Called "Theater hundred Queen" Yau Kunjun, Role hundred change, but the emotion is forever true, looking back, she said the acting this road, is a kind of destiny.

Before visiting the Yau Kunjun, known as the "Theater queen", I thought about many times who she was. I thought she might be "Proof" in the Catherine, crazy but introverted; I thought she might be "Closer" Anna, mysterious and seductive, I thought she may be "civilized barbarians" in the EU NI, to keep the civilized and alienated, when the actors too skillfully wandering between different roles, we are curious about her. Real "appearance.

Closer, the photo is provided by the green light Troupe

Visit that moment, see Yau Kunjun, she is a face, we shake hands at the coffee shop door, she has a pair of God and will smile eyes. She is so relaxed, she often laughs, she is really cute, she is so close, when she looks at you, you feel very transparent. This is Yau Kunjun, we talk, as real as the theater, there is no "real" Yau Kunjun, every character in the theater is her cutting angle.

The most touching moment in the theater is not the seamless connection you throw me to pick up, but the most straightforward emotional outpouring. A visit, I think is also I and her a play, rhythmic, we are not urgent, sometimes pause, we exchange life, not just for questions and answers, but naked to deal with themselves. (Recommended reading:525 I love me: do not need 100 points, find a comfortable five exercises )

Being an actress is a decision to be worthy of your own.

Teacher Yao gave me the first feeling, like a child. When she talks about drama, she always dances, she is so unconditional to believe, really looking up and laughing, walking on the actor's road, she is more like a child as stubborn.

"I think there are some things that are meant to be, like being on the road to stardom," he said. I don't think I've made a couple of decisions in my life (laughing), but when it came to being an actor, I thought it was really right and right. 」

Some of the fate from childhood began. Looking back on the past, Yau Kunjun described himself as a special love to play paper dolls or dress up wine, "grew up only to find that playing house wine is the role of virtual reality play; Paper doll more powerful, is the director practice Ah, Blocking arrangement table!" 」

That time, the girl playing paper doll grew up, in the family look forward to, selected the civil Senian, Yau Kunjun said he later went to the United States to study Community University, was busy applying for civil relations, know that they "do not like civil, do not miss at all." 」

"At that time, I knew I was interested in drama, and secretly I took some drama classes at the community college, and it was a very first class drama course for the introduction of the theatre and the introduction of actors." At that time, my English is not good, the classroom one-third hours at all do not understand, but I feel very carefree from the heart, very cool. "Yao teacher said in a very exultant way, such a class, opened the follow-up of Yao teacher nearly 20 years of the actor's road, deeply touched the feeling, in the mind remember clearly."

"Then I had to use" delaying tactics "and I had to bite the bullet and call my family and say let me try again. "I remember one day, after I filed for the department, I got the confirmation document of the drama department at the Community University, and I looked at the words Theatre art and laughed all night." Feel so incredible, keep trying to say, "Is it really me?" Can I really do that? "Now, it may be very stupid, but the community university, but bring me such a big happiness." 」

From that sentence, I feel that the acting brought the teacher all but pure happiness, I feel a fever in the chest, is the wayward and do not resist the heart, so the teacher and drama is not missed. Starting with the "drama department" at the small community University, Yau Kunjun finally admitted to the University of North Carolina Theatre, which admitted only eight people a year. Everything is fate, but also Yau Kunjun think the most worthy of their own decisions. (same field Gayon: Go own life Road, let work cooperate with you )

You'll die if you don't play! I'm not comfortable with actors.

Is this happiness a time when there is a need to compromise because of reality? I could not help asking, the teacher shook his head and even a little surprised to say: "No, really did not ah." 」

"Many people ask, how do you know to be an actress?" Ah, I don't think I'm "know", I'm "not going to die". "Yau Kunjun is sure and stare big eyes to say, and then lovely supplement," Do not die, this is a bit of "back" adjective it, but I really think so, not to be an actor, I am not comfortable. 」

For acting, Yau Kunjun never thought of "improper actor" this matter, give up such an idea never flashed her heart, this zhi industry itself, has brought her too much money can not buy happiness, dream will laugh.

The joy of being an actor is complicated, because it always faces the situation of life over and over again. Acting is often painful, as an actor, the role of pain and sadness have to go to a real, bitter his bitter, music his music, his life, tears or laughter, are feeling the real impact, must constantly go through, no choice. (same field Gayon: Golden Horse actress Chen Lichi dialogue record: the export of life, with pain to exchange )

Proof to prove a scene, the photo by the green light troupe to provide

"proof to verify the beginning of the play, is talking with dad chat, talk about father-daughter relationship, chat to finally found dad is gone. The scene was cruel to me. My father had just died three years, three years, not too short to you can not afford to play the role, nor long to you completely calm. 」

Seemingly painful, Yau Kunjun said finished Proof verify that scene, but instead feel lucky. Through the performance of the process, you can complete the project to release the deep sadness, this play, is the best tribute to the past, the best memorial, to the present people.

I asked Yau Kunjun what it looked like to be an actress, and she thought about it and said, "What was I like when I was in the theater, I think I was alone." I have real emotions, real moves, real vulnerabilities, real helplessness, real pain. I'm like the most ordinary person. 」

The theater assembled the most gory fragments of life, forcing you to face them and not escape. But life, it is also a role play again and again? The first meaning of the word of Man is the Mask (mask), in which we are transformed by different faces, thus exploring ourselves, facing ourselves in good faith, as in drama. People are like this, not only a kind of appearance or posture, we always in different roles, broken and complete.

Yau Kunjun talk about actors and characters, the eyes are always eager, she is so real with the role of exchange, looking for the intersection point with the role, because there is the opportunity to become the spokesperson of the role of ecstasy, because of the experience of the role of the road and pain. "The process of interpreting a character and becoming a character is painful, but being an actor and constantly dealing with" people's issues ", whether actors, characters or myself, fascinates me. Yau Kunjun Bobbing, speaking of acting, always with an obvious smile on his face.

The "naked" stage is actually my protective color.

"The rehearsal ground is very naked, your opponent actor or your innermost feelings, flashed what thought, everybody knows, the heart knows well." "Yau Kunjun said. Rehearsal field such a place, floating common script memory, constantly repeating "Now", not intermittently paraded "real", everyone is naked to hand over to the opponent actor, to the director, to the script, to the theater.

It is that kind of total trust that makes being an actor naked becomes a necessity. Your body is acting "tool", your voice expression, a frown is a bunch of stories are seen. "As an actress, the more naked you are, the more you are not burdened, and the more sympathetic the others are." "Yau Kunjun said.

"So why stage fright?" is afraid to surrender themselves to face everyone, but also fear the real ground to themselves. "Yau Kunjun a little bit of Professor Nature, in the theater, there is a little fear is not possible." Just beginning to step into the world of performing, she smiled and said she only know is to "play", do not know is performing real Yau Kunjun, then suddenly realized that "I was actually seen the light ah."

"It turned out to me that the naked imagination of the actors was my protective color," he said. Because when other people think it's just a play, they don't realize it's really me, I don't know I'm naked. Instead, I am more able to believe in it and deal with it in the same way. 」

Yau Kunjun when talking about actors and stage, always mentioned "believe" two words. "I often think that as an actress, you sometimes have to be stupid." Stupid enough to believe this scene, this role. Don't always think that you are smart enough to think that this could happen. There's a whole lot of distance to play. 」

"So, what do you think is wrong with playing well?" It's your own problem. "Yau Kunjun," said the brother sharply.

Not only the actors, but the body as a person, you have to face the "self"

Actor, is closely related to their own Zhi industry. Face the fear of the stage, disassemble and understand yourself, hand over the naked show, the actor, the transformation in different roles, has been dealing with "own" this topic.

Yau Kun June said: "Ten years ago, I think the actor particularly needs to face the" own "this lesson, now I think, as long as the body and as a person, how can not face" himself "? "(Recommended reading: falling in love with one's life )

Face oneself, touch familiar own body language, understand oneself have bright side and dark, warm own weakness, not easy, but not face oneself, life cannot go down. If you do not face yourself, you will always have reason to blame others. "If I did not choose to embark on the drama of this road, my life will probably become very boring, because did not do their own choice, there is an excuse to others for my life is not smooth responsible." 」

In addition to dealing with himself, the teacher also gives two of performers who wish to engage in theater-related work.

The photo is provided by the green light Troupe

"First of all, I feel sincere, put aside those performance methods do not talk, you are not sincere, the audience will find." Sincerity is to be honest with the character, to the dialogue with you and the character, to think honestly and sincerely to present. 」

"Another, is to live in the present." The actor itself is very difficult to "live in the Present", to remember the lines, but in the performance, the actor also has a lot of "now" to live. That kind of thing is real. "The teacher plays basketball as a metaphor, and when the athlete is focused on the present, the ball always plays very well." Actors, like athletes, should not be limited to their own emotions during rehearsals, but should keep themselves pure and believe in any situation at that time. "The more busy you make yourself in the theater, the harder it is to play." Yau Kunjun The eyebrow, throws out such a sentence full of Zen meaning words. (Recommended reading: don't let Life be kidnapped by the future!) "Live in the present" three exercises )

Love yourself, your life does not need another person to complete

When the actor this thing, continuous and uninterrupted exploration of the human soul, with WHO, What,where constantly questioning themselves, to experience the various temperatures of life, to disassemble themselves and then assembled, so complete. Finally, what about loving yourself?

"I feel like I love myself, you know your life, not another person to be complete." The teacher thought about it and said. To love yourself is to know that you have the ability to love, and that it has nothing to do with who loves you. If we are all complete individuals, do not expect who will come to complete our rounded circle, he is in, very good, he is not, also very good

2nd, I think love oneself is learn to put down, you spared yourself, also spared others. You spared yourself a flaw, and spared the one who could not "perfect" you. "True love is not through fire and fire, but lightly put down." To be freer is to put aside your thoughts and the framework that adds to yourself and others.

"In the end, I think loving myself is, you know, happy and unhappy, you can decide for yourself." "To love oneself back to the heart is to respect your own life and to know that she can do so much." No one can give you the whole world, but you can accompany yourself to see the universe.

Talk about nearly two hours, the teacher is always talking about the theater, I sounded like a scene of life, from fear of resistance to accept hugs, we are trying to put their own life role real good. But if you are afraid, if you have stage fright in life, don't forget to take this step for yourself, has been very brave, later remembered will be proud of. This is Yao teacher with countless stage role, want to say a story.