Do you know that all colors have meaning in psychology? Let the color tell the truth, this week, let's talk about the most healing blue.

Blue is the color of trust, loyalty and honesty. So it always makes people feel sincere, reserved and quiet. Blue is a kind of color that does not like to attract attention, does not love grandstanding, it likes to use their own way to practice life.

Color Psychology Blue is a reliable color that resonates with a sense of inner security, and it is a color that pursues peace and tranquility above all else and promotes physical and mental relaxation. Blue helps to reduce stress and create calm, relaxation, and order sense. Imagine that we lie looking up to a clear sky, cloudless, you can look at that piece of blue for a long time, such an endless also mirror, projecting your inner peace, your intimate dialogue with yourself. (You will like:"Blue Is the Warmest Color" taught me seven things )

And, blue represents a constant, unchanged, love blue you have inherent stability in your character, not threatening. Its constant length also lies in the practical pursuit of ideals, in the religious spiritual level it is a contemplative and praying color, giving people the power of faith. The reliable power of blue is also often used in the logo of the enterprise, more can give people a solid and stable psychological feeling.

The psychological effects of color from the physical light of color stimulate the physiological feelings of people, psychologists have done many experiments, they found that in the blue environment pulse will slow down, the mood is more calm and calm. color is a physical phenomenon, but the human soul gives color meaning, so we misappropriate the blue emotion to life experience, deep sky, vast ocean, boundless universe, pure iceberg, close to the infinite transparent blue. The silence of Blue is not sorrow, but a force of stability. (You will like: sad can also be very warm: healing the daily practice of lovelorn )

I'm going to stay away from the Earth, my secret Residence
Reach the sky, where the other secret lies
I'm going to be in the sky
The sky's farther, closer to the real blue
Infinitely transparent. I'm about to fly and stay

--Shen River, "flying"

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