The first half of the life for you to pioneer, in the rest of your life silently watching you. But what we want to say is: "Dear mother, you can let go of your hand and catch more of the good you deserve." 」

I often imagine my mother's youthful face, if it really appeared in front of my eyes, it would be so clear a beautiful and elegant faces. I from a frame of old pictures depicting her youth, she stood in front of the Japanese shrine posing tiao tiao posture, wedding photos hid sweet and shy smile, in the party with a group of infatuated with her boy photo, her first love standing in Keelung fishing port before June Lang temperament.

The joy of those old photos, I tried to remember when I was growing up, when I saw her smiling like that? On stage to receive the County Magistrate Award graduation, do card competition and composition won the first place, the University after a long time to go home to open the door suddenly. Then her smile seemed to bloom only for the child.

more times, I know she shed tears for me. the Country hour She always takes a hanger to chase me to run, after I deep sleep takes the ice cold cold white powder ointment to chill my pain; the envy of the students in the country has a new MP4, Bluetooth phone, she did not buy me just sent me to cram school. She is good to me in the way she thinks right, even if I resist, but that's the only way she knows how to love me. My mother has an incredible structure for me, and I often think about how a woman sacrifices her life to achieve a person who has disobeyed her, made her old and fat, and spent her time. (Recommended reading:"theater Mother Act One" child, not your burden )

Sometimes I can't bear to overthrow the world she built up, that woman for the family no regrets, sacrificed for the children of the world, I hope she can complete her own life, I hope she does not have to be my 100 points mother, I even have a "I do not live like you" despicable idea. Maybe every child has more or less the same idea as I do, because you have witnessed a woman who might have had a great future, so you have an apologetic, a resistance.

"This bet is not going to win or lose, because she's betting on it for a long time. "These confused, I in later with the mother's getting along with slowly obtains the solution, also continue to find the answer, I hope to accompany her to find the next answer in life, the answer is not me, but like that frame of the old photos in the smile, she is very confident in the fast door, leaving the most beautiful moment, only for themselves.

My mother and daughter plot is difficult to dispute, is I want her to leave me but I hope she also fly out of a blue sky, is that I love her so love me but I hope she loves herself more. Then the film, dedicated to the world's mothers, want to talk to you, you pay is very enough, you can learn to turn around, learn not to look at, no longer watched us leave home back. (You will like:20-year-old mother and daughter dialogue: We are looking for love girls and women )

"Then suddenly understand, why mother never feel wronged, in fact, that is no reservation of love, Love justly"

I used to say that "I do not want to live with you," the despicable idea, but also after years of reconciliation with themselves. The guilt comes from the brain often flashed her for life to others bow, constantly to the people of the screen, is she no matter what kind of treatment all want us good, and she always hang in the mouth "do unto others, others" the old saying. Originally I am not "do not want to live with you", just "do not want you to live like this for me". Now I am grateful to learn in the mother of the flexible, learn not to complain not to bear grudges, the past thought patience in her body is not happy, then I know, it is not patience, but let go. We are all at ease with the bad idea of letting go of the grip. (same field Gayon: our hearts have "Pandora's Box": Release the pain, will be happy )

"Come home, call me. "

When I went home, I would happily open the door and yell: "Mom, I'm back." "When I grew up, mom never looked like a mother and daughter of a movie to the door, she likes to do her own thing, do not look up to see me leave, perhaps so stubborn she is more willing to give." My sister works abroad, mother often worried about her eating not to sleep, one day no news contact her worried. I watched her jerky use of Skype and her sister's video, lens old to forbid oneself, sometimes she work late, evening 10 sister call, read the work is not smooth is half an hour, she is also patiently listening, still the old saying: "Do unto others, others." "She must know the wrong."

The mother in the story is a deaf person, so she likes to constantly bow to people and express their gratitude to others with their bodies. Daughter married, she learned to use smart phone and daughter video, although she could not speak, but can look at the face of the screen, good. She said "Come home, call me " can only act to say, daughter side away, she walked, as if to see her daughter disappeared in the end of the alley, into a black spot, just willing to turn. (Mother's concern: gay issues are people's issues!) Interview to ya lei: "Every mother in their own way to love the child")

The countless templates created by TV commercials are still "mothers who can't turn around", I hope that all women do not need to identify themselves as a "can't turn mother", and her daughter said good-bye, you turn to be your own piece of heaven, you have to quickly pack up your luggage to prepare for tomorrow's trip, you may also have with the old classmate's date, You have to go to calligraphy classes at this time of day.

I heard a friend talk about their own trapped in the husband and children's family life, she felt that after the birth of the child and her husband will not have the passion, laugh that they are "marriage is the end of Love" the best template. There was no marriage I could not give her any opinion, at this time I think of their mother, it is not so, do not know how old after she will no longer have love life, own for the family and life worry Labor. I was ready to say to my mother: "Do unto others, others." "If you don't want to be older, I will bear the pain and weight of your boring life, now let go of some grip my hand, with this pair of fine lines, the experience of the rough hands of the sophisticated, gently weave your ideal life of the net. (same field Gayon: If my mother is 30 years younger, will she regret the present life?) )

Mother, I deeply bless you, with the 50 years old after the new youth.