This time, I want to show you five points of focus, from beginning to end to understand child marriage.Every single one of your understandings gives you a little tear in the world.

Current status of child marriage: 28 girls married every minute

Do you believe it?Every year, 150 million girls are married before the age of 18.That is, as the clock turns, 28 girls get married every minute from their native families.These marriages represent not only marriages, but also girls who are losing their health, education, and full childhood.If this phenomenon persists, the average annual number of child marriages in 2030 will increase by four million.

Country of child marriage.(Pictures are taken from Girls Not Brides )

These little brides don't understand what marriage is, what constitutes a family, what is sex, what is a child, and before a child is forced to face the reality of facing the face.Many young brides can only rely on their husbands to live in poverty and hardship; while their small bodies are not mature enough, they have to have a smaller body, so that they can become their mothers when they are young, so that they will have to rely on them as their children.

They are not psychologically prepared to become mothers, and their health is also exposed to risk due to pregnancy.The risk of small mothers during pregnancy is much higher than that of mature mothers, many of which are painful, including delivery at the time of delivery, as the sex organ is not yet ripe, and haemorrhage in sexual intercourse and so on.(In the same field: Paraguay's 10-year-old girl is raped: abortion law, shouldn't it be passed?)

Child marriage is one of the most serious in Islam, the Hindu state, and this has a negative impact on national development.These countries' lack of attention to women's right to education has led to high levels of illiteracy, low levels of innovation and productivity, and a serious obstacle to national development and progress, which is a difficult social problem.

2) Origins of child marriage: the 30-year-old man should marry the 12-year-old woman he loved; the 24-year-old man married eight years old

child marriage start?In fact, the answer to this question is different, but we can understand from a country where child marriage is very popular in India.In the Hindu Classic of the Mornu Code, the 30-year-old man clearly married a 12-year-old woman who he loved. The 24-year-old man married eight years old. If he preferred to end the student's period so that the parents would not be delayed, they would soon be married."

In addition, it is written that, although the girl has not reached the age of eight and the age of her age, her father should be able to write her words by law to an outstanding young person of the same age and nature.In addition to the < Moru Code, the "Mahabharata", the "Sanskrit" and the Hindu classics also recorded many child marriages, and even mentioned that the child could be married after the age of four.(Extended Read: India, Woman )

These classic symbols have the foundation of Indian society, and still have a lot of influence in the modern world.The history of child marriage and the persistence of the importance of women as a whole have led many parents to treat child marriages as a transaction. They believe that after their daughters get married, they can get better living conditions, but in many cases it is a vicious circle.

Three, Child Marriage Law: Law can change, religious classics are permanent

The impact of child marriage on national development is obvious, and the Government is not unconscious of such problems.In fact, the Indian Government passed a law prohibiting child marriage in 1929, and in 1978, the age of marriage was raised to 21 and 18 years respectively.It's just that there's still no way to stop child marriage ceremonies in every corner.

The law says no, what about it?After all, the law can change, but the religious classics are constant.

The third day of the third lunar month of the lunar calendar is the Hindu Buddha's moon festival, which is the date of marriage for the Indians, and this date is about the end of April.At the end of April this year, social workers and police in Rajasthan, northern India, tightened their nerve, because they knew there would be hundreds of child marriages.(Extended Recommendation: Prevent Love Fraud!Indian Puppet Private Detective )

(Picture Source )

to the CNA, Kailash Verma, a regional official, said he had prevented a child marriage in Rajsamand, Rajsamand, and a poor family was preparing to marry 15 years old."I talked to this girl, she didn't want to get married, she told me that she wanted to continue with the book, but she didn't dare to defy her parents," she told reporters.Vema added that the county had prevented 250 child marriages last year."

From this we can see that many of the local police officers can only pass through the residents' information and stop at the time of the child marriage ceremony. However, this practice is not a permanent cure. Child marriage is still in case of inadvertent prevention.Religious forces are deeply entrenched in Indian society, and many families even believe that their daughter is married before the development is completed, and that his parents can rise to death after death.This belief in religion and customs makes it more difficult to eradicate child marriages.

Number four, child marriage case: I would rather kill myself, and I don't want to be a little bride.

At the age of 14, at the age of his youth, we should listen to teachers in middle school classrooms, sneak off to sleep, send a note of note to boys who secretly love, and prepare for the entrance exams and a series of future life plans.But Usha, from India, faces a completely different view of life.

When her parents decided to marry her and let her rest from school, she said, " I was only 14 years old, but I was engaged.I see that many brides have been subjected to terrorist violence in their marriage relationship. They have not received any education, so they have to rely on their husbands, and there is nowhere to escape.This is why I feel that I cannot enter a marriage at all. I would rather commit suicide than to marry someone at a young age."

(picture interception: source )

Can young girls have dreams?When we were young, we took the crayons to smear them and said that they wanted to be a painter in the future; to join the field team, to run on the playground, to train a strong little leg muscle; or, we wanted to study hard, gradually find out on their own interests, and wander in the knowledge-based ocean.(Let's look at: We have dreams, we are happy!Do you remember your crazy dream, from girls to women?)

But lucky to be a dream, not everyone has it.Also from India's Laxmi, Usha said: " In my community, girls are getting married when they're 12.My family and my community don't support me, just because I'm a girl.But I really wanted to play tennis."

Child marriage lost her childhood, lost his dream, lost her health, and had control over her own life.Every minute, 28 girls are facing the crisis of child marriage, and that is, every minute, there are 28 different stories out there, 28 different stories, about the loss of life.

Five, what can we do: Girls, don't get married well?

Looking at the sadness of child marriage, what can we do?Now, many organizations, such as World Vision , Free the Children , Girs Not Brides , and so on, are putting in the face of child marriage. Faced with a pair of naïve eyes and a happy face, each of our concerns and concerns can help them regain their dream of their dreams and turn around seemingly unseemly fate.

Where Girls Not Brides divides the method of child marriage into four parts: empowering girls, mobilizing families and communities, providing services, developing and amending legal regulations, and so on.It is hoped that through this multi-pronged approach, the hands of each girl will be held in an effort to let them know that they are not alone on the difficult road to confrontation.(Let's look at: A letter that changed my life: Let the poor girl see hope )

A girl should not be a machine of production, nor should it be the subject of a domestic robot and a breach of a man.The reduction of child marriage will give them more opportunities to turn over their lives.Girls, like soft marshmallows, enjoy the warmth of being in the arms of their mother; they should also be able to appreciate the joy of every morning being awakened by the dream of a perseverance.Hey, you, sitting in front of a computer, are able to shed some tears in the world by sharing this kind of news and supporting the programs of these organizations.

Start your thoughts, help them .

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