Where is the loneliness of today's loneliness?Why can't we love to be satisfied?From the "Life of Love", the blueprint for your love is redrawn.

I am very small, you only take part in a small part of you, you don't want that part."

The protagoni's cat in the play has repeatedly said that it is not just a vocabulary, it is also a kind of a normal state of love.Every year, the Taipei Opera Troupe shows a classic example of a classic example of the "Love Life" of seven years ago. After seven years of itching, it is still a scene of a true story.

"one-night stand and the dog have a cat and a cat," he said. "The dog is a dog, and two people are bursting with desire, taking their own needs, and enjoying the warmth of each other." The dog accepted the cat's offer to make the cat in his apartment, which originally looked like a small, very small cat. After that, the cat began to deliberately leave behind the footprints of the site and leave behind the passionate silence of the two people in the bathtub. The cat keeps trying to find a place where she belongs in the dog's mind, but in the agony of love chasing the game, the deeper the trap is.(from the Nan-People Theatre Company )

(Picture Source: Taipei Theatre Company)

The interesting thing about this movie is that the so-called female lead is the supporting role of love, which is commonly called the "little three."The cat is a girl who doesn't like to go home. She wakes up in the big city, lying on a number of strangers. When she drinks too much, she just got her hands on her, and she said, " Take me home."

The male lead, the dog, probably the bad man you want to be, and not just the bad man we thought of.He just can't resist the low-man, and he's the one who takes the automatic door. He just doesn't quite understand what love should look like. In the loneliness of love, he can only use the stab wounds to unease the unease.(Extended reading: < and "uneasy" and "loneliness" as friends )

My desire is very naked, your heart is opaque

The play is also a story that only happens in a small room — the bathroom — the dog.The bathroom is so small, the cat says that she can only exist in this room, but wants to expand the body of the two people, and it's not your body. As long as your body is physically, it's always more simple than your soul.

As a result, a one-night stand was unpacked and turned into a form of romance.The cat has a look at the dog bed and knows him better, and she started to know that the dog's cell phone number, the blood type of the horoscope, and the dog's girlfriend don't come to his house.From then on, the cats started a bit of a drop of shredding and constructed a dog's life.

In love, we have been so humble beginly, begging, begging for a small trip, a pious eye, a love law that you would like to look at me again. Is this love?He said, "Sorry, give me another chance.""I really love you," said a cheekbone, which was overlooking his tears.(Recommended reading: After the wave of breakup), can we still be friends?)

(Picture Source: Taipei Theatre Company)

Lonely, too big, too small

Why are you lonely?Why is it so scary that people are lonely?It is possible that because there are not too many things in your mind to digest, you regard the work as the whole of life, and it is natural that you treat him as the object of life, because you don't give yourself any chance.Maybe your growing environment, the lack of a sense of security, a lack of a family's listening or a friend's understanding, the lack of "love" makes you aspire to "possession."It is also possible, only because the city is too big, and we are so small and small, and it is not so rare.

scene in the show is the — bathroom, " which is the only scene — the show. The cat climbs on the surface of the dog. The cat cling to the dog, absorbing the dog, and then cluttering the cat.At last, they drowned in the bathrooms that were filled with anger.

We've all been drowning people, because they have caught a drifting tree, which is the salvation, and that is love.

(Picture Source: Taipei Theatre Company)

Loneliness is just a state; it can't define your life.

There are also many such "lonely dogs" around us. He is always careful and careful to hold on to his old life. He loves his girlfriend, but he can't give up a one-night stand.These people are more afraid of being not loved. They lack a sense of security than the "cat", because they do not want to be abandoned and suffer from the loss of their lives, so they can only keep filling their inner pit and guarantee their own success.The dog always forgot that the person he could hurt was the one who loved him most. He had to escape, and began to refuse to return. He began to refuse the cat's cute, but the more he ran away, the more he got lonely.(Extended reading: night, early morning, early morning )

The psychologist Kasiwober believes that modern society is a "network" of many people, and that people who are in one of the key chains off the psychological emotions of loneliness can lead to a wider "broken relationship" by cutting off their dealings with others because of the "loneliness".That is to say, our loneliness is like an infectious disease, not only to cut people's temperature, but also to lose the warm nature of people in the form of rejection and abandonment.The protagoni, because of loneliness and rejection of love, cannot give up his original girlfriend and lose his love of his cat, so he greed and got a lot of relationships, but he couldn't get a relative whole.

Lonely is not a caste but a State.

The loneliness is because we lack the feeling of being loved and we can't get satisfaction from ourselves or others.So when we smell a lonely smell, we get close to it.More or less, we all went through loneliness and woke up in the early morning, when I was thinking about a person who missed it. He didn't take care of your hand, careless, and so hurt you some, say, "easy relationships," and it becomes serious when you're not careful.When the relationship is taken seriously by one party, the other party cannot give it a relatively good time, and the balance of love will begin to imbalance.(Extended reading: The day of the ocean: You hugged it, not always hugging you )

Love only constructs a part of you

In this lonely room, what do you do?You can choose to walk out, open the window for the wind, you can choose not to be a prisoner of love, but you don't need to be a prisoner of love, so long as you understand that love doesn't need to be loved, you don't need to be loved by love, because you're beautiful, and you don't need to let a night tell you.

You can save your soul for a moment, read a book, drink a glass of wine, plan for a trip, taste a complete love, and you're always worth it.I want to say to all the "lonely cats" in the world that being a supporting role for other people's love, you are also the main character of your own life. It doesn't mean that you are not worthy of love.Each character has a purpose in which to read certain messages, read yourself, leave behind a script at the end, leave a great regret, you may not only play a role, you may be original, may be a mistress, but in the face of love, we can only be modest, and all of our characters are made to understand that love is all structure, love not just a form of love.(hey, my darling: [those movies are teaching me things )

2015 Alternative for Love Life > Wondergig Fragment

In the "Love Life" seven years ago, the bathroom and bedroom of the dance floor were changed to "A Boxing General Bathroom" to "break, roll, climb, beat, push" the main character of the "Cat War".Director Lu Po-shen successfully built a new body Theater version of Love Life > Last week, audiences were amazed at the brilliant selling of Wang Hongyuan and Lin Xiao-yuan's performance.The last seven performances of this week and Sunday will not be missed!Zhu Hongzhang, Huang Zhikai, Zhao Yilan, Cheng Jie, and Great A of the famous writer A, recommend a series of seven cats and dogs competitions, and the romantic and romantic feelings of both men and women are

http://goo.gl/koQmkv's and women's love

In this story, who should you sympathize with?

No one, because in the name of love, they don't owe anyone. Instead, they are going to push the people into a romantic relationship with a good feeling of loneliness and love a good one.This debt is only honest and can be repaid.Be honest and see their own poor, acknowledge that they are so stubborn and stubborn, and frankly write the stories they write when they are lonely, and then find a better version of them in these stories.

May the cat and dog in this city, the next time you love it, you have been reincarnation in the death of love, by a complete love crossing, going to life as a person who can make yourself happy.(Recommended for you: To Part after Breakup: If a person is a direction, always the direction of separation )