Famous school halo, gay label, do a few people willing to work for the social movement, walked 12 years out of the Ark of the long road, make her more sympathetic to the world every lost heart.

"My mother said:" Why do you have to do what others do not do? I replied, ' because nobody does it. 』」

The person who said this is Lu Xinjie, she speaks very clear, every word is clean, this kind of clean is like a clear shallow stream flow through your anxious heart. The so-called "other people do not do", but she felt duty-bound, to do very happy. Lu Xinjie graduated from the North one female, Taiwan major social Work Department, joined the gay movement for 12 years, for the gay consultation hotline Propaganda Department director. Lu Xinjie has been speaking from 19 years of age, and now has more than 600 sessions. Now she's not just talking on the stage, she's going to go out and do it, "not just for my long serving gay community, but for the young people like me, my parents, the disadvantaged who need resources, like my sister," Lu Xinjie, who declared himself a legislator for the Social Democrat South Songshan Xinyi District, said: To build a better society so that everyone can live a better life. (Extended reading: Taiwanese, why are you so busy?) )

In the face of pain, happiness is actually very simple

"Living a better life" may sound like a Lu Xinjie, as every candidate has promised a different "better life". She felt that the root causes should be to improve the situation of vulnerable groups in society, from the creation of the existence of different coexistence of space to start.

Many people know about Xin Jie because she spares no effort in the gay movement, but what she wants to do is to strive for more disadvantaged groups, where does her empathy come from? Hin Jie has a congenital heart disease in the family sister, she said: "She let me think about what is important in life." 」

Yan Jie said that when she was a child, she often stayed in the ward with her sister, when she saw the doctor repeatedly inserted needle to find sister not obvious blood vessels, she did not bear the pain of the sister's appearance, escaped from the ward, after the mother said to her: "You can leave, but I can not, because I want to stay here with my sister, can't let her alone." "The most important thing in the face of pain is to look at it, face it, and deal with it," he said. "This is mother to her example, sister also use than ordinary people more hard and brave life to tell Hin Jie:" In the face of pain, happiness is actually very simple. "(recommend you see:" Why can't we look straight into the pain?) "I'm in a cleft-lip child's O.R."

Yan Jie said: "I grew up with my sister to face life and death, I found scores ah friends quarrel AH these things are not important, happiness and satisfaction is the most important, people's happiness is actually very simple, is to do what you want to do, and you want to be together with the people. My sister gave me a very good life experience. We often put "live well" into a luxury, many times you let yourself trapped in the external environment. "Yan Jie said this words, the pupil of some flashing light in turn, I think that is Thanksgiving and cherish it."

She experienced the impermanence of life and death for an earlier step, because know how to love the sister who is not the same as ordinary people, because understand the lack of resources of the family how isolated, so Lu Xinjie See society needs to be pulled the hand, someone said she silly, said she how old do thankless things, Lu Xinjie so answer: "I have a lot of partners, I am not alone on this path. 」

Politics is not an elitist thought, but a public opinion

Yan Jie said that he met all kinds of people in the gay movement, different social strata and ethnic groups have comrades, he may be the bank foreman, department manager, the alley selling crispy chicken boss, she knows there are many many such people in the world need a more comfortable living space, So she decided to take part in a political career she had never thought of. Lu Xinjie said: "I have been doing social education for so long, we do not understand the comrades ten years ago, now we are willing to know, my work experience is that the people of Taiwan are very flexible and empathy, most people with an open and friendly attitude." But why does comrade seem to have no improved living conditions in the face of law or society? I think it is important that civil society in Taiwan does not have a dialogue with politics. Politics is too highly isomorphic to control, can not see social and civil change, I also want to flip politics is high above the elite thinking. "(same field Gayon:" I have no parents, no husband, no children, make the country better is my most persistent dream "South Korea's first female president Park )

Yan Jie said look forward to seeing all the flip possible, she is not a political family, nor is it a political related department, she came out because of trust in public opinion. Yan Jie also feel that public figures published, every words and deeds are expressed ideology, each word is the values and ideas, all indicate that you are in the "communication" or "show." We often find that politicians often only take care of the "majority", ignoring the "minority", although not their intention, but it is because such a small habit of people into the elite thinking, as if the "Life of the Victory Group" only to the specific appearance and class.

Girls ' masculinity, male femininity, should be allowed.

"I look forward to more of this society," said Yan Jie. 」

Talking about the political elite, we have also found that the United Nations has issued a report confirming that "no country in the world has achieved gender equality". To this matter, Yan Jie replied: "The Taiwanese people have more space in politics, we now have Cai English, but it does not mean that women have absolute rights in political participation, the biggest hurdle for women to participate in politics is the family, like we are now lobbying a lot of people out of the election, they rejected the reasons are mostly" mother-in-law do not want to come out in the publicity "," Dad thinks it's dangerous for girls to take part in political battles. "(Recommended reading:" CEO column "What is the relationship between women and politics?) )

Although we thought we were in a "women's autonomy" space, however, most girls think about the "family" in front of themselves, the female excessive display ability is often condemned by the society, the Crown, that is because we are too accustomed to regard the male role as "authority", if the woman speak loudly is "aggressive, Challenge the System ", so more likely to demean themselves with intelligence and ability. Xin Jie feel that no matter in any occupation or occasion, the best situation is: "Both men and women can present their most natural appearance, the female masculine, male feminine femininity should be allowed." 」

Out of the way, I walked for 12 years

At this point, we are curious to welcome the "social label" campaign, and she recently published a book, "Good Time: Give lesbian body, sex and intimate relationship guidance", strong gay color will affect her candidacy?

Yan Jie said the people around you will care about her, afraid she was hurt. But she was not at all afraid of herself. This sentence is not afraid, let people believe, can with her fearless.

Yan Jie's mother had to write a pen to the cabinet daughter of a letter 〉:"see you without the status of the day for the gay movement and efforts, now more willing to stand up for more vulnerable people to serve, mom really moved, also proud of you! But in the mood of your pride, there are some Mochonay, because in the face of the whole society of discrimination and strong oppression of homosexuality, mom now really heavy up, I am indifferent to think, but can not speak out loud words to encourage you, because I know that the road less traveled, the thorns on the road is not I can clean for you, It's not that I can take your place. God chose me to be a congenital heart disease and lesbian mother, I believe that is because my love is through the harsh test. I think that whether it is a person with physical or mental handicap or a gay family, it is necessary for all family members to listen to each other more patiently and to be more gentle and considerate in order to get through this difficult life together. ( Click the link to see the full text )

This is a letter that anyone has been deeply moved, but it is the road of Yan Jie for 12 years.

Yan Jie from the Ark: "My example and everyone else, the parents are very painful, then do not mention this matter, and then asked you to marry." I was 19 years old out of the closet, the total spent 12 years, the first seven years is a repeated process, parents feel that I am temporary, have not grown up. "(The same field Gayon:" as a comrade out of the closet, I was the most not missing is bullying "Imagine five years after their own, I insist on over )

Probably because the family sister, is always naïve, the relationship between people is very simple to her, I see you, I to you, I like you, live in this world time she has not cared about anything, the church family cherish each other. Xin Jie said the dead sister's innocence, as if the sister's love is always wrapped around her general, the eyes reveal the warm happiness.

Yan Jie said: "I learn to give parents time, give themselves time, I spend a lot of time to let parents know me:" Although I am gay, but I am still your children. "Both of us work very hard, and I've always wanted to say to all my gay friends that your parents are able to afford these things and understand them," he said. It doesn't make sense for you to go ahead and leave your parents behind. 」

And she said she was lucky. Because it is very close to the family, it is easier to understand: "I do not want them to know the two-thirds of me, I am more concerned about whether we can fully understand, I know that not everyone, some people's family to challenge authority." There is a saying: Deconstruction is the beginning of construction. I'm not encouraging everyone to come out, but coming out of the closet is a process for me to get close to my parents again. "(Recommended you see:" Queer notes "naked wounds and tenderness, no longer need armed pride )

In the gender spectrum, find your most comfortable position.

So we asked him how he found out about his sexuality, and how he faced his own identity. Yan Jie felt that it was very difficult for a man to find himself by himself: "It is easy to think of people in isolation, to find a community, to know different people, to interact with others, to produce something that is digested, to look back, and to find a way or a place to be comfortable. 」

Yan Jie said the past to "become a what kind of female comrades" long troubled her. She was growing up swinging between "t" and "p", and there was no way to find a comfortable place. Yan Jie said: "Classification is unavoidable, although it also restricts the framework, but also provides a template, so that you know in the lonely when someone like you." I was puzzled in the gay and "gender symbol", but later I can find a flexibility to make myself comfortable to do like, back to their own space, I am not in a hurry, do not have to define my own classification. 」

Yan Jie also said why he published "Good Time" at such a sensitive time, she said that because she had walked through the "feel that the world has no place in her own" moment, she thought Taiwan did not seriously in Taiwan culture, our own emotional system of the gay characters written books, mostly translation materials, Or the heterosexual idea of homosexuality. She said she was "ashamed" when she first started to know sex. Lesbians are not in heterosexual relationships, but many lesbians think sex is dirty: "That is very implicit, you produce sexual pleasure, but another voice in the oppression of your happiness, as if to tell you it is unclean." "(to blush red to speak sex to talk about love: sex is very healthy )

Yan Jie Why are we afraid to talk about "sex"? "It seems really hard to talk about it, and it's awkward to talk about sex every time you have an activity," she said. For example, if you want to say "vagina", people will say "there", in the face of lust, I think it is to put on the table to talk about, learn to speak out their feelings, the first step is to talk to themselves, so it is possible to create space and opportunity , Lust is the only thing that can become a stigma. 」

Avoidance is more frightening than ignorance: not giving up the possibility of understanding others

Talk about Lust, Yan Jie also talk about the former "free the nipple" activities. She said that in this discussion she saw two kinds of discourses: "One is that the body is not equal to the lust, the other is that we face the lust of the body." For me, I feel that in different situations, there is a difference in the tangent points that cannot be confused. I think this campaign does challenge the social boundaries of women's bodies, and it's great that I see a lot of men jump out to share the idea of activities, I saw a boy said: "I have been very worried about my seeing a friend naked, if I have a reaction to do, I do not blaspheme this activity?" I later found that I saw a lot of friends are PO, in fact, no physiological response. "" (Extended reading:"Blush essay" FreeTheNipple My Body politics, my right over the sky )

Yan Jie also found that a lot of people misunderstood male to see a girl is erotic, male not we think so beast. So in this public discussion, Hin Jie felt that it was once again creating a space for differences and coexistence.

She went on to say that she was not a high judge of current affairs and that she never stopped learning to understand. She shared with us: "I have always felt that I am a very equal minded person, there used to be a lot of Muslims in the school abroad, I realized I was afraid, I could not help to see them with a progressive feminine value, or I would use the image of the media to guess them, and I found it very surprising in real time, This is the discrimination I do not consciously reveal, I believe that everyone will have discrimination, the most important thing is that you have no way to understand. (Recommended reading: not just the right to fight!) #FreeTheNipple can't avoid the "desire" issue )

Understanding each other is most important to Lu Xinjie, and for her many issues are returned to one thing: "You talk to yourself, understand other people's positions, see your blind spots, admit your ignorance." 」

Ignorance is not shame, and ignorance is the only way to be a better person. What Hin Jie is doing seems to be "people do not want to do", but every move is a drastic change in our stereotypes, stand still. For example, she wrote lesbian body lust, since "sex" is an ordinary need, why do we avoid it?

"Believe that you have the ability to have a good time and possible!" 」

Yan Jie finally gave everyone such a word. She said

The present Yan Jie is very honest, very real, in front of us to talk about lust and gay identity without a pinch. She uses her body and life to develop the path that comrades and even more vulnerable groups should be at ease. That road, all can walk, it does not divide the masses of the label, no dignitaries and civilians fault, no heterosexual and homosexual, local and foreign relativity. This stifling road, Lu Xinjie is toiled to open up, she tried to be her hero, writing the history of the mainstream culture, to reconstruct the "marginalized characters" of the Life class, hope you see. (You will like:"believe that they can do, Taiwan does not have time to wait for us to become old" Miao Boya interview )