The black and thin long hair of the black, black and thin long hair, which has a long hair, is a soul-looking face, and Jiang Ling has come to the opposite corner of the street.Frankly speaking, she is not a girl with a bright eye. It's like being on a bus, in the MRT, and passing through it, but she can't remember the appearance of a passer-by.But when she talked about the story of traveling with her friends, she seemed to be quiet, and we had only seen her in the eye.

5 ~ 6 years ago, Jiang was using off-duty or weekly service barriers, most of which were blind or visually impaired people who were born or invisible.Occasionally, an visually impaired friend came up with a door, or an upper stage, and the two arms of the beest had become their most reliable mainstay, pulling them safely to their destination.Through her own words, she has written stories and fundraising for visually impaired friends, so that more people can understand their world.

In the Dragon Boat Festival in 2009, Chiang is writing < to the owner's talk > while her good friend, woodpecker player Miss Chen Yan, ask her to take her eight visually impaired friends to a place: Silk Road.

The impala has not thought so much about it, and has offered to travel with this group of friends from his own pocket.In fact, this is not an easy trip. From the morning's bed, the two arms of the wildebeest have never been free, and they have to hook up with two blind friends at any time. They have to keep telling them the scenery.

The bok is riding a camel on the sound of a camel

with five

Strangely enough, she realized that many of her eyes could not be seen in the eyes of many eye-looking people.

On the way to the Great Wall of the Jiayuu customs, because of the steep terrain and the trouble of the local tour guides, they don't want to take this group of visually impaired people forward.Blind friends insist that they stick with white hands and stick to the walls of the walls step by step to step slowly.When they were on the wall of the wall, tourists from all over the country were amazed by their amazement. They applauded, and asked the group of courageous blind people from which country they came from.

When it comes to desert skiing, because it is as high as a dozen stories, it is not easy for Jiang to climb up, because he is afraid of heights and is afraid to slip down.But the visually impaired people around them all started to slip to the foot and ask her, "Why isn't it coming?"

On an aircraft coming back to Beijing in Lanzhou, she asks for a pair of couples who are being treated as a massage therapist. Why aren't they afraid of trouble and danger when they come up with a trip?They laughed and said, "We are destined to see the world one day, so we can see the time we can see and try to play."

Not long from the Silk Road, this group of visually impaired friends once again came to the bewilder to help.However, this location is not easily reachable by ordinary people: Tibet.

A pedestrian who goes to the peak base camp, because of the fever, diarrhoea, and weakness of high mountain climbishness, a few visually impaired friends are not caught in the sight of the real situation. Instead, they jokingly say, " Wow, we're going to change the cheerleader!

The Pearl Mountain

At the time of Xigaze, Jiang is the same as in the past, describing the shape and peak of the dollar-peak period in front of them.Suddenly, a blind friend opened up, "the birds of Xigaze have always been very fat!"She was surprised that she had always been concerned about the scenery and had not noticed the birds' calls in the mountains.

Although blind people can't see it, they have a profound record of the landscape using hearing, smell, tactile sensation and taste.Just as the blind people infer that Xigaze is high above sea level and is prone to hypoxia, the birds can also call such a macro-light. If they are not large, their cardiopulmonary functions are very strong.

" Because of them, I'll always remember the birds of Japan. The visually impaired people are traveling with imagination and vitality.She laughs and says, "She doesn't know much about who helped anyone in these two trips to the blind friend."After the return trip, the two tours are recorded as < the "Eyes": The Silk Road SkyRoute Line. >.

as a

Chiang is 33 years old, and she has felt a great deal of time and expertise to help others. She has been impressed by the joy and innocence that many of her brothers and sisters have given her time and expertise.

With the support of the family, the Jiang is a volunteer at the time. " For me, these are all just a matter of doing things, helping them to do something, and also letting me see my own worth.She remembers that when she had just entered the TV service, the producer suggested that she would be better off when she was in the room, because she could be locked in a room, not to talk to anyone.But now she has been a volunteer for many years. She has become funny, lively, and often invited to speak and talk about her and her friends' travel stories.

In the Gala, the Lord has not only explained it once, but it is more forgiving than ever, and the more often it is selfless, the more unintended the reward is.

She loved music, artistic creation, and ten years of piano.After going out of society, she continued to dream of music, and she wrote an interview with her in the busy interview, and she used to make a call to the police.For a while, she was fascinated by mosaic, and she also made a group of friends who love Marsek art.

Coincidence is that one of the group's friends is a single father, and Jiang Ling has an understanding of the world of single-parent families, and that she has donated money to the single parent family Solidarity Association for fundraising.Later, when a single father and director Zhang Lie-tung planned to film a documentary film for single-parent families, she asked Chiang to help with the score.

In the Taiwanese society, many people now think that volunteer work is done after retirement. However, in Jianbok Yu's evidence, the sooner they know how to pay, the sooner they can put their hearts on others, it's such a wonderful thing in life!

Lhasa Blind

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