Joanna Wang Joanna, share with us the way of love ourselves! After many setbacks and metamorphosis, she was more confident of herself and more daring to be herself.

After the interview Joanna Wang Joanna, I actually Shen Dian for several days, has been thinking, I can use how to let everyone know him. In the 2008, a 〈start from here〉 on a variety of media platforms, full of the soul of the Lazy song, a powerful appeal, so that everyone could not help but ask "who is he?" 」。 Then, according to the media and the record company to give the clue netizens, we can easily get such information: the famous producer Wang Zhiping's daughter, jazz Blues, Taiwan version of the small Norisa, Taiwan version Norah Jones. (Recommended reading: The English taste of the tender sadness: the top ten British female singers song )

However, when many people are fascinated by his image and singing, no one Knows Joanna heart, in fact, do not want to start from there. Such a beginning and popular way, let Joanna bear the weight beyond their own load, in this music and business model collision, the business model swept, such a result, let Joanna in the years after recalling the past, in the face of writing such confessions: " The reputation of my name and the association with it are far beyond anything that I actually do. 」

When you know me, not me

In the heavy rain afternoon, I saw the real Joanna. He says he likes American cartoons and likes funny things, and many people in the world are too serious. And his thoughts and stories remind me of the cartoon "cowardly Dog hero" that I love to watch as a child, just stepped into the record circle, he was very timid, when others waving a whip hope he in some way present himself, he dare not speak loudly, this is a perfect course, many people packaging him, marketing him, Hope Joanna Can show the perfect appearance in their eyes.

"To make a record is not as simple as everyone imagines, but a thing that needs to be done together, it's not just a musical work, it's very, very important." But the first thing I wanted to do was a drop in expectations from the record company, so I could get a relatively small amount of resources. I think, in the company, it is necessary to stay for a long time, you can get more and more things. "joanna not a rich expression when he speaks, but he can feel his firmness and confidence in what he says and what he does.

In fact, to become a singer this matter, is not joanna"from small to big dream, he, although very much like listening to music, but did not want to embark on this road. Until high school, he picked up the guitar and the students Hum sing, wrote a few songs, he found that music is the most close to their own heart, the media can use music to tell stories, he is very happy. Such an idea opened his way to music.

Let go of what other people expect of you and be who you really are.

But in fact, it is not easy for Joanna to come to this step today. After two albums, Joanna could not bear to do his own work, and in 2009, he chose to leave the circle temporarily and return to the United States for two years. I asked him whether the departure of this period of time to bring him to grow? Joanna just shook his head, he said, at that time is not want to talk about all this, want to have a personal space, good to live a normal life. (same field Gayon: Li Cenji: "We can't avoid the wound, but we can make the wound bloom"

"I always know what I want to do, but I used to have a lot of insecure places, in the showbiz, the record circle is also very not adapt, I have been learning how to adjust." Now I have a better understanding of how I can express what I want to be an entertainer. I did not know how to communicate with the record company, to make the things I want, I do not have the qualifications, after all, the new words are not credible, all these need time to accumulate. "Now, Joanna has been able to present its real needs to record companies and to enjoy greater freedom of work."

I am curious to ask Joanna, in that part of his insistence has not been valued days, he has how to think so that he can now brave to do himself? Joanna said he could not tell everyone exactly what ideas he had thought of, so he could come to the conclusion, but as time went on, he realized that he had to let go of others ' expectations before he could really be himself.

"To believe that what you do is good, this matter is very important, when you believe that your things are valuable, you will not be afraid of more powerful to fight with others." I now dare to go with the company to get back the title of the work, but if the former I would not dare, because when so many people against me, I do not believe that I have the ability and strength. 」

to have faith in yourself, you will gain strength, this is Joanna These years of growth and understanding.

"Give you some sense of frustration, people alive, is to learn to be calm."

Setbacks, this frightening noun, in the Joanna on the road of Performing arts, and in the experience of so many setbacks,Joanna mood changes? He said, he found that people live, is to always learn in the calm. He may not have finished his study yet, but it is worth the time to practice.

"Because of the calm, so can accept setbacks, because the calm, so even if there is frustration or happy to go down." 」
"To give you a sense of frustration in order to let you get good things in frustration, you can be relieved." 」

' these are difficult things to say, but it's easier said than done, but as long as we can try to give them a sense of frustration, we'll be able to stand up with discouragement, injustice, and strength, ' said Joanna. The key to stand up from setbacks is not by being pulled, but by practicing on your own and practicing to give meaning to everything that happens in life. (Share with you:"Ding" youth, setbacks to early )

"Be sure to think about it this way," he said. I found that I used to spend a lot of time thinking, "Oh, my God!" Why these things happen to me ", obviously I have full of blood, but everyone just want to use my singing to make money, this kind of thing is very painful to me." But then I thought again, because I was depressed and no team, so I was forced to learn to do what I want to do, album art, Production, planning, can do. If I'm going well at first, and my team knows what I want to do, maybe I don't have the ability to do what I want by myself right now. 」

In Joanna heart, although those who did not go well, there is a little painful, a little pain, but he has been able to make those uncomfortable, as a growth opportunity, step by step forward. Yes, when things happen, there is no better way to solve them than to grow up in frustration.

The girl who lives in her heart, strong and soft

Joanna growing up in the United States, I asked him if there was any observation of these two different social frameworks, and would it be that Taiwan's society was more repressive?

Speaking of the pressure of society, Joanna shared his views on the matter of Solitude, "In fact, I really like to go to dinner, I did not think that there is anything strange, is a friend told me that I just know that the original girls eat a person is considered a little strange thing." Many times, people are a lot of pressure sources, are the society to you, do not know will not care. People have confidence in their own state to be able to be alone with confidence. "Because society gives us the pressure, often let women forget, solitude is actually a kind of instinct."

"When something is going to limit another thing, there is a problem." Of course the society needs rules, but some restrictions are meaningless. For example, the use of the body to limit sex, can cause pain. When you think about your gender, but your family or society says, because your body is like this, you have to change your mind, which is a natural bondage. 」

Joanna at this time very cool said: "Gender is a kind of spirit." "In his opinion, sex is not what we are born to decide, and the physical sex is just the appearance." If someone is born to be a girl's body and feel that she has a masculine spirit or trait, he says, that person is a male. and Joanna felt himself in the heart of a girl, very sentimental, see moving things will easily shed tears, Joanna that girls are born with many feminine qualities, this is not a bad thing, he also enjoy such himself. (See together: reread Simompova: Mystery, gender traits without distinction between men and women )

To love yourself is to have faith in yourself.

The Joanna in front of me, I know what I want, I talk about what I want to do and what I want to say, and I look very firm. It is difficult to imagine the former Joanna is a very insecure girl, although his heart has full of ideas and to realize the dream, but did not have the courage to say it out.

"I know now that if you want to make people believe in what you have, you have to be very religious about yourself first." "For Joanna, first believe that their soul is valuable, idea is valuable, there will be able to convince other people's momentum, not afraid of others to overthrow their own things, this is the key to love themselves."

"I used to be afraid of people being disappointed in me. "The former Joanna and the present Joanna, actually want to do things have not changed, but the thing that does come out but far." This is the change he learns to love himself, because he believes in himself, and he has the power to infect others. Defending his ideas was something he couldn't do, but through constant thinking and practice, Joanna grew up very, very strong. Just look at his work, perhaps many people will think he has changed, but for Joanna, this is his most real appearance.

I think, we must be more or less afraid of people around us disappointed, but think carefully, afraid to let others disappointed the price, is to let themselves down. Living in someone else's expectation may be a way to make each other seem peaceful in the short term, but live in ways that you don't like, and that discomfort will ferment over time. The person who truly loves us, will bless our good, therefore, must believe, when we have made the good oneself, that kind from the heart joyful appearance, is not let them disappoint.

I'm a stubborn king, eight eggs!

At the end of the visit, I asked Joanna to describe himself in a sentence. He domineering said: "I am a stubborn king eight eggs!" Now, he says, everyone in society wants to look "smart", but he thinks it's a handsome thing to look stupid. This "stubborn Wang eight egg" said that the most touching his life is music. In the music of Joanna, we hear his love and attachment, and hear him share his life with us in the way closest to his own.

Joanna said that he likes the "ace Big Spy" This style of absurd funny feeling, and this new album, a little punk, a little electronic, hoping to show his childhood in MTV will see the style. This time, he quipped that he wanted to incarnate "the evil child host", he wanted to use his favorite music, bring everyone into his bad taste of the world. (same field Gayon: When the Germans say "you have a pig" ... Ten interesting German phrases collection )

During this short hour of meeting, I saw in Joanna a soul that conflicted with his mature voice. He had a very cute, naughty girl in his heart. Reminds me of my favorite comic book, "The Diary of a Wimpy Kid," and Greg, a seemingly dumb child, looks at the world with his own eyes, and all the serious things in his logic all seem absurd and funny.

"What a boring place in the world, where is the magic, where is the joy?" Come on, let me take you to see it! "Joanna such existence, awakened in our soul that never grow up, want to pretend to play cool adolescent teenage girls, in this well-organized society, don't forget to give yourself a bit of the space of the Cavity Walk board." Maybe we don't have to be smart all the time, but we must always be cool. I would like to bring today's Joanna to my youth and the study of life, to share with you.