This memory is a song, Hunan Worm and escape plan of the common memory point, we feel, imagine, tracing, for you read aloud memory Giguan.

The end of the world
Where there are no meteors.
Best for a special trip
Go, close your eyes.
Make a wish that you knew you would never realize

At this moment
Where the cold currents are raging
Wilderness Reservation.
The things that I can reach
have been successful in the crash
On the way

Out the window with the wind
The rain and the Stray birds
There are songs in the room
Full of dreams.
To abandon the body in succession

Yes, finally arrived.
The end of the world, now
I just want to close my eyes.
On-demand five minutes
The Silence
To the place where I started

--Hunan Worm, "The End of the world", "moving Together"

Hunan Worm says: "There is no meteor place/the best special trip/go, to close your eyes/make an early know will not realize the desire," so I think the escape plan (the brightest star in the night sky) is very suitable for his wish.

Memory One: Start an escape plan, when you want to escape to the end of the world

Escape from the difficulties of the day, from the palm of the lover to escape from the family's excessive force of the embrace of escape from the dream of the gap, from the eyes of the old lovers fled. You have an escape plan in your heart and you plan to do it at your worst. Have you ever thought that to a place where no one knows you, to live again, to be free from worry, how good, so that those who bite you like a 囓 the sadness of censure will never see. So you start a little trip, hop on the train all the way to the South deep ocean, buy a one-way ticket into the Middle East charming town, and then you find this trip is still bustling, you can not escape the "people" and "ground" stickiness, the original escape, but for their own "on-demand five minutes of Silence, and then proceed forward. (Hey Dear: Solitude Aesthetics: Learn to own a person, can enjoy the plural life )

"I pray to have a transparent mind
and tears of eyes
Give me the courage to believe "--〈 escape plan

Memory two: At the end of the world, I miss waiting for you to come home

Go a long way, walk through the rough, feel the wind hug, let the waves kiss your ankle, let the sea wind mess your hair, go to those deep dark nights, look at the stars and cry, you will find that you really miss that sad and happy city. The firefly in the evening breeze reflects the tranquility of the moment, the moonlight in the wilderness is gentle, you feel very quiet, very comfortable, thank you for living to feel so beautiful everything, so, you more think of the distance, and so you go home people. (same field Gayon:"I will not only this?" "To leave is to meet more wonderful yourself."

The end of the world is not an end, more like a transfer station, leaving my city, stepping over the world, go to the end of the heart, look directly at the luster and darkness of the soul. The reason to go home to where I started-love you dearly.

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