The women's saloon and the Taipei Arts Festival co-invited Lin Hsiu-hsien's artistic director: a dancer, wife, mother, a foreigner in a foreign land, and say her life experiences and views.

Brave open courage to stand at the crossroads of life :

Whether you're working or having a family, do you feel that a person in real life has a number of different perspectives (employees, daughters, moms, bosses) that must hide the girl who loves dreams, adventuous, and adventuality?I would like to have the opportunity to go out and study and see the world, but worry about being unable to adapt to the unfamiliar place of life, or to abandon the role of the family in the family?If life does not have to be the choice of two roads, it is a road that we have opened up. (Extended Read: Listen to your inner call )

Give your best launch to your inspiration:

Do you admire the artist's astonishing creativity and curiosity about the creative inspiration of the artist?Or you are a working class, but do you always want to find an unregular surprise in your own regular life?As a child, the gravitational force of gravity was heard: Newton, sitting under the apple tree, was hit by an apple falling from the tree, and it found gravity.Sometimes the most amazing inspiration is the most subtle beauty of life.

There is a girl who understands the difficulty of choosing and understands the importance of creative inspiration to life.At the age of only 20, he decided to go to the United States for further studies in the United States for the most popular dances.The second time she returned to the United States was to return home to the United States again, and from this point on, she opened her Taiwan and United States to life, which was often separated from her family.But none of this prevents her from focusing on her love.She was deeply moved by a dancer, wife, mother, multiple identities of foreign nationals in a foreign country, and a multicultural perspective. (You would also like to see: Choice not equal to Lost )

She is the art director of the Lin Hsiu-hsiu, Lin Hsi-xiu , and the American sjDANCEco Dance Ensemble and dancers.To invite you, 7/11, who wants to talk to the world, to listen to a number of years she has been living in a foreign country, sharing her right: persistence of dance, cultural impact, creativity and inspiration, and sharing of family and career balance.

Chat on dance:

In dance life close to 42 years, Lin has experienced the role of girls, women, wives, and mothers.The only thing that doesn't change is her passion for dance. The dance is her route through two cities, starting her journey of life and life.

Dance is not a choice for Lin.Dance — — is her life's mentor, and she is the only person she has devoted to her and her life.

Perhaps, in the eyes of the outside world, the path to art is difficult: it always requires unimaginable willpower and an uncomprehensible passion.But by relying on uninterrupted efforts, Lin's insistence on the show was confirmed.In the United States, she was awarded the "Isadora Duncan Dance Awards" of the "Duncan Dance Award" Academy Award for Dance Academy Awards .

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A Dance Performance by the US Public
A Favorite
href=" "target="_blank"> Hearty Heart " will perform at 8/14 to 16 in Taipei!Take a look at American sjDANCEco Dance Company performed at home and abroad.

Culture Impact:

you leave your familiar surroundings and face the unfamiliar faces of the unfamiliar faces, how can Lin Hsiu-hsiu teach her own school in an unfamiliar environment and stick to his own style of modern dance and make himself one of his own days in San Jose, California?

Invite You to Embrace Creation:

Lin says to the teacher: "Every person in life and every encounter can be a foster care for me."

Modern art also loves Korean dramas, listening to how teachers embrace the different roles they play in life, and constantly switching their views of the world from each identity, so that the big things in their lives can be inspired by her dance.(You will also like: art in life )


Shortly after moving to the United States, Lin was transferred to Asia by work.From now on, the teacher must take care of the children at the same time, to deal with the whole family and all the things in life.Even so, with a child's thoughtful and thoughtful husband, she and her dance dream and freedom, Lin has worked hard and perseverance in the changing family relationships of the times.

If you have longing for postgraduate education, recommend you to listen to Lin's rich experience abroad!If you are trying to balance the family with the cause, the teacher's woman's heart story can give you a good start!Or perhaps you are hesitant to continue pursuing your dream, to hear the teacher talk about her and dance with me.