Share with you how to find the most suitable lifestyle in your business and family, and talk about the story behind your business. Talk about each other's entrepreneurial dream!

To start a business is to live or to live

The event started by Tanya, a woman-obsessed founder , who mentioned that her entrepreneurial intent was not for the sake of name, but for "Chinese women". ( woman fan Tanya's confession: from Zero to one, from imagination to imagery ) In addition to sharing the expansion of female fans of the direction of operation, and clearly pointed out that entrepreneurship equals life, life equals entrepreneurship. have experienced because of entrepreneurship and found that different from the value of her lover, sensible point out the unmarried entrepreneurial women want what. And share no matter how busy we are, we all should learn to oneself "me time", every day just 10 minutes before sleeping with oneself, will be able to present the best oneself to the person around, this is also the female fan to bring to Tanya biggest gift, in order to contain, accept, understand oneself want of entrepreneurial life and entrepreneurial companion. And when it comes to how women in entrepreneurship find the other half, she says:

Then find someone who also has their own new career. In this way, even if there is an endless talk of business, but also a good opportunity to exchange access to the mirror, even if because too busy only 10 minutes can meet, that is afraid of just for a cup of coffee, each other will be quite cherish each time of the meeting.

Fall in love with entrepreneurial influence win family support ticket

Tanya frankly because the career that is life, every day salvation means office, the life style of the evening and evening had let the lack of communication of the family asked: "Is it just you sleep at the hotel?" After self-examination and thinking, she believes that in the face of the family will always only "love tolerance, patient communication" in order to solve each other's position. The site quotes "The true meaning of love" to share with you how to maintain a relationship with your family, she said:

"Love is patient and gracious." Do not seek their own benefits, not easily angry. All things are tolerated, everything is believed, everything is hoped, and love is never ending. This passage in the Bible also applies to family relationships, taking deep breaths every time you communicate with your family, because I believe they all love me.

after grasping the way to communicate with his family, he began to use more time and methods to make his family understand his ideals, and to share the media reports of women fans and the praise given to family members, so that family members can "be proud of each other", and then accept your own business.

The creation of eco-green 8 years of the mistress as Karen, more than the mood of the past, without any direct mention of the entrepreneurial woman in the face of the family, wandering self pursuit and family compromise both sides, how to break through the dilemma, the need for Superman-like EQ.

Karen, a college student, not only worked around the world, but also actively interacted with the crowd, and began to pay attention to humanistic concerns and social welfare issues. But the top of her high education background, the classmate is not foreign Gao Gan, is the president's manager, when the decision to start a business, friends of her fair Trade dream, scorn, face various challenges when she said:

"Entrepreneurial scenery is not beautiful, entrepreneurs are humble, especially when the bank censors with Sanli eyes sweeping your report, you have to smile to say, yes yes, you say that there is a reason." 」

Entrepreneurial process encountered in the world of warm and cold, she summed up and let oneself can do better, everything because she believes that she is doing the right thing, believe in the original intention and belief, but also believe that their choice of entrepreneurial partner.

Without the balance of life, only the imbalance, then the graceful imbalance.

Why do we all say that life and career balance? I've never been in balance since I started my business, and I don't think it needs to be "balanced."

Since Karen knew Mr, she had a pioneering ambition, a marketing manager who had been in the industry for 10 years, and Karen was well versed in specific pricing rules, and was long on a rational profit and loss analysis to set a marketing strategy. But Eco-Green 5 years ago, is not the price of the café, so that customers decide how much money to buy this cup of fair coffee, must communicate with customers for a long time to maximize the recognition of the opportunity to get higher than the cost of the price.

I quarreled with him for a long time to order the price.

Karen initially did not use the past familiar business practices in ecological green, she is like a rational goalkeeper, constantly to the romantic in the forefront of the gentleman, pull back to reality. Such moves also stir the domestic media, making eco-green now a self-proclaimed catalyst for fair trade in the Chinese-speaking region and making unexpected results.

Entrepreneurship makes women more independent, forcing you to learn.

The creation of ecological green so far, Karen not only to achieve their own dreams, but also to grow their own. She is more candid, specializing in marketing and PR of her, came to ecological green, unexpectedly useless. Entrepreneurship let her from only know part of the management of the level, to what all to learn the state of talent. And behind the push, is never expect her to play the traditional role of the other half.

I am very grateful to our husband and wife share the same values, he also gave up my ecological green comprehensive international arena, and the financial issues of the gatekeeper, I also from the generous to lend a helping hand to him.

She stressed that Taiwan's education of women, often passively encourage girls to be protected in the position, to develop girls do not seek problems, persistent learning habits. Of course, not that girls should not be loved, every woman has a heart to want to be cherished care, but today if we can shoulder a little bigger, bear a little more, you will find your vision than others wonderful. Strong learning of her, but also suggested that the entrepreneurial women here to learn, to the most entrepreneurial best to convince the backing, do not stop learning, grasp the use of precious time, to retrieve a book an idea of the essence, Tim added entrepreneurial self-confidence. (See more shameless learning method: put aside "do not understand" of shame, practice thick shameless learning )

A woman with knowledge is confident. As early as the eco-Green was founded, I could foresee that the seriousness of consumer ethics and equity issues would be warmed up after 10 years, just as we see today's food safety problem.

At the end of the share, we see Karen's eyes for the future. Karen has successfully fought for her family's support to make her father proud of her eco-green daughter, and then another supporter, who is about to become a mother, with her cheeks flashing for the joy of a new life.

The climax of the start-up girl is not only in the focus, but also in the open field of the entrepreneurial women, sharing the family life and entrepreneurship of the road of Running-in.

Ai Ying International Sabrina: Entrepreneurship Learning a child with a hood

has been pioneering 8 years of Sabrina, a deep understanding of the need for entrepreneurial knowledge and skills have been beyond the university, 8 years, all the way to class. The deepest year, often go to the classroom after work, evening holidays are spent in learning. In order to take care of children, often the children tied together, accompanied by the walk, so and the children cultivate a revolutionary emotion, get along very well.

Time is always not enough, but also to grasp the time to get along with their families, in the right now, do not slip mobile phone, do not work, even if it is like Tanya 10 minutes, that cup of coffee, good incense good strong. "Engaged in niche market, she, even if the entrepreneurial process is arduous, never let go of any contact with the child." She also believes that the child's love is the best motivation to support her.

"When you know that 99% of people are laughing at you, you will succeed in",sabrina humor to encourage the presence of entrepreneurial girls. " (Learning failure: Learn to fail on success!) See the story of six successful women )

The secret of Adele Adora two: Clear communication enjoy the brand I want to start

Compared to other female entrepreneurs, Adora's entrepreneurial path has not been more difficult, but the lock brand of her, but also in the family communication has suffered some hardships.

" family do not want me to do so hard brand, often said that jewelry design or jewelry identification is not the same? But I want to be myself too, I will never give up communicating with my family except to explain what suits me with action. "The promotion of broken-shaped hollow jewelry, half of the work to enjoy the entrepreneurial life, Adora calmly, so that the presence of women experience elegant entrepreneurial bearing."

Beijing opera actor Qian's Secret of Confucianism three: everywhere is the stage everywhere has the helper

The art background of money teacher, hope through the entrepreneurial girl platform, looking for intimate friends and possible partners.

I was held in the palm of the stage by the Peking Opera actor, I know that it is a chance to bring my favorite Peking opera to the international way, and for two children, I've been looking for ways to lighten the burden and enrich myself, so I came here.

Tears can not inhibit the entrepreneurial process brought about by the setbacks, and the burden of family more let her desperately want to give everything, to daughter better life, the money forgive Confucianism bravely picked up the microphone, I hope to find here can share the entrepreneurial bitterness of good friends, take a deep breath, and then turn back to face and commitment.

Finally, we summarize three key questions for you in the field of entrepreneurial girl activity:

Q1: How can the women who are busy with their livelihoods ease their family's tension in every tense moment?

Sabrina immediately enthusiastic response, entrepreneurial contact with the face of large and small, even if it is combing, but also to do it well. From the small things to cultivate the beauty of life and art, touch the other side of the head, care about the actors to dress well, encourage them not to be nervous, you are like in the soft shout to yourself. And these incentive gestures, but also to communicate the difficulties of marriage preservatives, with appreciation, there is understanding, finally, there is a common to overcome the plight of the heart.

Q2: Entrepreneurial learning Road is very difficult, and entrepreneurship itself must have a certain degree of foundation, what should be good? And in the state of having a family, how should time be arranged?

Tanya, a rich and experienced veteran, has also tried to learn a second foreign language entity course, but regrets the inability to graduate from a busy life. But later found that the network regardless of language, marketing, specialized, financial management and other professional subjects, have a very rich learning resources, the most suitable for busy entrepreneurs, as well as with the relevant experience with the experts who consult is the fastest learning shortcuts.

With regard to the re-education of entrepreneurship, Karen constructs her own knowledge of the world through extensive reading, decides on the perspective of business observation, even obtains a master's degree in the UK, sees the future market of fair trade with knowledge, and is also curious to supplement many knowledge about finance and law. She gave the women at the scene a message:

you are valuable, but you can't see it. Just as fair trade is a slogan of knowledge, but knowledge is more reflective of the value of self-worth. Learn to see your own value from knowledge, and believe in it, because trust will give you strength. Find value in your work: Why do you love the job or unhappy? Find the value of self-realization at Work )

Q3: As a companion walking through the road of entrepreneurial paradise, why is he?

"I must say, girls still have to protect themselves properly." "karen smiled. Married to the husband before, friends are afraid of her lifetime to pay, in order to fair trade ideals, she put out her own lungs, but this is her choice, because she can clearly know the bottom line to pay, and control for their own retreat. With the value of consensus, and strive to run the business, she also saw the heart of the husband Love home, this is to support her to choose his strongest reason one.

Listen to the mood stories of 45 entrepreneurs/would-be entrepreneurs in this start-up girl, we are willing to accompany you through the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial road, after this event we know that in the cause of their love, life and career in time is never balanced, but through action can make the heart of the distance close, The depth of love cannot be measured by time!

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