40-Year-old you, whether single or family, you should be proud of their accumulated intelligence and charm. The beauty of a woman 40, bloom by you!

40 women, like flowers bloom. The first model of Lin Chi-ling , in his 40 birthday, write down their own birthday wishes:

"My birthday wish is very simple: family and friends safe and healthy, life in fact, not too much trouble, health and good friends together, happy laughter, full of nutrients, away from worry." When I have the ability to do more good, always, I believe, everything will be better. Now we have--10-Year-old hearts, 20-year-old positive optimism, 30-year-old youth Moving, 40-year-old intelligent harmony. Every stage of life, in fact, is very good. 」

Now, 40-Year-old still China him, active in the public good, and the years in his still beautiful appearance, as if also left no traces. And my dear, what is your 40 appearance? Whether you are surrounded by the other half, the company of children, or like the sister Zhi Ling, a person to enjoy life, I believe that your intellectual harmony, can make you bloom everyday elegant smile. Hey, woman 40, it should bloom like flowers. (Share with you: Lin Chi -ling, lead your life with more love )

The following 37 good songs, to 40 of you listen quietly. in the workplace, you are invincible staff, and in the next class, you are busy in the kitchen busy out of the beautiful little cook; after dinner, you incarnate Mother light the child's face, coax him to sleep. Then, quietly watching the other half in their own side sink Shen Sleep, you finally took out a bottle of old wine from the cabinet poured a little , with the music, light shake the glass. This moment, you do not belong to anyone, you only belong to yourself.

Over the hill, who waits on the other? --Jonathan Hill

"Want to say yet not say still   a lot of/save is because want to write a song/Let a person gently sing a faint to remember/even if finally forget also it's worth it./Maybe my life is a trickle of ideas/luck sinks into a river then we each end/look at the river curved finally dare to boldly/Chipi face life difficult.

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20-Year-old Impulsive Reckless, 30-year-old closed his heart. You've been in love a couple of times, you've hurt a few people, and you've been hurt by several people. Do you think you're mature? At the age of 40, you still don't know. In a few nights, you are still worried that you will be old before you mature.

Until you finally find that the girl in my heart has never left. You have never left him, growing up, and do not necessarily have to leave him, as you are now, in fact, with him walking together. If you cross the hill, no one waits on the other, and you don't lose yourself. If you can't remember the last time who gave the hug, at what time, we can at least know, the next hug, will be you to the heart that girl, a very warm and warm tight.

You want to learn to grow up, I want to learn to let go--wanfang 〈michelle first day

"After   summer you will fly to the sky/Let the wind blow to the whirlpool of love   /Dear michelle/I will learn to let myself   bless your loss Ah   Michelle   first day/Ah, the first day of growing up   /Ah, our first day /AH   has gone so far away. "

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The first time, the child sent to primary school, the first time, he bravely did not look back, the first time, you look at his figure, as if to see their own. One day, he will be very tall and high bar, start to have schoolwork trouble, will start secretly love class classmate, will start to the world curiosity, will begin to want to fly. Then, that day will come, he fly, you release the clenched hand. (Extended reading: you learn to grow up, parents learn to let go!) You should run away for yourself once in a lifetime .

Dear Child, Dear Michelle, no matter outside the world wind and rain, I would like to practice letting you go to break through, because I know, I have no way to lead your hand to go for life. Look forward to seeing you free to fly, look forward to your wings more and more strong, look forward to you have the opportunity to see the world. If you accidentally hurt, mom is always behind you, waiting to mend your wings.

You are don ' t have to try so hard. Learn to be imperfect--〈try〉colbie Caillat Kelly

Don ' t have to try so hard actually, you don't have to do a lot of trouble.
Don ' t have to give it all away don't cater to lose yourself
You are just have to get up and get up and get up and get up all you need is a little confidence.
You don ' t have to the change a single thing don't need to alter yourself
Don ' t have to try so hard actually, you don't have to do a lot of trouble.
Don ' t have to bend until your break don't give in to hurt yourself

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The age is not the years, but the accumulation. At the age of more than 10, in order to have a zit on his face, on the inferiority of the head, even the school do not want to go; 20 years old, because like the same young boy, you rampage, think that love is so fearless and crazy, make you lose yourself, black and blue; 30 years old you, want to be a metropolis female, began to save a little money, bought a few brand-name bags, will look at fashion magazines, hair color a change.

Until 40 years old, you finally see through. Standing in front of the mirror, looking at the dazzling variety of cosmetics, you slowly remove your eye shadow, eyebrow powder, mascara, lip honey, the eyes of this pure pure you, is you. 40 years old, you finally do not have the trouble to like others, and finally divided between the good and the goodness of the line, and finally let themselves free. You don't have to work so hard to keep the perfection in the eyes of others, because to be true to yourself is always the most beautiful.

Let's go, let's go. --Sylvia The price of Love

  "Let's go." people always learn to grow up/go   away /life will inevitably experience pain and struggle/   Let's go /Find a home for your heart I've been crying and I've been heartbroken/it's the price of Love

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When you were young, on a few rainy nights, you asked the sky why. Why love so painful, why he wants to walk away from you, why this world can not find everlasting. 40-Year-old you, looking back at the makeup of the cry of his own, has been able to gently say to him: Hey, these are the price of love.

You learn to find a home for your heart, you start to know all the setbacks and injuries, are growing nutrients. is to cry like this, pain, you are qualified to have a laugh. The center of the world is no longer itself, but itself, is its own center. (same field Gayon: love, IS has the courage to hurt )

If you're still alone, don't be afraid, love,--s.h.e〈 woman like a girl.

"Women like girls don't want to be worldly/willing to take my heart as a gift/a complex world/simply to give/even say seriously will lose/like girl's Woman sometimes cry/hurt but not afraid to embark on the journey/calculation of the world to walk their own footsteps/insist on flying my naïve route.

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In the workplace for many years, life is sometimes full of calculation, full of ambition, full of insecurity. But in fact, you also hope that someone can love the most simple you, and Lin Ling in the program on the Truth Confession: "I hope you like the silly Lin Chi-ling, simple and pure Lin Chi-ling, and then I am ugly you would like to accompany me, and so I am old, sick, you would like to accompany me to see a doctor." "Love, isn't that what it is?"

Dear, if you are still a person, do not dare to love because of age, you can always put on the shoulders of the burden of unloading, take off the armed, to go innocently. And the girl in your heart, is it for you? Go and enjoy the excitement of the ambiguous, the enthusiasm of the deep love, and then find the person who can be with you, when you are old, sick, accompany you to see a doctor.

Hey, I hope these 37 songs, this short 2 hours and 44 minutes, can make you love yourself more than 40 years old. Stay a little longer every day and give yourself back to yourself. A woman 40, it should bloom like flowers.

(see April Theme , looking back on the path that 20,30,40 had traveled

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