women are obsessed with reading the IOS version officially shelves! We also want to start with this moment in the last minute, and practice giving you these six promises.

In times like this, reading is often a luxury. So when we see on the bus or MRT leaning against the wall to turn the book, it is inevitable to smile. But can there be such a reading APP, so that you also have to flip through the books of the temperature and feelings? Let us still feel the weight and depth of words in the fragmented and cluttered information explosion? This is a woman who is obsessed with reading what W Readbar want to do.

At the end of 2014, we launched the Android version of Women's obsession at the start of the December, which is a gift for us, and for people who like to be fascinated by women. Yes, it's a gift we want ourselves.

2015, May 5, we would like to say a long time before the iOS users, 00:00 This moment, secretly prepared for a while the iOS woman fan read the official shelves, but also to see the previous Android read users to give us feedback and suggestions.

CHEUNG carol:"Praise! is a very good app Yes, design feel good, but every day I have too little (enough) seven articles ... Ah, no, eight? I'm not enough! Perhaps some additional topics could be added. 」

Vanessa wang:"The medicine of the mind! The favorite motivational phrase that starts every day is the power source of the day. 」

Candy hwang:"has always been a good hobby love women fans! See you so attentively, unknowingly blurred the eyes ...

Liu Junyi: "The benefit of a lot of itself is a boy, not only for the girls are very helpful to themselves." 」

Zheng: "text, fascinating told and warm, with the app, let me cherish this sincere and priceless gift, thank you."

Yi Yao Chen: "Thank the woman fascinated female fans accompany me through the lovelorn period of time, let me believe that I made the right decision, but also let me know more about their self-confidence!" Good love of women fans of the article, now out of the app is really good! 」

Chia-yen hsiao:"must be installed reading app has been tracking women fans for a while, the article is very good, warm and positive force, let people have the power and courage to continue efforts, there are women fans make reading a habit. 」

Annie chou:"is so great! A woman's best friend! Now I can ' t live without it"

Julian chou:"recommends developing the iphone read it

Yes, we heard you! In addition to the launch of the IOS version , we feel that the download is a kind of fate (or even long-term relationship), women are fascinated to read it, want to give you these six commitment to heart!

Commitment one: Every day to give themselves a sentence to take away words

We promise that women will be fascinated to read the daily quote would be human updates (editorial sweat), absolute intentions, just want to accompany you through every day. every day, give yourself a word to take away.

We also hope that you can download women fans read it, through Instagram hashtag # Wreadbarquote, contribute to share the daily quote, the future will have the opportunity to let more people in the woman fans read, see you and your voice.

Commitment II: Inspiration and perspective from the author and partner

We are committed to always remember that there is not only one voice and one attitude in the world that meets the views of nearly 200 selected authors and partners and puts them in your little palm.

Commitment three: Seven articles a day, a variety of topics of knowledge construction

We promise to give you just the right kind of love, not a lot of day. Seven editing selections, including a variety of themes, we talk about sex also talk about love, we are obsessed with fashion also talk about people, we talk about the workplace also play. Women are so diverse, we do not want to put you only in a frame, that much boring!

If you want us to get to know you a little bit more, welcome to the submission " women are obsessed with recruiting journalists from overseas stations

Commitment four: Always a little more intimate

We promise, absolutely do not love inflexible, we want to always think one step, more intimate. Day and night mode of care eyes, shake a shake of the blush small surprise, collection of good text read and reread, reading set point two-pronged, there are occasional update function.

Commitment five: The hands of their own gold house

We promise, intimate is not equal to casually, good reading is not equal to no depth, we have to fast news also slow news, we have to be sharp and soft, action reading era, we believe that a word is a kind of thinking carved, always pay attention to the weight of the text.

The woman is fascinated to read, the hand own gold house.

Commitment VI: The most close to the heart of the company

We promise to do you will not leave the partner, see you around for a few lovers friends, linger over a few double beds, but we will not leave. Women are fascinated to read it, to accompany you through the life of the size of the moment, let you know, we have been in.

Hope that the next time in the MRT or the bus meet, can see you leaning against the wall, sliding woman fan Read the W readbar:)

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