This week we share Ireland's first same-sex marriage bill passed by a referendum!This is a jump, and it is with you.

On May 23, 2015, Ireland held a referendum on the legality of gay marriage, with 62 % of the votes in favor, the 20th of the world's same-sex marriage, and the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage through a popular vote.

This is not only an important day for Irish history, but a new step in the world.

In European culture, Ireland has been the Roman Catholic Church, a more conservative country, and even decriminalized homosexuality in 1993.The change was not overnight, and Ireland was ruled by theocracy in 1922 after its departure from the United Kingdom.The divergence between young people and religious politics began with the indoctrinarity — abortion, contraception, and homosexuality.These words, which were rejected by the Irish traditional society, are constantly updating their culture. In addition to fighting for same-sex marriage, the battle seems to have a more inextricably linked and authoritarian approach to power.(Recommended reading: The Gods are not afraid of new things!" The Papal Fangers are all gay )

At the end of the victory of same-sex marriage, David Quinn, the president of the opposition Catholic Association, said: " We all fought a great battle, and of course there would be a certain degree of disappointment, but I accept the result."

the aftermath of the referendum, all the young people gathered in front of the Dublin Castle, underlining the need for a new voice in Ireland, reacted to the end of the referendum: "The Church needs a new language that people can understand and hear."Many young people "walked in, but found that the church was only accepting like-like," and was not inclusive." Give this generation more space, give each other more time, this is Ireland's legal marriage, and I see the most exciting force.Instead of opposing it, it is the courage to overthrow itself in the world of change, not just to argue against each other's differences, but to embrace the possibility of a love.(Recommended reading: Get out of the closet, please say, "Hey, this is my wife" )

After a clear afternoon of the rainbow flag, there was a thunderclap of the Irish sky, the tears of the night, night and night, and the rest of their life, “ Yes, I Do. ”This joy, far from our participation in Taiwan, and the good news that Ireland's good news has given you my courage to go further.

At the Dublin Castle, the Empress Panti Bliss held high his joy.

Every child has the power to hold a rainbow flag.

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When you see these smiles, you might also feel the shock, and one woman in the film said, " We've been together for 15 years, and finally we can be family today." This reminds me of in the early morning of some light rain, I saw a couple of gay couples cheeks in a deep alley at Wenzhou Street, close to each other's cheek, and he grossing the other half of the wet hair, smiling beautifully.In Ireland, where same-sex marriage is legal, I look forward to the expression of love in the eyes of my eyes, and to be able to blossom in the days of the day, rather than just burying in each dark night.

is home to you?It's a place to establish a sense of belonging and a sense of security, a place that never forsaken you.The threshold of home, we use love to go across, and go into that future that is not imagined by all.

Also, in the past few days, the Kaohsiung City government provided the "Sunshine Note" the Kaohsiung City Government, but the note, the delayed medical incident "was noted, and the delayed medical " was first made to the Kaohsiung City it was temporarily unable to find a parent's consent.This is the protection of human nature and human rights. It is also the guarantee of love. How can we divide the small island of Taiwan on this island? Kaohsiung has taken a step forward first, and this step is not easy, but it is very large.

Last shared with you, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny said in declaring that same-sex marriage is legal That said: This day is so divine that the result shows that Ireland is generous, understanding, courageous.Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes." (Recommended reading: When the marriage equality bill is also in the Legislative Yuan, the Netherlands passed the world's first same-sex marriage 13 years ago )

Love this word, it should be kind, and we wait that day, and we fight for that day, and let everyone, all of them, say yes to the people you love.

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