"Chew Weekly" is our new attempt! This week I recommend you to listen to Rosie King's story and think about what it meant to be "normal" and embrace "different" courage.

"I will not trade my autism and imagination with this world. "rosie King says his eyes are firm.

Rosie king,2011 A documentary about autism and Me, which was aired on the BBC in 2014, when she was 16 years old, standing on the TED stage, with a stubborn and affectionate sharing of the world in her eyes. and throws out a question that all of us deserve to think about. "Why are we so yearning for normality, but always unwilling to celebrate the uniqueness of life?" 」

In real life, including you and me, how many people are taking the "different" in other people's mouth to exchange the so-called "normal"? The 16-Year-old Rosie King stood on stage, opening the first sentence of his own autism, talking about the world is always trying to get autistic patients normal. "Autism is not a symptom to me, but a power. "rosie also points out that not all autistic people are Dustin Hoffman in the rain, that autistic people have different manifestations of symptoms, they don't always love math and science, they don't always talk, they are so diverse, like the world. (Recommended reading:"My name is Khan!") Take you to know Asperger's disease )

"But people are so scared and diverse that they're always in a hurry to categorize everything into a small box with a label on it." 」

Rosie wearing a flower dress, hand fork waist, seemingly naïve but accurate to ask the world. In this world, so lonely, we are afraid of their own "different". But think about it, what does "normal" mean in our mouth? Why do we rush to camp and force ourselves to put aside good "differences" and ask ourselves to approach the so-called "normal"? Why do we pour our talent into a module called "normal"? Why do we stop ourselves from glowing?

At the end of the speech, Rosie meaningfully, "whether it is autistic or not, if we cannot understand what a person is thinking, can we not punish their" abnormal ", but celebrate their uniqueness? Can we cheer for each and every time they bloom their imaginations? 」

"If we can" t get inside the person's minds, no matter If they ' re autistic or not, instead of punishing anything s from normal, why not celebrate uniqueness and cheer every time someone unleashes their? "–rosie King

Don't be afraid of being different, let us tell ourselves that we do not need to be gregarious, let us use our own perspective to put together this life, let us no longer anxious to cram themselves into a specific small box, so that our hearts more free to grow, let us not forget how to dream, let us learn how to live more freely.

Of course, we will still be afraid, or worry about themselves from the "normal Circle" in the single, but also perhaps out of the "normal comfort circle", hug different, but also this era of us, should have the courage.

wish to share this TED speech with you and embrace the "different" courage. (Recommended reading: not afraid of me and the world is not the same, my name is Xu Fang appropriate )