wounds, when the hesitation, the world seems boundless, their own looks very small, everywhere can not find themselves, but when you take the first step, your courage will lead you to a larger world. And we always believe in the weight of words in life, can become a different starting point, you read the text, will ultimately achieve what you are. Recommend to you book list, let the words accompany you bravely. (Recommended reading: You are not a book read less, you are not a classic read enough )

20"Sowing Date"

More than 20 years old, we have not experienced enough, so the failure to look very heavy. But we are still in the metamorphosis, now the most important thing is the opportunity to start, our talent may not be enough to prop up our ambitions, then cherish their fragile, waiting for the wonderful out of the moment.

Woman 20, is enthusiastic and hesitation. Curious about a lot of things, but also feel helpless. The whole heart into a relationship, but also be hurt to pieces. In the face of the future and life have many ideas, but it is not clear which road is the best for their own progress. "What are you looking for?" "Where should I go?" "More than 20-year-old our world is full of unknown possibilities, every adventure, is a new attempt." (You will also like: to a little lost more than 20 years old )

Mind Book List-- "Sophie's World"

"Sophie's World" in the form of novels, through a philosophy tutor to a girl named Sophie to teach the history of philosophy, revealing the development of Western philosophy. From the former Socrates time to Sartre, as well as Aristotle, Flute Descartes, Hegel and other people's ideas, through the author's vivid writing leaps, and with the historical background of the time to explain.

All contemporary words are included: ecology, feminism, tolerance, Oriental religion, Comparative religion, the United Nations and the New world order. This kind of writing, not only makes the philosophical issue is not divorced from the times, but also gives readers a broader world, to explore the meaning of life and the world.

at this stage we begin to learn to "grow up" this matter. But loss and gain are sometimes the same thing, and we seem to have been given something that was not ours. With confusion, we understand the world, we know the cruelty of reality, can no longer comfort their own small, responsible and do their own sometimes there is conflict, we feel overwhelmed. But find oneself still unreliable when also don't panic, don't give yourself too many of the default, try to read the world in a different way, every day a little bit more, can be close to the ideal of their own a little bit . (Take a look:20-year-old Learn to slow down, you can have more )

Love book List-- The children on the bridge

" children on the bridge" in the first to third-person alternate way to tell the story of a girl's growth, memories of the retrospective generated in the narrator "I" and each lover between the dialogue, the girl's confession to the lover naked Anatomy "I" or "girl" of the past.

This circulates between "I" and "The Girl" the Growth Chronicle, simultaneously also travels in the memory and the imagination two ends. This narrator, is a retrospective memory of the woman, the woman left home early, but can not discard the memory of the family, when she and lovers walk through the busy streets and the street, "as if a traumatic person once back to the scene of disaster, separated by a distance to see I was unbearable to hear the memories of the question." "The girl in the narrative process also carries on the scar the comb, a sentence dialogue is in cures loses."

Memory is too beautiful, is even if you do not go back to the past, hate yourself so reluctant, but also trapped in the inside can not be entangled, how to look forward to a commitment is a fact, not miss the lie. When you are being recalled, what you miss is the living possibility of reality, and you cannot see the most important moment. Hard to read the words, and then mercilessly cry, and then take the memories as a companion, better to go down. (extended reading: from 20 to 30, years are our most beautiful assets )

Career Book-- " How to change the world "

Who doesn't want the world to be better? But we often consider ourselves incapable of changing the status quo. Perhaps it is because we see ourselves too small, or perhaps we are evading responsibility without knowing it. In fact, human beings have been constantly changing the society through individual action, history proves that as long as the focus on the goals of my own, and the courage to act, often can show the strength of the ego, scrolling the world.

The task of change is always difficult at first sight, so the predecessors know how to divide the target into small parts and achieve it. The transformation of small from the community to the political reform, is the case. And each of us, whether it's giving money, time or intelligence, can do something. citing the valuable insights of Tolstoy, Gandhi and Saudi Arabia, This book gives us the inspiration and the courage we need to overcome inertia and apathy, to recognize what we are most concerned about, and to take the first important step towards change, in 198 ways of non-violent action.

As a child, we always look forward to changing the world, grow up and just want to not let the world change us good. Do not let your curiosity of the world have a deadline, perhaps we can not easily rely on a stimulus to be able to change smoothly, but we can change the way to motivate ourselves, you are the world, focus on where you want to change, unconsciously we will arrive where we want to go. (Recommended reading: What really changes Taiwan is that most people are willing to make small changes )

Read the book Taaze 20 list recommended


More than 20-year-old us, in the choice of a lot of confusion, dedicated to the lost you, read the book recommended to 20 "sowing time" of the three books are: Shini's " I, deliberately run lose:" When their hearts first, Peter Su's love: Even if the world keeps you down, Also want to continue to believe in love, Xu Fengyuan's "Heart is strong, is truly powerful."

30"Grow-out Period"

30 years old, the kind you used to sow began to sprout. You can't be as willful as you used to be, you start taking responsibility for the different roles of "daughter", "partner", "Mother", and you wonder where your dreams will blossom, but the light that is being figured out in you is a day you deserve to shine.

Woman 30, is stable but lost. Wandering between calm and enthusiasm, began to convince themselves that this is life. The most frequently asked is: "When are you going to get married?" "A stable life seems to be a guarantee of happiness." 30-Year-old woman is confident and inferiority, both clear and hesitation. (You will also like:30 years old, you dare to face their 20-year-old dream?) )

Mind Book list: " all possibilities "

"I prefer many things not mentioned here more than many things I have not said." I prefer the free 0 than the 0 that rank behind the Arab numbers. I prefer not to ask how long or when. I prefer to keep this possibility in mind-- The reason for existence is not false. "

Simpo The title of this collection of poems explores "possible". We often forget that there are many possibilities in one's life. We are in reality not just to survive , or to live. But often after so much responsibility and pain, we will forget the possible existence, will forget to have the possible imagination. Life, unconsciously, into a timetable, filled with a dense backlog of things to do, our body automatically to do the size of the trivial matters have been accustomed to, our thinking has stopped, forget that as long as a change of thought, there will be other possible existence.

Life is not just the days of the day, you have unlimited possibilities, do not keep yourself trapped in a repetitive life of no sense. Simpo is fond of remembering one possibility, that is "the reason for existence is not false." dear ones, only You can determine your own existence, and your existence can be more splendid than you expect. (Look together: don't set your own life, you will have unlimited possibilities )

Love book list: " Fortress besieged "

"The besieged castle, the people outside the city want to rush in, the city people want to escape." "This is the story of Miss Su's definition of" siege ".

Master in the life of the road experienced one after another "siege." One of the most profound siege is the protagonist Fang and his wife Sun Zuojia married after the siege. Fang gradually and Sun Zuojia married back to Shanghai, but two people often because trivial quarrel, Fang gradually and Sun Zuojia after a big quarrel go out, go home after Sun Zuojia leave to Aunt's home, Fang gradually disheartened and fall asleep, and the marriage lost the initial enthusiasm. And aren't we all the same? Everyone has something to want, after having, often will be inferior to imagine perfect and want to abandon it, this is everyone will experience the siege. (You will also like:"Give up the pursuit of everlasting, love from the learned single start" writer Xu Changde interview )

" can I marry out? "This may be a worry that is often mentioned at the age of 30. Longing for the married life, thinking about how perfect the life after marriage, but after marriage found two people's life is not only love: family and working hours how to allocate? How do you raise a child? How close are the Kazuo's contacts? Marriage is not the end of fairy tales, but full of the troubles of compromise. We often for a person in front of no hesitation, but forget the marriage, is not an inevitable true love.

career book list: not melancholy, what kind of work

The work, originally is by the melancholy, the worry accumulates. Easy work does not have much success, only the people who walk forward every day in melancholy, can create new value. Work is a game, and you can't win if you don't want to. This book does not talk about theory, not to teach the steps, only give you go to where all the solid work.

When you are young, everyone has a dream. We also often find excuses to say, let's save a little money, wait for the job to be more stable, wait for a higher salary, and so I have more time to spare. But day after day, year after day, reality slowly swallowed us up, and the dream vanished.

But dear ones, none of us can 100% like our work. There is frustration and hurt, is the work. Who said, in the dream of this road does not hurt? Accept the work of the imperfect, down-to-earth forward. You, one day will eventually become what you want to look like. (Together:"uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth" to write a letter to the work of your hesitation )

Read the book Taaze 30 list recommended

Through the 20-Year-old lost, 30 years old for the future gradually find direction, but we are still on the road, dedicated to still in the efforts of you, read the book recommended to 30 "grow-out period" of three books are: Snow son Streed's " at that time, I only left the brave", Chinese Love " Just don't want to be together, "she came forward," The snow-Rou Sandberg.

40"Harvest Period"

After 40, the contours of a woman's life gradually clear, whether it is success or failure, you reap the past in life in the pursuit of everything. From the fragile to brave, in the changeable mood, more understanding of their preferences, but also understand the weight of feelings, life is no longer by the family and the cause of excessive kidnapping.

Women 40, the Art of life is subtraction. You no longer have groups of friends, but you will know who is really good to you, you are not so unrealistic about the dream, but you realize what you can achieve , you no longer believe in the everlasting, but you know what is right for you. The emotions that cannot be complained are digested by themselves. The reality of love and scars, so come to your body, and then become a part of you. (Recommended reading: write to us who are still growing up: Learn to tease yourself and live a gentle life )

Mind Book list: "The little Prince "

This is an adult fairy tale, because the child is unable to realize the little Prince biting sadness and love heavy. The nature of the little prince is not always happy, but the tragedy close to reality. The protagonist in the fairy tale cannot be like Snow White or Cinderella, to walk into a happy life, but to die in the desert after the true meaning of hair see.

The plot of the story is very simple, mainly from the "I" point of view of the small Prince Tour of the universe process. Because of a beautiful and pride Rose, the little prince had left the B-612 planet he had lived on, and on this journey he had traveled six of planets, and every planet had an unreasonable adult: The arrogant king, the obsessed businessman, the pedantic lamp man ... Then the little prince kept feeling: "The world of Monseigneur is indeed strange." The little prince, with his children's eyes, points out the emptiness and blindness of these big people, and also the situation in the adult world where there is no fit.

We have all been disappointed in the past, have failed ourselves, have been desperate once again, and then mercilessly wake up with a wound. But when we grow up, we should learn to be mature, not sophisticated. Don't forget the look in your child's eyes, it's something you're different from. The little Prince said that what is really important is invisible to the eye. (Extended reading: What the Little Prince taught me )

Love book list: "The lover "

Ju Hass tells the story of a love affair in Saigon, where the protagonist has no stories, only love and sex. her love is the absolute praise of the soul, the soul and the body can transcend time and space, so that death in the face of true love to kneel. In this half-autobiography novel, The Love of a 16-year-old white Girl on the Mekong River and a Chinese man is written.

As the "lover" of the Ju-ha , with a white-haired woman in the years, looking back on that period of unforgettable exotic love, and hate interpretation is so clear and close. the lover " The desperate sex, the wordless parting, all express the love to the end of loneliness, but this kind of tragedy is fascinating. Because of the essence of the love of Ju-love, we have all felt the helplessness of the helpless, not for outsiders know the wound, it is love the most painful beauty, is also the most wonderful expression of the book.

To love and to be loved is always hard to balance. Why must we set so many conditions for our love? What you want is not necessarily what you need. Every thing is unknown, not to mention love? You keep saying goodbye to familiar things, saying goodbye to some people, doing things you never would have done before, loving someone who may not be the result. Only in these moments can you be very assured that the things that have happened always have meaning. (See together: some feelings, missed to understand )

career book list: the own room "

At the beginning of the book, in order to think about the conditions that women must have in writing, Woolf her conclusion: "To write a novel, women must first have their own money, have their own room." 」

To illustrate this conclusion, "if Shakespeare had a talent like his sister, what would be the fate of this sister?" "Woolf in his room " created a Literary history of "Shakespeare's sister", to express her unequal treatment of women is a question. Can Shakespeare's sister refuse a marriage arranged by her parents and pack her bags to London to pursue her dreams? The answer is no, Woolf's questioning attempts to bring out social preference for boys and the plight of women without resources. (Worth thinking about: walking into a room, walking into a woman's reality )

we may no longer be the same age as Woolf, but never forget: "You have the ability to live alone, and the economy and your own space are your best backing." "The world is too noisy and what you need most is to listen to your voice." Listen to their own heart, to determine their own life in the second half, have the ability to take care of themselves, can lose or not panic, can still put their own good . (Women fans are finally coming into the real world from the virtual world: inviting you to Womany Wonderland)

Read the book Taaze 40 list recommended

Those who have been painful, tortured, frustrated, after all, have made us, dedicated to the efforts of you, read the book recommended to 40 "harvest period" of three books are: Lisa Shah Genova " I Miss Myself", Cheng and Tai Love research team's " After the enthusiasts: 16 Lessons about Love, song-tai-Lung's "New beginning for 40".