Twenty-year-old, let us sing our youth song, maintain trouble, carry on with the uncertainty and walk out of every step that is ever more and more steadfast.

the fall of 1774, he wrote the troubles of the young Vetter, who loved himself and was a teenager. He was a teenager who was a teenager 300 years later. He was bewilder and beloved, and was afraid to cover her eyes.

The lost term was a very worrying word for the age of 20, with few exceptions.

When you walk out of the campus, you open your eyes, you feel naked, you feel naked, you're born again in the world, and you learn another language of communication again.You look like a beast, and you have too many options, too many choices, and you can't hide from being in hiding, so you can't hide behind your head.Because you don't believe anyone else can give you the standard answer.

No one can give you the best solution for a decade. You don't have an SOP, you have no way out, and you're just going to take your lost track forward.(Recommended reading: To be a little confused and confused at the age of 20 )

20 years old, everything is redefined, forget it, forget what you want, it turns out to be so hard, you walk away from the jungle, the jungle of life, about love, the ocean, the ocean, and about yourself.The way forward, of course, is still so uncertain.

When it's over, it's the normal way of life, and it's just a way of telling us that the road is right in front of us.Because my dear, confused and worried or worried, it's not just your problem.

The following songs have been written for a 20-year-old man who has been too bitter in life, yet has been waiting for us to be at the age of 40.The way forward, the faraway light is light.There is no need to be afraid of confusion, but to be able to go along with the bewildly bewildly bewildly bewildly bewildly bewildly bewildly fearless and reluctant to give up on themselves.(Sibling: Why are young people lost?)

About life this jungle: your own good life

"Even if the whole world abandoned me, at least I decided to be happy.""

In May of 2001, Egg continued to sing "The Children of the Sea" in 2009. "The trouble was a straight line, pointing to the path of the movement of all people."We've lost, we've been hurt, we've been lost, and we continue to explore life, as usual.It seems that when you walk around, you can get a little bit more step by step, and you can get a little bit more practical.

Don't be afraid of the jungle. No matter what you go, you will walk out of your own good life, and laugh at the road again, and flash the light in the sun.

About Love This Sea: Missed All to Meet

"So you stop and I get picked
. We're on the road, day by day, dark fire,
" If you look back and I look back, we'll miss it. "

A couple of years old, many stories were missing, but most of the time we were so happy and so naive and crazy.Since then, we have learned to express deep, shallow, painful cuts that have been taught us by Zhang hang.We haven't learned anything yet, and we'll talk about it inIn other times, I hope I have encountered a person who is willing to listen.(Recommended reading: Each relationship is an exercise, seven love exercises that embrace happiness )

The age of 20 is too long, one night is too short, and we look for the person who matches the time and the frequency, and is willing to have a person who reads our souls.

About your book: Use your life to understand yourself

"Just trying to fly as I don't know
stars and candles will be extinguished first.
If beauty is beautiful all the
, darling, don't be sad."

" Happiness is not on the other side, happiness is on your own.Such a remark is the warmth of the chaos of the universe.Happiness is in the midst of the flow of time, and a bit of a bit of understanding of oneself. So the world still angered us occasionally, so that life still bothered us, so that love could still upset us, so it was still too far away from the future, but when you were strong, you knew that you wouldn't have to be afraid of yourself.

We're all lost stars, and let's light up the night sky for ourselves.

In the end, it was a big circle, and it dropped more than once, and cried more than just one night, and it suddenly realized that everything was about itself.My life, my success, the love I want, the world I want, I want myself.Everyone is taking a bare metal to exchange for the world they want, and we are still so afraid of getting hurt, but we are always doing everything we can.(Recommended reading: To find out for yourself, find the most desired life )

Don't feel unconscious, don't go in the direction, don't be afraid that the road is too far away and you are too small, don't like not to be perfect for yourself, and don't miss the 20-year-old.At the age of 20, we define our youth step by step. I hope that this or the bitter or sweet days are with you and that you enjoy the fall and happiness, and that you are just as blossoming as you are.

And then we can be so proud to say that I'm in my 20-year-old.

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Dear Big Woman, 5/28 Great Time with you, the city of Yoyo