From the business assistant, then when the only female director of the office, and then accidentally embarked on the road to entrepreneurship, all the way to the practical practice of her today to shake the sword time.

Friday 10 o'clock in the morning, outside the window rainy, I in the century Austrian public Relations office, opposite sits Ding, the century Austrian public Relations founder, continues to work the columnist, the new university concurrently professor, Aama Taipei Cradle Plan's coach, has also served as the Austrian and American public relations business Group CEO. She came with a smile and a story.

Ding sat down, pointing to the office next door, said, this is the century Austrian-American and the new University of the production and learning cooperation, so that senior students early to the internship class. "I understand that newly graduated children are often unsure of what kind of workplace ecology they will face," he said. In the workplace, not only need a solid professional, there are many basic skills. From what to wear to work, to how to behave, and even how to collect data is learning. And the school will never teach you. 」

A few words down, I understand, Ding Juan "help young people grow, make the world better" vision. 1.5 hours, we talk about the workplace, talk about female entrepreneurship, talk about life choice, Ding today's elegant calmly from the past to frustration and failure of the calm, after chatting I walked out of the office, the rain has not stopped, I feel a warm yang heart. As if it were a microcosm of the current state of work, it would not be so hard to keep the soul that cannot be given up in the heart. (Recommended reading:"Go Your Own way of life, so that the workplace with you" to the workplace fresh people a letter)

Want to give me the warmth of Ding, also share to face the work or have hesitated you.

Young people learn to accept hesitation, give themselves three years of "groping period"

Ding's career height makes many people enviable. When I asked her about her career, she smiled and shook her head and said, "I'm not sure of anything at first, so I'll try again." "Ding Juan is not not eaten the workplace suffering, just into the workplace, the boss only gave her two choices," to be a secretary or business assistant? "Also reflects the society's rigid expectations of women's inauguration." Ding smiled and said: "I am probably a bit stubborn, others feel that the business assistant relatively low end, the secretary is more popular." But I don't want to work for just one person, I want to work with a group of people. "(Recommended reading: young people, you must have good values )

This article is authorized to use, Source: "Ruili Iraqi style" December 2013 issue

After many hardships, business assistant, Ding also in the company internal conversion several work, did marketing planning, advertising planning, finally came to the PR project, and then a more than 20 years. From Acer Technology followed Shih to learn the spirit of public relations, and then to the elite computer when the company's only female director, and then stumbled onto a career, the establishment of the Austrian-American public relations, rooted in the spirit of public relations.

"Life, sometimes really is vista." Now that you think about it, it feels like three years to find out what you really want for a long time. But in fact, with 30 years of career landscape, three years is just 1/10, you spent 1/10 to find what you want to do for a lifetime, it is absolutely worth it. 」

In the face of youth "groping period", Ding encourage young "Try more, try wrong, at least can tell you what you are not interested in the future will not waste time." "She shares the young people in addition to try, but also to set themselves a" three years of exploration period. "That three years, you are very determined to let yourself try to find the direction to go." Many things in life are not once in place, but you cannot give yourself a chance to try. "Ding also share, in the century Ogilvy saw a lot of good young people come and go, she will tell the young people," you feel temporarily unsuitable, quickly to try. If you still like PR, you go back early, the company will leave a road for the outstanding people back. 」

"I think young is, like a sponge to absorb, you do not care too much about others to your title, it is someone else to your aura, you finally have to prove you can prop up the halo." That's your. 」

Ding words firm but gentle, and then sip a mouthful of tea, the taste of life seems to be so, gradually back to GAN. The courage to take risks, Ding Juan is more rare is her constant escape from the comfort of the faith, others laugh she is silly, she is getting closer to the future. (Recommended reading:"Uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth" to write a letter to the work of your hesitation )

"Perhaps, your broadsword is long blunt, you still don't know ..."

"At that time, I think I trained skills fast retreat, there are big knives but always practice ah." Ding smiled to share the reason for leaving Acer, despite the good salary and the environment, but she felt that she had stopped improving, and decided to push her way to the workplace.

Leaving Acer for seven years, Ding came to the elite computer, the world's second-largest maker of mainframe, to become the only female executive in the company. The most important reason is that there is more room for her to try new things, and she has not gone through the process of IPO (initial public offering) and international marketing. "I'm going to do something I haven't touched." "Ding Juan said firmly, until now still so."

In the elite 2.5, Ding in the marriage, the child was born, the home is in need of earner support, resolutely put forward his resignation. "It's a tough decision," he said. But I was always afraid, I was so comfortable that I could never learn anything again. In that environment, I have no way to practice the knife. 」

"The day I resigned, I did not ride a donkey to find a horse, and I killed the donkey directly." Just realize, OH originally I lost my job, originally is this feeling. But my personality is stubborn and I decide to do it. "Reign then born, Ding career path, not easily let go of themselves." Worry about their broadsword blunt, afraid of their own time, so always again and again to push themselves to another peak. (same field Gayon: All the same !) The real world outside of the comfort zone

The teeth to pay excellent donkey killed, but let Ding accidentally embarked on another way of entrepreneurship.

After losing her job, she relied on the network of contacts, write press releases, press conferences, planning activities, flexible skills, playing with Broadsword in the circle of free workers to play a name. Intel's PR manager went after her, one after another. "It was naïve to think that freelance workers had a lot of their time, but they were doing things for 24 hours," he said. "Ding back to the crash, is Intel PR:" The case is not finished is you are responsible for the matter, do not finish, go to find someone to do ah. "So I stumbled on a person to work together, but also to develop tickets, so opened the company." "Like the birth of a child to know how to take the child, I also opened the company, hired employees, only to find that they are the boss, is starting a business." "Stones Ding to do while learning, the more do the better, the establishment of the 21st century PR, in 2002 through mergers and acquisitions into the Austrian-American PR communications Group."

"I think about it now, and I feel like this is a bumpy ride, but as long as you encounter problems, accept, then face, will find direction." When you are willing to solve the problem, God will help you to open a path. 」

Do not expect a good way to go smoothly, but anxious to launch their own comfort zone to see the New World, Ding Juan so than others see a more magnificent and far-reaching career landscape.

Work with ease! Five learning in the workplace

01. Career Path to face setbacks

I thought Ding sounded like the invincible Iron King, so I talked to her about setbacks. Ding smiled and said: "Setbacks are graded, you can handle, you deal with, can not deal with, people will be knocked down." But do not ignore their emotions, give yourself a deadline, happy and sad, then three days, to accept their own emotions this matter. 」

"I used to be really strict with myself, want to cry when I told myself not to cry, not to accept their emotions, long before I found that this is too inhuman, there will be sequelae." 」

I later felt that people should consciously feel their emotions, accept their emotions, and then face them. Leave a little space between acceptance and face. 」

We all have the right to be sad or frustrated, but we have no reason to never recover. (Recommended reading: The sooner you encounter the better !) These five setbacks make you a better person.

Ding's personal painting.

02. The Devil in the details, PR this way

"PR is a great influence. "When I asked about the PR spirit, Ding didn't hesitate to tell me that. PR is a particularly popular industry in recent years, Ding more than 20 years of experience to seriously remind the public relations are all about, the devil is absolutely hidden in the details. A lot of failed PR cases, is a small detail negligence, so the whole activity failed. 」

"In addition to the details, PR absolutely requires a" sustained "force. PR most difficult to cultivate is a senior talent, PR looks bright, behind the efforts and time is very much, many people can not eat this bitter, on the transfer or give up. I feel particularly sorry. In this industry for more than 10 years, you can walk with a big knife. 」

Before having the "maximal influence", we must have a solid practising practice first. Pay attention to detail and have a strong heart to keep going. is Ding to engage in public relations, the people of the deep exhort.

03. Time Management and work "vision"

"Time management is a word, you have to make yourself comfortable." 」

Others seem to think Ding Juan has a lot of workplace identity, but for her to do everything, the "help young people" vision. "It's important to find a vision in life, and you do things around your vision, you don't get flustered, and time doesn't spend on things you don't want to do." Everything I do at this stage is closely related to the vision. "

Every ten years, Ding sets a vision for himself. From 10 years ago "to be a good company leader" and now to "help young people grow up to make the world a better place", by imagining what they want to be in the next decade, they can grasp the time and steadily move towards the vision.

04. Courage to say no is also a science

"If I were young, I would have known more courage to say no," he said, "I should have wasted a little less time." 」

In the workplace, not everything is unconditional acceptance, Ding said now look back, especially feel the practice of refusing to say "no" soft not hurt people, but also intelligent. "Not just the workplace, love is ah, we do not need to just because embarrassed, let oneself and not so like people together." 」

Because Ah, this is your life, there is nothing to be ashamed of. (Recommended reading: ruthless, to be an irresponsible lover )

05. What does a good worker and a good leader look like?

Chatting, we always feel that everything is back to "how to see ourselves" the subject.

Ding went to China to make a speech in Hangzhou to do book sharing

"I think the most important thing for a working person is the ability to learn and grow." "From the Ding process, it is not difficult to see her personal practice of this belief." "Don't let yourself stop growing, you may be embarrassed to tell you, your knife has long been blunt!" You're the only one who's waving it. 」

As for the leaders, I feel that the most important thing is to be broad-minded. You have to be broad-minded to find someone who is better than you to get into the team. "The current workplace environment is often the leader's fear of finding someone better than himself, so the entire team is weaker from top to bottom, eventually becoming disunity." "Being a leader doesn't have to be the most capable person, but it takes a big belly and a mind to make good people feel comfortable in the team," he said. 」

Ding analysis of the current era, no longer applicable to singles alone, we rumble, competitors are not just competitors, but more complex and difficult to solve the competing relationship. Give this generation of people more challenges and more room for imagination. (Recommended reading:EBay global CEO share: Four principles with excellent leadership )

"Women can certainly Take it all"

"Get rid of sex, women in the workplace and men are the same, the workplace is neutral." The things that men and women can do are basically the same. 」

After the Sheryl Sandberg "Come in", the society's restrictions on women in the workplace are more discussed. Ding from the delay to the promotion of female employees to female senior managers to the female entrepreneurship, this way deep feeling.

"Remember when I was at Acer, I thought I was doing well and I tried, but I didn't get a promotion every time. I went to ask the director, and finally he told me frankly "Ding Juan you do not argue, each department promotion has a quota, I want to give men, they want to support the family ah." You have a husband to raise, fight for what. "I was so angry that I thought it would make sense to work." 」

In the past more than 10 years, such dialogues may still be the status quo in most Taiwanese workplaces. Ding encouraged: "Women should first put themselves in a fair and equal position, and then talk about equality with others." If because of others, you decide to touch the nose, resignation, how to be worthy of their ability? 」

The gory testimony of gender discrimination in the workplace Ding the belief that it has changed. "Later work, I was the only female director in the office. Each time in charge of the meeting, exposure to smoke and yellow jokes, often be excluded from the feeling of rejection. But then I told myself, "Ding, you have to be good." If the performance is bad, the company may no longer hire female supervisors. You have to do the female supervisor, people did not say, later may have more female supervisor come up. "Remind yourself to be seated firmly, not just for yourself, but for the future, where more female supervisors can be seen." (Recommended reading:"Don't interrupt me again." When a woman is on stage, please respect her home Rule )

"Mental construction is done first." If you short yourself first, how to talk about equality? Don't think about why others "don't see you", sometimes because "you didn't say" Ah! According to the survey data show that the same fight for a position, men as long as 60% of the GRASP will take the initiative to fight, women are often waiting until 100% sure, just dare to fight.

Ding Juan firmly said, "Women of course can Take it all." "The Times are changing, from the past rigid" male Lord, female inside "to now almost all families are earner, Ding advocated" with family communication time is very important, making money is not just Dad's thing, with children is not just mother's work. Like a sister's meeting, why just call it "the sister's meeting"? Dad should be allowed to participate in the child's life. 」

Along the way, in the women's workplace is not afraid of the value of the time, Ding did not suspect that "their own worth" this matter. Come today, although not yet come to the ideal situation of equality in the workplace, but the life of Ding, but also proved that people will shine, will not be swallowed up by darkness.

Finally, we ask Ding to give 20,30,40 some advice on working women.

"20 years old, dare to take risks, 30 years old, the courage to walk out of the comfort zone, 40 years old, the courage to do their own." "Ding said. (Recommended reading:20,30,40 Women's Dialogue topic )

Every age, have gone through different levels of courage. 20 years old, you have no to lose in this most suitable for the age of adventure, with a crash to find the direction of life. 30 years old, it's getting harder to make changes, but honey, if you don't change, the world will be the same. 40 years old, when you look back, the framework of society has let you do too many compromises, this time, more to take out a little bit of themselves, the courage to do their own, to pursue their own.

1.5 hours, Ding Juan without reservation, put the past more than 30 years of experience in front of my eyes, the contradictions and struggles have been back to the aftertaste, sincere and frank, bold and delicate, Ding said "so I never like to do too careful planning, but my heart has a clear vision, lead me forward." 」

"I especially like to talk to people who have shiny eyes. Ding finally said to me, probably also think of the face of any setback, always the more frustrated and brave to climb up again, the eyes hair light of their own bar. look forward to the screen before you, but also after several setbacks, meet the workplace on the Bright Eyes, step by step to the steadfast self.