Female entrepreneurship on the road, not only the pursuit of dreams! What's more needed is to listen. get a relief by listening and interacting and make it your heart-charging station.

"Red Velvet" both warm and powerful Hongyan color, and velvet-like soft, delicate, is the entrepreneurial woman's mind!

We see women entrepreneurs face the cause of perseverance, in the life also strive to maintain relationships, play a good role, bear the pressure from all sides, need more understanding and support. for you to have a rest assured to talk about the place, the last of the month of Thursday, a dedicated women's entrepreneurial party!

The Red Velvet Party salon invites women entrepreneurs from different fields to share their experiences, to help you more easily cross the road to the problems and difficulties encountered in your life, through listening and interacting, to cheer each other up, everyone will be the other person's "spiritual mentor", let this be your heart charging station.

At three O ' night, still looking at the report, processing orders, tomorrow's children's parents meeting, not enough!
Sir also has a career, elders need filial piety, I should please my family, or work?

Female entrepreneurial activities are often closely related to the family, but also the traditional culture of the gender role of the challenge, for good at relying on and obedience of women, entrepreneurship is the family look forward to an unimaginable choice. However, when women with high education level gradually enter society, the heart of entrepreneurial fulfillment begins to stir them, forcing them to fall into the dilemma of self achievement orientation and family relationship priority.

According to the domestic female entrepreneur looks like the tracking survey, up to 75% of the entrepreneurial girls rely on their own property to start their own business, their own commitment. 63.7% of the entrepreneurial girls, eager to achieve life goals and dreams. 42.9% of the entrepreneurial girls, only one person to fight alone. But fortunately there are 35.4% of entrepreneurial girls, embrace the companionship of friends and relatives, and common struggle. (Recommended reading: The most true story of female entrepreneurship!) The social enterprise flows the forest to culvert )

Female entrepreneurship on the road, not only the pursuit of dreams! What's more needed is to listen.

Husband and wife entrepreneurship, public and private how to say trenchant?
My entrepreneurial dream, parents do not support, how to communicate it?
Busy to sprint their careers, intimate relationship pull the alarm, what should I do?

I know you don't want a lot, just want someone to listen to your desire, and here is a group of friends with whom you have common language, through each other's stories to share, let us no longer with the important moments in life, to embrace the challenges of entrepreneurial life. (Recommended reading:12 entrepreneurs to improve the efficiency of the secret )

4/23 come with us to the field Women ' s talk!

Activity Date: 2015/04/23
Course Time: 13:30 ~ 16:00
Course Location: Changee (Taipei Digital Arts Center 1f-near Zishan MRT Station exit 2nd)

Keynote speaker:

The founder of Eco-Green Co., Ltd.

Have their own fair trade companies, cafes, stores, love life, love to travel, experience different cultures, in the Sri Lankan car escaped grenades, the civil War military interrogation, 14 hours drive to climb 4,818 meters, only to South America cocoa-producing rainforest town.

Chen Yi Zhen co-founder of Women Womany

Women are obsessed with Womany.net co-founder. The greatest wish of life is can always do to make their own happy things, and the only goal is to every decision feel no regrets, life has a lot of beautiful scenery waiting for us to find, if the time is busy self torture and injury spring sad autumn is too bad.

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※ The scene will open 3 female friends to share their stories, the speaker will give back and provide spiritual support! dare to tell us your story! Please after completing the registration, the letter (sysme015@gmail.com) explains your sharing intention, the day will receive us to prepare for you the intimate small thing!

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